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I want to know your Opinion.

  1. Araz Light Your Fire

    I want to know your feelings, opinion about Interval Acts and about :az:Azerbaijan:az: as a host country.
    If friends who had been to Baku during ESC 2012 would be so nice to share there feelings it would be great :) Luke/Liam ))) i did not catch you both here in Baku but i am gonna get you on Escchat )) share your thoughts Guys.
  2. Liam Esterran.

    Well, Azerbaijan was a good host I feel. There were certainly some elements that were uncomfortable about the whole country, but over all the friendliness of the people and the enthusiasm for the contest made up for it.

    Interval acts were good, Emin is a good performer and I think he could be a future Azeri representitive, the last 5 winners singing waterloo was a good idea except nobody new the words and therefore was awful and the traditional elements were nice and lots of fun.

    Overall, not the best Eurovision ever, but certainly not the worst.
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  3. Araz Light Your Fire

    Thank you Liam for sharing your opinion :)

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