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My remix of 'Playing with Fire' (Romania/Norway)

  1. Freakazoid New Member

    Here's something I finally finished after working on it for the past four days or so. I kept finding something that needed to be fixed so that's what took so long. It's not a remix in the real sense but it's my 'alternate version' of the song with auto-tune.

    Auto-tune is usually overdone in American music but I made sure not to do that here. The first time I listened to this song, I thought that it would benefit from auto-tune at certain parts just to highlight some of the electronic aspects. The effect works heavenly with Paula's soprano voice.

    Anyways, I did more than just auto-tune but I'll leave it to someone here to point out the other major difference. I just uploaded it and I hope you guys can comment. This is only my second attempt at a 'remix' of a song and I actually prefer this over the original (not because I made it but because I think it sounds better as a whole).

    Auto-tune alternate version synced to the music video

    original version

    btw, the youtube embedding feature doesn't work in this forum unless I'm doing something wrong.
  2. Liam Esterran.

    Did you really need to put Romania/Norway?

    Yes Ovi is from Norway, but the fact that his name is Ovidiu Cernăuţeanu and a quick check will show you that he is Romanian and was born in Botoşani near the border with Moldova.

    And 'Playing With Fire' already had auto tune, did it really need more? Hardly a remix.
  3. Freakazoid New Member

    You just need to take every opportunity to be rude to me don't you? No, the original did not have auto-tune. Listen to it and tell me where. I have the stripped OFFICIAL vocals only (with FX) track and there is no auto-tune effect anywhere.

    Like I said in my post, I say it's not a remix in a real sense but if you are a fan of the original song, you will hear a big difference right away. I even use quotes around the word remix. To anyone else, the changes are subtle and blend in so you might not even notice (it's a skill to make changes to a song that don't steal the original's charm). Also, the bridge in my version has been changed significantly but you probably didn't even listen that far in before you made that post.
  4. CTP Jass hater

    I'm sorry, but I found the autotune annoying and overused.

    But really, with my low standards, I wouldn't know what I was talking about it.
  5. Liam Esterran.

    I did listen to the whole song, and aside from the instrumental being quietened on Paula's high note, I didn't notice any other change


    listen to the first verse, plenty of auto tune there, you just extended it to the whole song.
  6. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Let's test the embedding with a better version of Romania's song:

    Yes, you're doing something wrong.
  7. Freakazoid New Member

    I guess I'm always doing something wrong here. Is there a way to close my membership? I don't see a "cancel account" option in the control panel.

    Liam, there is NO auto-tune in the first verse. You are confused. There are some other FX applied but it's not auto-tune. Anyways, the point of my "mix" was to add in auto-tune in the song so whether or not you hate it or find that I didn't change enough doesn't matter. My goal was meant only to subtly enhance the original.
  8. Estêvão Did you ever know that you're (JW) my hero


    Not to brag or anything, but I consider myself somewhat of an expert on this song...seeing as it was my favourite song from ESC 2010. I have watched the NF, music video and ESC performances multiple times.

    You used the auto-tune effect WAY too much. You made the Romanian entry sound like Cher's "Believe".
    (from wikipedia: "...sometimes referred to as the "Cher effect.") Also, when it got to Paula's solo operatic voice...you muted all the other layers of the song too quickly. It made her operatic part feel disjointed from the rest of the song. A more gradual reduction of the other sound layers from that part of the song MIGHT have sounded better.

    And as you've been corrected here and elsewhere, I'll just remind you...

    This is the Romanian entry...NOT (Romania/Norway)

    and secondly...Malta also has English as an official language.

  9. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    No wonder you won so many toilet awards :(. Poor brave Lusitania.
  10. adamacs RUTH DAVIDSON FOR PM.

    Turning up, referring to us all as pre-pubescent children, assuming that you know what our taste in music is, deriding us, and generally behaving like a condescending, self-important tosspot, is not the best way to be welcomed ...

    Perhaps looking in the mirror and thinking about the way you behave to others, might explain a few things.
  11. Freakazoid New Member

    This is my 'very frustrated' expression:


    I'm just trying to find a community with a same interest like you guys.
  12. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Trading photos?


    * not me.

    On a serious note, if you do want to genuinely try to fit in, you should try a personality transplant and then hang out in the chat room.
  13. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    "I'm just trying to find a community with a same interest like you guys."

    Listen we all discuss Eurovision and its rules and who we thought was under/overrated, but so far it's just been negative posts from you. Usually the same topic too. There's more to Eurovision than rules. How about starting a new topic, maybe something like your favorite entries or something. :D

    Or if you just want to talk about the language rule there's a website currently talking about it and how it changed the contest. You could post there.
  14. Freakazoid New Member

    I thought this thread on where I posted my auto-tuned version of an Eurovision song could be fun and have some good discussion but it's turned really negative against me. I'm just going to hold my tongue now.
  15. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Would that be a 'no' to my suggestion a couple of posts ago? :(
  16. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Well just one little piece of advice...Post only the country name that the entry represented in the future. For example only Romania in this topic. We all know several countries had foreign singers. We're up to speed on that as well as foreign writers too. :P

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