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Eurovision 2009: Looking Back...

  1. I was just having a quick browse through all my weird and wonderful sticky notes which I've made over the past few months and stumbled across the results of when we voted for our favourite in ESC 2009. Organized by the Woolley, the semis were a success (the threads can be found earlier in this subforum) but the final kind of fizzled out without much attention. So, just to archive them, here are the results:

    1 Finland 84
    2 Estonia 76
    3 Sweden 76
    4 France 67
    5 Iceland 64
    6 Switzerland 60
    7 Spain 52
    8 Bosnia & Herzegovina 51
    9 Denmark 47
    10 Ukraine 39
    11 Greece 38
    12 Ireland 36
    13 Portugal 33
    14 Azerbaijan 29
    15 Norway 26
    16 Andorra 24
    17 Moldova 22
    18 United Kingdom 21
    19 Malta 19
    20 Turkey 17
    21 Romania 15
    22 Lithuania 14
    23 Germany 11
    24 Russia 6
    25 Albania 1

    Interesting! :o
  2. Eurovizz Member

    lol I didn't know we all fav'ed for Finland :P Our taste was an epic fail in predicting the semi final results
  3. To be fair our PREDICTING (in the Napkin of Death threads Chris made) were pretty near perfect. It was our personal taste which was really screwed up and I can remember Finland winning because it was the only thing we could all agree we liked! :P
  4. c1ask0 Napkin of death holder

    The Napkin of Death did predict the qualifiers perfectly. :D
  5. Thanks Sheep :)

    Wasn't there an "EscChat.com's Choice" too. I remember voting for Best Male/Female Soloist, Duet, Group, and NF songs. I can't find the thread now :S
  6. Mina Member with a "past"

    Obviously we had good taste last year :P
  7. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    *sigh* If only! :P Tbh i'm also really surprised we didn't vote Azerbaijan higher .. had he voted now I would have given it at least 10 points and possibly even the 12, as I still listen to Azerbaijan every now and again but basically never Et cetera, unfortunately.

    However weirdly, after ESC 2009 the only song which I still listen to fairly regularly (about 2-3 times a week I would say) is Is it true, which around ESC 2009 I had in my top 10 but didn't rate really highly.
  8. OH YES. Another one of the Woolley's INCOMPLETE and UNFINISHED projects. Just saying™.
  9. :( That's the one song I listen to weekly, including the Italian and demo versions :P

    Sheep :D
  10. Almila i am what i am

    rofl sheep.btw,i never listen to an esc song off the season-makes me vomit as i hear them billions of times from the declaration day to the final-but by looking at that list i can say i have credit for one country which i wanna hear so bad now is germany-thumbs up for swing-
  11. CTP Jass hater

    ESC songs from 2009 I still have in my playlists are:

    Norway, Iceland, Macedonia, Albania, Belgium :o and Andorra.

    Songs that have dropped out of my playlist include:
    Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Germany and Estonia.

    The other ESC songs I listened to sometimes, but were never part of my playlist.
  12. I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I just found my votes and it turns out I was the one who gave Albania their only point. Go me! :P

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