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Australia 2020

  1. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    As one of the two national finals that'll select their entry on the 8th of February, Australia has ten songs in contention to get the golden ticket to represent them for their 6th participation.

    Here are the songs:

    Casey Donovan - Proud
    Diana Rouvas - Can We Make Heaven
    Didirri - Raw Stuff
    iOTA - Life
    Jack Vidgen - I Am King I Am Queen
    Jaguar Jonze - Rabbit Hole
    Jordan-Ravi - Pushing Stars
    Mitch Tambo - Together
    Montaigne - Don't Break Me
    Vanessa Amorosi - Lessons of Love

    My ranking is as follows, subject to change and if I realise a song is actually shit.

    1. Vanessa Amorosi (I've liked Vanessa for many years and her strength is in her live singing - I've had this playing a bit recently, just a nicely constructed, strong pop song with foghorn vocals a lá Dami Im.)
    2. Montaigne (Current, has potential for some good staging and I like her voice.)
    3. Jordan-Ravi (Dreamy, unique instrumentation, quite pleasant.)
    4. Casey Donovan (I like a ballad and this has a pretty melody - a bit generic lyricwise but it's nice and that's all I can ask for.)
    5. Didirri (Something honest, not typical of Eurovision but a decent track - not instantaneous though which can be a problem for brains like mine.)
    6. Mitch Tambo (Like the inclusion of an indigenous language but ruins it with the dull chorus.)
    7. Jaguar Jonze (Not my type of music but I can appreciate her artistry.)
    8. Diana Rouvas (It's a song, I guess.)
    9. iOTA (Slightly manic and woefully dated.)
    10. Jack Vidgen (Utter tripe.)
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  2. Mina Member with a "past"

    Here is my ranking:

    1. Jaguar Jonze - Rabbit Hole (this will be in my top 10 if it wins)
    2. Jack Vidgen - I am king I am queen
    3. Didirri - Raw Stuff
    4. iOTA - Life
    5. Casey Donovan - Proud
    6. Vanessa Amorosi - Lessons of love
    7. Montaigne - Don't break me
    8. Mitch Tambo - Together
    9. Jordan Ravi - Pushing stars
    10. Diana Rouvas - We can make heaven
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  3. James ... and his things xD

    Rofl, I couldn't agree more
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  4. James ... and his things xD

    A lot of crap in this national final.

    I like Didirri and Montaigne is acceptable.

    The other ones are horrible with F. rows from Casey and Vanessa and utter tripe from Jack and IOTA
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  5. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    pass and stay home next year australia :up:
  6. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    Some interesting things, and indeed some utter tripe. Montaigne and Vanessa Amorosi probably have the most potential, both solid entries. Didirri and Jordan-Ravi have nice songs which I enjoyed, but I don't find them good for Eurovision. Jaguar Jonze is talented, but not my cup of tea. Jack Vidgen is horribly whiny. Diana Rouvas was awful, worst of the lot. The rest didn't inspire comments :D
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    Didirri - Raw Stuff: very understated, will probably get lost
    Mitch Tambo - Together: lovely verses, would be so much better without the English
    iOTA - Life: - a fluorescent pink onesie is just what Eurovision has been missing all these years
    Casey Donovan - Proud; OK ballad, the final one I made it to the end of
    Jordan Ravi - Pushing Stars: reminds me of something
    Jaguar Jonze - Rabbit Hole: not my cup of tea, as someone once said, and the video was making me feel sick
    Jack Vigden - I am King I am Queen; I take it Jack is an erstwhile contender on an Australian talent show
    Diana Rouvas - Can We Make Heaven - didn’t even make it to 1 minute, and why hasn’t it got a question mark? </
    Vanessa Amorosi - Lessons of Love: started off OK but then we got to 38 seconds
    Montaigne - Don’t Break Me: F ROW, therefore will probably win
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  8. CTP Jass hater

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