•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Malmö!

Italy 2018


    Italy will, of course, use Sanremo again. Twenty acts in the Campioni section again, listed below:
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    Just to remind everybody of what will happen each night and how voting will take place under the new rules. If I got anything wrong, please let me know so I can amend.

    Tuesday, 6 February
    The 20 'big' artists perform their competing entry. Voting is 40% televote, 30% the jury in the press room, and 30% demoscopic jury (300 people). At the end of the night, the results of the demoscopic jury will be revealed.

    Wednesday 7 February
    Ten of the 'big' artists from the previous night perform their competing entry again, as well as four of the 'newcomers'. Same voting system.

    Thursday, 8 February
    The other ten of the 'big' artists from the first night perform their competing entry again, as well as the other four of the 'newcomers'. Same voting system, but this time we will get the results of the press room jury at the end of the night.

    Friday, 9 February
    All 20 'big' artists present an alternative take on their competing entry, together with guest artists (people like Michele Bravi, Arisa, Paola Turci, Marco Masini, Giusy Ferreri among others). All 8 newcomers also perform their competing entries a second time (not a different take and no guests, just a second performance). The demoscopic jury is replaced by an expert one, accounting for 20% of the vote, whilte the press room jury retains 30%, and televote is upped to 50%. The 'newcomers' winner is announced.

    Saturday, 10 February
    All 20 'big' artists perform again their competing entry. The same voting system as Friday is used, and the final ranking is allegedly based on the average of the votes received each evening. The top 3 will proceed to a face-off before the winner is decided and announced. This face-off could be a repeat live performance, in full or in part, or a Rai-recorded version, in full or in part.

    Enjoy the 1001 nights!
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