•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Turin!


  1. Kevin New Member

    Yes i am really jealous - i wish UK would send singers who can't sing - oh no we did that with Jemini - my mistake. :P

    If you havn't noticed, everyone else is singing fine (even Bulgaria :o), but Hadise isn't. I would be interested in seeing a video of Hadise singing live, where she sounds good ;)
  2. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    We are all very jealous of Hadise!!!! :D She is the greatest dancer of all times, and no one can kiss like she does! :D:D

  3. Hello everyone :D I survived my first exam! And now I only have one English paper left to sit for the rest of my life - WOOOOOO!!!

    Okay, I've only watched one of the rehearsals so far but I just had to comment on it:

    OMFG!!! I am so voting for this like 50 times! I absolutely adore it (despite the lack of wind machine action), the lighting is perfect, the backing images are so whimsical and dreamy but the vocals...wowowow!!! If it wasn't for the poor sound on the recordings I would swear it was studio version. Plus, Yohanna looks gorgeous and is a proper performer.

    Hard to believe I couldn't stand this song when it won the Icelandic NF :D now it is my number 3
  4. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Romania: WOWOWOWOOWO!!! OK I think this could beat Hadise in the semi! Its got a better draw, the vocals are much clearer and easier on the ear (I don't think its that time of the month for Elena, unlike Hadise .. :rolleyes:!), and I find the choreography much more fresh than Hadise's, not to mention I prefer the stage lighting :) If we didn't have the juries this year I would say this is a dark horse, but they may limit it somewhat! But Hadise, WATCH OUT!!
  5. Israel
    ROOOOFL, that was just too funny :D A slightly new version (which I thought was live at the beginning of the video), slightly off vocals but on the whole it was definitely a solid showing...hopefully we wont have hysterics, costume malfunctions and routine mistimings in the real thing - Israel must leave that to the experts this year...Norway :D But I'm afraid there is no way in hell it's going to qualify. Countries which have rain in the backing images never do well, need I remind you of BAM Cyprus last year, or the UK in 2003? Plus the rose at the end is very Shirley Clamp à la MF 2009 i.e. in other words, doomed :o
  6. Romania
    The balkan girls may be able to party, but they seem to be unable to dance in coordination with each other. Vocals are surprisingly strong and there is definitely some energy in the (slightly messy) dancing. I like the lighting and with some pyros it should go down well but wtf is with the 'Armenia 2007 convulsing tree with toilet paper attached' doing on the screens? It's rather disturbing on it's own but it just looks weird accompanying this song...
  7. Kevin New Member

    Romania - She doesnt have the best voice (much like Turkey), but as a result of no Romanian spammers, and a much better song, i much prefer this (i also think i prefer her voice as it doesnt have so much attitude). The stage looks much better than for Hadise, and has a much better placing in the draw. I think this will qualify
  8. Kevin New Member

    ROFL!!!! i thought that too!
    but then again, Armenia did get a top 10 place in 2007
  9. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    LMAO @ your beautifully put description of the tree! Contrary to your thoughts (i'm speaking very pooosh!) I think pyros would be a disaster! They would just cram it up a little bit and I like the freshness of the colours and choreography that is already in place, and I think pyros would ruin it slightly. But we must both agree that shes still way stronger than Hadise!! (I don't want to upset the spammers but we've all gotta admit, its true!!)
  10. Aaron N Moof master


    i really do like this song and their harmonies are prefect!! even tho they had a few problems with dresses and such i think this could qualify through the public.


    i have to say i'm impressed with how its looking, i still don't like the song but i could see this qualifing and being a top 10 :o (checks pulse :P)


    WOWOWOWOW! this is really really good!! Yohanna vocals are prefect :D plus she has Hera B as a backing singer, what more do you need lmaoo

    FYRO Macedonia

    im amazed he can see through all that hair when he jumps around :P it sounds ok but i don't think this will get through.....


    this song has really grown on me and now i know way, its sooo easy on the ear and it makes you remember it! the choreography is alot better than a certain other singer (the name need not be mentioned lmaoo) i think this could qualify
  11. Kevin New Member

    Finland - Its alright, i still think the vocals need a bit more improving, because the woman's parts sound weak - maybe tuning with the backing singers a bit more? (im not an expert btw ;)) The fire looks good, but the background is a bit off putting, if someone has epilepsy, i think they might faint.
  12. Balls! I thought we were pyro free!!! I have to admit i'm not really a fan of pyros anyway, I prefer performances to be clean cut, simple and easy for the brain to work out (do you know what I mean!?).

    And yayayayayyayayay you're seeing the FYROM light!!! :D

    **This is Jonny btw: Oops I ballsed that up!! I wrote my response in sheeps post by accident because I pressed "edit" instead of "quote", MEGA SORRY!!**
  13. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Finland: One word: WOW! At first I was a bit hesitant about the lighting but with so many flashing lights it works really well and the contrast of the flames against the backdrop is fantastic! The choreography is slick, and the vocals are strong ... basically ITS IMMENSE!!
  14. Bulgaria
    Oh dear :( Azerbaijan are going to be pissed off about this, they were gunning for the fire on the backing screens...handbags at dawn ladies, I've been told Arash can be quite the bitch when he wants to be (plus AySel is just diva with a capital D) oooh, and the 2008 Finnish gears make another appearance, (I am seriously feeling let down by the unimaginative-ness of the graphic designers). Anyway, the circus that was the national final performance seems to have improved: 12 points for the slit-walkers this time, but the rest is just horrific. I know I'm biased but seriously, this shit is just painful to listen to. If it qualifies I will rip my hair out...
  15. Kevin New Member

    Do you want a hat to cover up your baldness like waldo? :D
  16. Aaron N Moof master


    the staging looks alot like it was the Finnish NF with the fire dancers, the vocals are strong and all the flashing lights are great!! :D *waits to see what mina says :P lmao)

    who wants to bet that this will be the first video mina watches :P lmaooooo
  17. ROFL :D I think I will just have a mowhawk à la Roger Pontare!

    Bravo Jonny -.- LMFAO! I think it was sabotage because of my anti-FYROM comments. I said I can see why you like it, I didn't say I did :P :D
  18. Kevin New Member

    If i had a sasha son hat, i would bet on that ;)
  19. FYR Macedonia (2nd time TYVM, Jonny leave this one alone please :D)

    T'is disappointing, as a power-rock piece like this practically demands Carola-strength wind machine action and instead what do we get? Bilan-esque floor exploration. I can't really tell if the vocals are good as the music kind of drowns them out and overall there's no other way to describe this performance than by using one of my favourite words in this thread: messy.

    p.s. Aaron gets my 12 points for the day for his Iceland comments :D
  20. Aaron N Moof master

    *hands kev a temp sasha son hat untill he goes to the mighty primark to by one of his own*

    :D how that? lmaooo :P

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