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Hurts and the UK

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  1. Julio STRANGLES

    Well it's no news I don't like Hurts as a band, today I just disliked them even more than what I did before.

    On an interview about Eurovision they said they wanted to make a song for Eurovision but not for the UK, cause, according to them, UK is a joke. They also insult the recent representatives of the UK Blue and Bonnie Tyler.

    Here are some part of the interview:

    "It's admirable that in Europe they do take it seriously and I don't understand why it's become a bit of a joke here because it's a competition for songs and that's exciting''

    "Where else do you get that? it's like the Olympics for songs and it should be treated like that, but it's not in this country and that [Bonnie Tyler] appointment today sort of sums that up really, but it's better than Blue isn't it?"

    "We wanted to write a song for Russia, but it didn't happen in the end. We couldn't figure it all out and they went with something else.''

    ''We'd like to write a Eurovision song for a country one day."

    However, when quizzed on whether they would write for a UK entry, Anderson wasn't as keen saying, "probably not.''
  2. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    good riddance to them
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  3. Seoirse96 New Member

    Talk about a false sense of security. They have done nothing big on the music scene. Turning their noses up at Bonnie Tyler just about sums them up....deluded. She'd wipe the floor with them, even at 61 and looking a little like a puffer fish.
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  4. Curtis Belgium is a non country.

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