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Estonia 2020

  1. Ronini SHIT Taste Central

    :ee: Estonia 2020 :ee:
    After two semi-finals Eesti Laul has its 12 participants locked in. The show will take place on 29th February at 5.30pm WIM and can be watched here. (time and link subject to change)

    Here’s what is on offer this time around (running order to follow):
    1. Anett x Fredi - "Write About Me" – I like Anett Kulbin from before when she sang for WILHELM and solo, but her slow jazzy style isn’t necessarily right for the ESC stage.
    2. Egert Milder - "Georgia (On My Mind)" – Not only the title gives John Mayer vibes. Unspectacular but not unpleasant.
    3. Inger - "Only Dream" – Inger was in last year with a very similar effort. Inoffensive guitar pop, but I can’t get past the cotton-in-mouth-quality of the singing voice.
    4. Jaagup Tuisk - "Beautiful Lie" – A slow, understated male ballad with hardly any instrumental to speak of. Some will find the minimalism charming; others will think it’s a boring snoozer.
    5. Laura - "Break Me" – Yes, it it is the very same Laura that almost won with Supersonic a few years back and finally managed to get lost in Verona. This is roughly in the same mould, but definitely not as catchy as her previous efforts.
    6. Rasmus Rändvee - "Young" – I’m very disappointed with this, as I quite liked both his previous efforts for Eesti Laul much more. Those were energetic, rocky numbers. Instead, this time he delivers a whiny song, and he’s not helped by being a poor performer.
    7. SHIRA - "Out in Space" – Quite pleasant, although her delivery needs some work. Probably would not stand out in Rotterdam, much like it does not here.
    8. Stefan - "By My Side" – Male ballad supported by a picked guitar. Not badly delivered, but also lacks a certain something that would make it memorable. Maybe I just don’t feel touched by the, to me, fairly generic lyrics.
    9. Synne Valtri feat. Väliharf - "Majakad" – If you told me this was Estonia’s entry in the late 80s or early 90s I’d believe you. And they probably wouldn’t have fared badly with it then. Schlager fans might get something out of this, and at least there is an accordeon.
    10. Traffic - "Üks kord veel" – This is Stig Rästa’s band, and the song was co-written by last year’s Victor Crone. Like about everything else in the selection it is fairly low key, but manages to inject some energy once it gets going. For me the best of the lot.
    11. Uku Suviste - "What Love Is" – Welcome to MelFest Estonia. If you look for mindless generic male pop performed by some eye candy, look no further. I expect this will win, sadly. Can you tell this is my least favourite in this final?
    12. Uudo Sepp - "I'm Sorry. I Messed Up" – Both Frans’ If I Were Sorry and Michael Schulte’s You Let Me Walk Alone come to mind. To me, the best of the several male guitar-backed ballads, and probably wouldn’t be a bad choice, its repetitiveness notwithstanding.
    Overall, I found this year’s Eesti Laul free of any excitement, although I am not sure that’s because I got used to being spoiled in previous years. The songs are overall quite samey, safe and unmemorable, but on the other hand also not anything close to horrific.

    The 12 acts will face a 50-50 jury and public vote, and a resulting top 3 will enter a superfinal, which is decided by televote alone.
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  2. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    I was quite disappointed in :ee:'s selection, also - they usually have a good amount of different genres to pick from but there was a hint of Melodifestivalen-lite with the choices this year. My personal pick would be Traffic, followed by Egert.
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  3. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    Ty Ro for the epistle :D

    I agree with both comments above, I found this incredibly safe - and safe is the new codeword for boring. Hardly anything stands out, one way or the other. Very dull.

    There is no better proof of how unexciting I found it than the fact that Traffic is my favourite. The only other things I like, really, is Shira, and I find a few others tolerable but really nothing to write home about.
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  4. James ... and his things xD

  5. James ... and his things xD

    There's nothing I really hate in this selection. My favourite would be Traffic or Inger.

    WTWAT. I am with Ana in preferring MPPF Stig and the gang, but Shira is the one I could really do without winning. It is verging on a F ROW. I think I might quite like Anett & Fredi.
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