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Italy 2012

  1. Julio STRANGLES

    The names of the singers and songs from the Festival of San Remo 2012 has started to show up today. The category 'Giovani' where probably the winner will represent Italy in ESC is already known:

    Dana Angi - Incognita Poesia
    Erica Mou - Nella Vasca De Bagno Del Tempo
    Celeste Gaia - Carlo
    Marco Guazzone - Guasto
    Giulia Anania - La Mail Che Non Ti Ho Scritto
    Alessandro Casillo - É Vero
    Io Ho Sempre Voglia - Incredibile
    Bidiel - Sono Un Errore

    Also the names that will take part on the main event are out as well they go like this:

    Nina Zilli - Per Sempre
    Samuele Bersani - Un Pallone
    Pierdavide Carone & Lucio Dalla - Naní
    Dolcenera - Ci Vediamo A Casa
    Irene Fornaciari - Il Mio Grande Mistero
    Emma - Non é L'Inferno
    Matia Bazar - Sei Tu
    Noemi - Sono Solo Parole
    Francesco Renga - La Tua Bellezza
    Arisa - La Notte
    Chiara Civello - Al Posto Del Mondo
    Gigi D'Alessio & Loredana Berté - Respirare
    Eugenio Finardi - E Tu Lo Chiami Dio
    Marlene Kuntz - Canzone Per Un Figlio

    The semi finals will start at 14 February and the final will take place at 18 February.
  2. Julio STRANGLES

    Somes songs are on youtube already so if you want you can look up for them, i will let you with one that is on the Givani category, where the winner will go to esc:

  3. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    why have u started this thread? I was planning to do it... However
    I like: Arisa, Noemi, Emma, Nina Zilli, Gigi & Loredana
    I dislike:Eugenio Finardi, Samuele Bersani

    I am happy there's no Toto Cutugno.
  4. Julio STRANGLES

    because the forum is free for anyone to make posts? and because i saw the news on the moment and made it maybe?
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  5. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    Of course,it's fair as u did. I only expressed my opinion about the artists. That's not bad you posted it before me, I was referring only to this :)
  6. Nia_TT New Member

    I think both Nina and Noemi have incredible voices... I just hope that Italy will have a strong song to be represented with...It will be such a pity if this doesn't happen =))
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  7. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    This is what I hope too :) I like Noemi and Nina too, but I think they aren't enough famous to make Sanremo Big. Indeed thank you for caring Aabout my country,it's a really nice thing.

    I have heard most of the SanRemo Social songs, where the entry will most likely come from and Erica Mou is definitely the strongest!
  9. Nia_TT New Member

    Well, I am a huge fan of Italian music, but what worries me is that they have really strong singers who can represnt them quite well, but they pick from the Giovani group...and Im always afraid that the young ones aren't as good...they just don't have the same experience
  10. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    Yes, Nick, you are right. But however I think Televote won't award her the prize... Her kinda if music is too slow and maybe people most likely vote for Alessandro Casillo, he is young, a nice guy and has a sophisticated voice. But indeed I think juries will appreciate Erica's song. So it is all a doubt... However if Alessandro or Erica win for me it would be the same since they are both anazing on a different point.

    Yes, you are right,people is scared that a new entry can't do well on stage because of emotions,vocals etc. But I think we should give new entries a chance to allow themto improve and if it goes bad...there is always a next edition!
  11. Nia_TT New Member

    Hehe, you are absolutely right! Last year I liked the song, but I was a bit sceptical about the general European opinion and if it will be aproved by the people...I was well surprised though...hopefully Itally will do great this year,as well =))))
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  12. adamacs RUTH DAVIDSON FOR PM.

    6 songs down in the giovani category and only 1 i like :S this doesn't look good for italy.

    In the main sanremo 5 songs stand out for me: emma, irene, noemi, dolcenera and arisa
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  13. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    The highlight of sanremo was the voting fault yesterday :D
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  14. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    I think I only like Erica....

    And for the main category, I love Arisa.
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  15. Julio STRANGLES

    As Gian didn't show up yet I will update this one.

    First semi-final of Sanremo took part yesterday though there were no results due to televote issues.

    Today the Second semi-final took part both main category and Giovanni songs were performed.

    There were 4 duels on the Giovanni category, 4 songs got eliminated and 4 went to the finals those are the results:

    Duel 1
    Dana Angi - Incognita Poesia - Eliminated
    Alessandro Casillo - É Vero - Went to final

    Duel 2
    Celeste Gaia - Carlo - Eliminated
    Io Ho Sempre Voglia - Incredibile - Went to final

    Duel 3
    Bidiel - Sono Un Errore - Eliminated
    Erica Mou - Nella Vasca De Bagno Del Tempo - Went to final

    Duel 4
    Giulia Anania - La Mail Che Non Ti Ho Scritto - Eliminated
    Marco Guazzone - Guasto - Went to final

    Click the songs to play them
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  16. Julio STRANGLES

  17. Julio STRANGLES

    my personal opinion:

    the giovanni category was a disaster, the best songs got eliminated and the worse got to the final. From those that are still in the run i would say either Alessandro or Erica though none of them are special.

    the main category results were good, my fav is Emma together with Arisa, Dolcenera and Nina, though I would have qualified Pierdavide and Irene instead of Eugenio and Samuele.
  18. James ... and his things xD

    Go pierdavideeeeee! Italians have no taste!

    In the goivani category i like the song of allessandro the most but he is too young for eurovision standards so he will not be a possible winner (how lame to allow him then).

    I bet they send erica mou to the contest.
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    And if they do, she will fail.
  20. To me it looks bad for Italy if they are going to choose an ESC entry from the Giovanni songs.

    Emma and Dolcenera were the ones I liked most I think.
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