•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Rotterdam!



    Here we are! Just what you’ve been waiting for… the All Singing All Dancing Exit Poll for the PILOT EDITION.

    I hope you have all had a most enjoyable time listening to the songs in this edition and, once you have finalised your votes, please cast your thoughts to these questions, which are (meant to be) fun and have nothing riding on them. However, please make sure your answers are consistent :D

    Please take part in this; it will only take up a few minutes of your time and the more people who participate the better it will be. It is, as it ever was, compulsory for CTP and adamacs . <<

    1. We have 17 languages in this edition: Afrikaans (2), Albanian (2), Azerbaijani, Croatian, Finnish (2), French (4), German (4), Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Kazakh, Mandinka (that’s what Wikipedia says so it must be right <<), Polish (2), Serbian, Slovak, Spanish (3) and Swedish (2).
    a. Which one will win?
    b. How many different languages will feature in the top 10?
    c. Which ones?
    d. Which language will be honoured by having our Pilot Bog sung in it?

    2. Which of the 4 French songs will finish highest?

    3. Which Eurovision contestant will finish highest, Alain Barrière, Max Mutzke or Chingiz Mustafayev?

    4. Will Titanic sink or float?

    5. Which “light” will shine brightest, A Light is on Here (Täällä palaa valo) or I Leave a Light On for You (Ich lass für Dich das Licht an)?

    6. Which song will “go” to the higher point, Let’s Go (Lass Uns Gehen) or You Go Away (Tu t’en Vas)?

    7. Which of your own songs will do best, Song 1 or Song 2?

    8. Will any contestant get both of their songs in
    a. the top 10?
    b. the medal positions?
    c. the public conveniences (bottom 3)?

    9. Will any contestant end up in consecutive places on the scoreboard?

    10. Will anyone finish in both the top 3 and the bottom 3?

    11. From which half of the contest will the winning song come?

    12. Which song will win?

    Please send your replies in a private conversation here by 22:00 WIM on Saturday 28th November. Absolutely no replies will be accepted after this time.

    Thank you all for taking part, and have fun :)

    adamacs, Anaconda, CTP, Güneç Gülün, James, Julio, jw, Mina, mrvirgo, Pedro, Ronini, Rua, sokrates1988, Teodor

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