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No more delays - E2 results tonight @ 8

  1. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.


    This really is the night. E2 is done and Livestream eventually finished processing it in the early hours of this morning, despite it being produced at 6pm (it took them 9 hours to process it which is rather ridiculous since it usually takes 20 minutes only :@).

    The first broadcast went out at 3am to a loyal group of dedicated souls (Este, Sheep, Luis, BAS and CTP) who saw the whole show in full. We also had cameos by Bruno, Lilly and Liam who saw bits of it but not all of it. They've promised not to give away any clues about the results, points, who sent what, and so on - so please don't ask or spoil it :P.

    Anyway, this means there shall be no more delays in the broadcast of the results show. Everything is ready. It's on Livestream, it's all set up to be shown at the click of my mouse. :D

    So please, be in chat before 8pm UK time. The whole 2 hour long show will begin at exactly 8pm, so be there early to have time to be transported to Livestream and calibrate your connection etc.

    See you tonight. :)
  2. DJ Balkan Ramadanske‚ô•

    See you in the morning for me :P

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