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Oslo debts is slowly killing Ireland

  1. Eurovizz Member

    According to NRK, the Irish delegation recieved after the contest in Oslo a massive bill,
    which appears as one of many economic difficulties RTE is having nowadays.
    The massive costs from Oslo have even gone through heavy criticism by many of Ireland's major newspapers today.

    Here are the remaining costs RTE have yet to solve and pay:

    Hotel stay at Oslo Plaza: 315 000 NOK (= 33 640 £ or 38 600 EURO)

    Flight tickets, food and other accomodation: 190 000 NOK (= 20 300 £ or 23 300 EURO)

    Other: 1 196 000 NOK (= 127 625 £ or 146 500 EURO)

    A total sum of: 1 700 000 NOK (= 181 600 £ or 208 300 EURO)

    On top of covering the final costs of the Oslo stay, RTE has also confirmed participation next year in Düsseldorf. This will according to the newspaper Irish Independent, cause a new total cost of 600 000 NOK (= 64 000 £ or 73 500 EURO) to organize the scheduled Irish national final.

    RTE are also obligated to pay another 600 000 NOK (64 000 £ or 73 500 EURO) as a fee to EBU as a participating country in Düsseldorf.

    It has also been revealed that RTE's budget this year showed a profit loss by 150 000 000 NOK (= 16 019 992 £ or 18 380 776 EURO), which has caused the national channel to undergo comprehensive cost cuts.


    Source: NRK, Irish Independent
    Translation: Eurovizz

    I feel sad for Ireland:(
  2. missdisco New Member

    £30,000 on hotels? How many people are going? Can't some go in a budget dorm?
  3. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    This was in 2010...
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  4. They did. Remember, this is Norway we're talking about :D $15 for a cup of coffee!
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  5. missdisco New Member

    I can understanding treating Niamh as a goddess, but the rest of them? you get a duvet and a box, be grateful!

    £30,000 this year probably would have covered one person. Frigging economic collapse :(

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