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Belgium 2020

  1. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    Hooverphonic have released their song very early this morning (aka when I'm suffering from really bad sleep.)

    It's called 'Release Me' and you can listen to it here:

    Well, since I'm not having good luck with falling asleep - this'll do a trick. :baby:

    It'll have its audience but for me, this goes nowhere for three minutes - indifference is the flavour of the year, I guess.
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  2. Mina Member with a "past"

    Staying at home today (gastroenteritis:notsure:), I got to listen to the Belgian song. It's a bit retro, so, naturally, I like it more than most of the songs already out but I doubt it will do that well in Rotterdam.

    PS Forgot to mention that when she goes 'releaaaase me' it reminds me very much of 'belieeeeeve in'..one more reason why I like it <3
  3. wow and the boring dirges keep on rolling in :zzz: yet another flop year for belgium shame ;) Get well soon Mina :kiss:
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  4. Teodor Moderator

    And here it's the official music video of the :be: song:
  5. And its still awful lol
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    Well isn't this dreary.
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