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Estonian jury and televoting results

  1. Mina Member with a "past"


    Iceland 12
    Russia 10
    Norway 8
    Israel 7
    Portugal 6
    Albania 5
    Turkey 4
    Sweden 3
    Germany 2
    Azerbaijan 1


    Norway 12
    Russia 10
    Azerbaijan 8
    Iceland 7
    Finland 6
    Lithuania 5
    Sweden 4
    France 3
    Denmark 2
    Uk 1
  2. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    ROFL!!!!!! Ooohhh dear :P Anyway I can't say I fault the votes of this jury, they seem fair enough to me :)
  3. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    omg!! the audience voted for patricia kaas and jade ewen and the jury didnt?!
  4. Mina Member with a "past"

    Yep. Apparently the Estonian jury considered Oscar Loya and Hadise and their songs better than Patricia Kaas.
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  5. c1ask0 Napkin of death holder

    How offensive! :o

  6. No jury votes for The UK :S Apparently Azerbaijan appealed more to the televoters :) I noticed that in the Slovenian voting too.
  7. I know I'm perfectly capable of finding them myself but in the future could you put the actual points in your post as well please so we can see what kind of an effect the 2 together have? :D

    The one thing I'm surprised about is that the jury gave 10 points to Russia as well :P not because it's not a good song but normally the votes to their neighbour are because of all the Russians who infest Estonia :o
  8. Mark New Member

    Why are the juries voted so little for the greatest song of the century ??

    .... oh yes, they are made up of eurovision rejects and wannabes ... who probs know less about music and culture than the average brit ... aye aye aye...

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