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Israel 2021

  1. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    Eden Alene will have the rather dubious award of having the first entry of this Eurovision and she has three songs on offer, all of which have their own music videos.

    As somebody who was looking forward to seeing what Eden would bring (I liked Feker libi and her other NF song Saviour In The Sound) I find all of these to be mediocre/verging on bad. I find myself cringing at most of these lyrics, especially La La Love talking about infection and diseases in the form of love especially during the middle of a pandemic, it's just really poor taste. (Also, how can you say 'I'm not gonna live forever' and follow it up with 'I know it's about to get better', it's just.. really piss poor songwriting.)

    Even with literally no other entries decided, I see Israel struggling.
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    Set us all free, love :mal:
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  3. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    I am also disappointed, I really liked Feker Libi. I think Eden is a competent performer and all three songs are very professionally produced. But they are just that - very commercial, constructed chart & beach empty hits, with no soul or substance, in a genre I don't tend to enjoy. So yeah, I was not keen on either to say the least.

    However, Set Me Free was the best choice from the three. I like it that it has a more serious message (escaping an abusive relationship) and apprently the Hebrew language version could be used instead, which would be nice. So waiting for the revamp and final decision on the lyrics.
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