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Favourite entries from 2007-2011

  1. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy


    2012: :se::heart: / :si: Started a new rule of a split favorite ranking between English and Non-English. Couldn't care less if Loreen moved or not, to me it's a song contest and I judge only music and vocals.:court: Poor Eva. :(

    Out of all my favorites, Visionary Dream still hasn't been dethroned but Euphoria comes in close.
  2. OskarEvansBaker New Member

    2007 :si:
    2008 :cz:
    2009 :sk:

    2010 :il:
    2011 :rs:
    2012 :nl:

    Ha ! My first attempt at using the little flag thingies. I am hopeless at identifying flags. It's good that the menu has them in alphabetical order.
  3. Peter Member

    My fav's from these years:

    2007 :ge:
    2008 :am:
    2009 :pt:
    2010 :pt:
    2011 :de:
    2012 :es:
  4. sissel kvamme Active Member

    My fave these years are:
    2007::rs: Serbia,-:hu:Hungary-:pt:Portugal
    2008::se:Sweden,-:no: my own country:whistle:,-:tr: Turkey and :il: Israel and the best of them all::ch:swiss
    2009::no:, again...blush.lovee it.:al:Albania and :tr: Turkey
    2010::md:Moldova,-:am:Armania,-:az:Azerbaijan and :ch: Swiss
    2011::pl:Poland,-:lv:Latvia and- :se:Sweden
    2012::gr:Greece,-:ee:Estonia ,:mk: Macedonia,:lv:Latvia, :es: Spain .-and :it: Italy
  5. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    2009 :rs: :be:
    2010 :nl: :fi: :si:
    2011 :uk: :pt:
    2012 :at: :uk: :il:
  6. Norbert Welcome

    2000 :ru:,:mt:
    2001 :gr:,:dk:,:si:,:mt:,:uk:
    2002 :mt:,:uk:,:cy:,:se:
    2003 :tr:,:ru:,:es:,:is:,:ro:
    2004 :cs:,:al:,:gr:,:ua:,:cy:,:tr:,:se:,:mt:,:ru:,:be:
    2005 :mt:,:gr:,:il:,:ro:,:hu:,:ch:,:lv:,:is:,:lt:,:by:,:ru:,:fr:
    2006 :be:,:pl:,:ru:,:fi:,:ro:,:se:,:ua:,:gr:,:mk:,:de:
    2007 :ru:,:md:,:by:,:ge:,:mk:,:fi:
    2008 :si:,:bg:,:ua:,:gr:,:am:,:is:,:al:,:de:
    2009 :mt:,:pt:,:no:,:is:,:tr:,:az:,:al:,:fi:
    2010 :az:.:am:.:sk:.:tr:.:ro:.:ge:.:ua:.:md:.:al:
    2011 :az:.:pl:. :se:.:de:.:si:.:hu:.:ee:
    2012 :se:,:it:,:mt:,:az:,:dk:
  7. DumTekTek Can you feel the rhythm in my heart?

    2007 :ge: :fi: :ru:
    2008 :gr: :am: :ua:
    2009 :tr: :heart:
    2010 :ro: :al: :tr:
    2011 :se: :ge: :gr:
  8. Jammy Member

    2007: :bg: :mk: :fi: :ge: :ua:
    2008: :am: :bg: :mk: :mt: :ua:
    2009: :al: :fr: :pt: :tr: :ua:
    2010: :bg: :fr: :rs: :sk: :ua:
    2011: :al: :ba: :bg: :pl: :sm:
    2012: :hr: :cy: :fr: :ro: :ua:
    2013: :bg: :il: :sm: :es: :ua:
    2014: :at: :il: :it: :pt: :sm:
    2015: :al: :lv: :me: :nl: :si:

    Because why limit ourselves to 2011?
  9. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    someone likes :ua: :D
    Anaconda and Jammy like this.
  10. Shelley New Member

    2000: :ro:/:hr:/:dk:/:ru:/:lv:
    2001: :si:/:ee:/:de:/:tr:/:fr:
    2002: :lv:/:fi:/:uk:/:fr:/:lt:
    2003: :be:/:tr:/:il:/:ro:/:ru:
    2004: :cs:/:ua:/:is:/:gr:/:es:
    2005: :gr:/:be:/:il:/:ro:/:uk:
    2006: :ba:/:gr:/:ro:/:fi:/:ru:
    2007: :rs:/:ge:/:ba:/:es:/:fi:
    2008: :rs:/:se:/:il:/:no:/:ch:
    2009: :no:/:fr:/:am:/:uk:/:is:
    2010: :tr:/:il:/:ua:/:be:/:az:
    2011: :si:/:fr:/:gr:/:se:/:al:
    2012: :es:/:se:/:rs:/:ee:/:is:
    2013: :dk:/:il:/:se:/:fr:/:it:
    2014: :il:/:nl:/:am:/:es:/:uk:
    2015: :it:/:be:/:cz:/:se:/:by:
  11. Code9189 And There's a Noisy Storm Outside me...

  12. crossingfrederic New Member

    2007 :bg:

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