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Portugal 2013

  1. Julio STRANGLES

    It's no news that the privatization of RTP would cause some problems to the Portuguese participation in ESC, today a representative of RTP announced on television the future of the public channel.

    RTP 2 (Television Channel) and Antena 3 (Radio Station) will be closed permanently, they said the money spent on the channel does not make up for the low viewing figures of the channel making no sense of keeping the channel on.
    RDP (radio channel with EBU membership) together with RTP 1 (main channel with EBU membership) will be sold to one of the private channels (SIC or TVI) the one that offers more money will get them, both of those channels are not EBU members so on the moment they are sold RTP will lose the EBU membership making Portugal out of ESC, the contract will last 15 to 20 years, after that time the government will be able to buy again the channels if they want, but till then they will have no power over them.

    Could SIC and TVI apply to be an EBU member?

    The answer is Yes. Though the main problem is that RTP has this problems due to the lack of money a big debt due to spending money on shows and low viewing figures, they already announced that even after being sold there will be huge cuts, several people will be fired and several programs and shows will be cancelled. One of the big spenders on RTP is ESC cause of the organization of FDC and the trips to the host country and promotion of the singer, as for there is a huge possibility of it being the first to be cut down.

    You can acess all this info on the RTP main site:


    there is a video interview where its shown the announcement where its said RTP 2 will be closed RTP 1 and RDP will be sold to one of the private channels and there will be huge cuts on terms of people and programs.
  2. James ... and his things xD

    :( Let's keep the hope that Portugal will continue participating
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