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Calendar ESC 2021

  1. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    This is what Ro (big thanks!) and I managed to cobble together. I will be updating this as time goes by, roughly once a week, but do let me know if anything is wrong / missing. At the end you have an overview of returning 2020 artists.

    National Selection / National Final / Internal Selection / ESC events

    :lv: LATVIA reveals song (Samanta Tīna)

    11 January
    :no: NORWAY - first 10 NF acts revealed

    13 January
    :fi: FINLAND reveals NF acts

    16 January
    :lt: LITHUANIA First Heat
    :no: NORWAY Semifinal One

    20 January
    :pt: PORTUGAL reveals NF acts

    23 January
    :lt: LITHUANIA Second Heat
    :no: NORWAY Semifinal Two

    25 January
    :il: ISRAEL National Final (Eden Alene, songs only)

    30 January
    :fr: FRANCE National Final
    :lt: LITHUANIA Semifinal
    :no: NORWAY Semifinal Three

    :ua: UKRAINE reveals song (Go-A)

    6 February
    :lt: LITHUANIA National Final
    :se: SWEDEN Semifinal One
    :no: NORWAY Semifinal Four

    13 February
    :hr: CROATIA National Final
    :se: SWEDEN Semifinal Two
    :no: NORWAY Semifinal Five

    18 February
    :ee: ESTONIA – Semifinal One

    20 February
    :fi: FINLAND National Final
    :no: NORWAY National Final
    :se: SWEDEN Semifinal Three
    :ee: ESTONIA Semifinal Two
    :pt: PORTUGAL Semifinal One

    27 February
    :si: SLOVENIA National Final (Ana Soklič, songs only)
    :se: SWEDEN Semifinal Four
    :pt: PORTUGAL Semifinal Two

    :gr: GREECE reveals song (Stefania, “Last Dance")
    :bg: BULGARIA reveals song (Victoria)
    :cy: CYPRUS reveals song (Elena Tsagrinou, “El Diablo”)
    :at: AUSTRIA reveals song (Vincent Bueno)
    :is: ICELAND reveals song (Daði og Gagnamagnið)
    :de: GERMANY reveals act (artist & song)
    ESC Deadline for Song Submission

    2 March
    :it: ITALY Sanremo First Night

    3 March
    :it: ITALY Sanremo Second Night

    4 March
    :it: ITALY Sanremo Third Night

    5 March
    :it: ITALY Sanremo Fourth Night

    6 March
    :it: ITALY National Final
    :pt: PORTUGAL National Final
    :ee: ESTONIA National Final
    :dk: DENMARK National Final
    :se: SWEDEN Andra Chansen

    13 March
    :se: SWEDEN National Final

    26 March
    ESC Deadline for backup performance recordings

    22 countries retaining their 2020 artist
    :au: AUSTRALIA - Montaigne
    :at: AUSTRIA - Vincent Bueno
    :az: AZERBAIJAN - Efendi
    :be: BELGIUM - Hooverphonic
    :bg: BULGARIA - Victoria
    :cz: CZECH REPUBLIC - Benny Cristo
    :ge: GEORGIA - Tornike Kipiani
    :gr: GREECE - Stefania
    :nl: HOLLAND - Jeangu Macrooy
    :is: ICELAND - Daði og Gagnamagnið
    :il: ISRAEL - Eden Alene (+ songs national final)
    :ie: IRELAND - Lesley Roy
    :lv: LATVIA - Samanta Tīna
    :mt: MALTA - Destiny
    :md: MOLDOVA - Natalia Gordienko
    :ro: ROMANIA - Roxen (+ songs national final)
    :sm: SAN MARINO - Senhit
    :rs: SERBIA - Hurricane (+ songs national final)
    :si: SLOVENIA - Ana Soklič (+ songs national final)
    :es: SPAIN - Blas Cantó
    :ch: SWITZERLAND - Gjon's Tears
    :ua: UKRAINE - Go-A

    - 11 National Finals + 4 which are songs only (see above)
    - 2 already decided: :al: ALBANIA, :cy: CYPRUS (song to be revealed)
    - 6 without any formal announcement: :am: ARMENIA, :de: GERMANY, :mk: MACEDONIA, :pl: POLAND, :ru: RUSSIA, :uk: UNITED KINGDOM.
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  2. sokrates1988 And i will speak to you all very soon

    Its all going to be cancelled :yeah:
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  3. James ... and his things xD

    Thanks for the calendar, Boby!
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  4. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    ...and Norman. Next year you can do it, three years in a row is enough for me.

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