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Portugal 2019

  1. Julio STRANGLES

    The songs have been released, the big favourite after the release, having the most views and trending in our youtube, is Conan Osíris with Telemóveis which is an alternative song on the style we never sent that mixes fado and a sort of arabic sounding that fits the host nation and some modern beat. The other favourite are Calema with the song A Dois.

    Semi 1 (click the names for the link):

    Calema - A Dois
    Conan Osíris - Telemóveis
    Ana Cláudia - Inércia
    João Campos - É O Que É
    Filipe Keil - Hoje
    Ela Limão - Mais Brilhante
    Soraia Tavares - O Meu Sonho
    Matay - Perfeito

    Semi 2:

    Lara Laquiz - O Lugar
    Madrepaz - Mundo A Mudar
    Mariana Bragada - Mar Doce
    Dan Riverman - Lava
    NBC - Igual A Ti
    Mila Dores - Debaixo Do Luar
    Marlon - O Jantar
    Surma - Pugna
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  2. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    My top three would be Conan Osíris, Calema and Surma - very unique selection of songs that span different genres of music, I wish :pt: the best of luck as I like a lot of the songs they've sent in the past. <<
  3. Julio STRANGLES

    Overall I'm quite happy and impressed with the selection. It's very wide and with almost every single song being different from each other not having much of the same genre. Semi 1 is by far the strongest of the semis IMO. I hope either Conan or Calema win they are the big favourites and they do have appealing songs on their own way, although i would prefer Conan for being different from anything.

    as for my ranking:

    any of these would be good to go for me:

    1 - Conan Osíris - Telemóveis (semi 1)
    2 - Calema - A Dois (semi 1)

    these would be acceptable:

    3 - Ana Cláudia - Inércia (semi 1)
    4 - João Campos - É O Que É (semi 1)
    5 - Filipe Keil - Hoje (semi 1)

    These would require more listens from me to be ok with them:

    6 - Surma - Pugna (semi 2)
    7 - NBC - Igual A Ti (semi 2)

    These would annoy me if they won over any of the above:

    8 - Mariana Bragada - Mar Doce (semi 2)
    9 - Lara Laquiz - O Lugar (semi 2)
    10 - Matay - Perfeito (semi 1)
    11 - Dan Riverman - Lava (semi 2)
    12 - Madrepaz - Mundo a Mudar (semi 2)
    13 - Soraia Tavares - Mais Brilhante (semi 1)

    These would make me change nationality:

    14 - Mila Dores - Debaixo Do Luar (semi 2)
    15 - Ela Limão - Mais Brilhante (semi 1)
    16 - Marlon - O Jantar (semi 2)
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  4. Mina Member with a "past"

    A Dois stands out for me.

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