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Rybak's comments....

  1. Mina Member with a "past"

    1. To one of our reporters who asked him what he thought of Sakis he said 'well, he didn't win..we did..ha!'..laughing sarcastically.
    2. During the press conference he was asked about the gay parade...his answer 'well, the biggest gay parade was in eurovision tonight'..maybe he counts himself as gay, too?

    PS And people considered Dima arrogant:rolleyes:

    Rybak is an arrogant little turd if you don't mind me saying so. And POOR DIMA got his coat caught in the wires and had to be rescued by a GIRL! rofl OH AND HE MIMED? So obv he, an esc winner, can't even have the talent to sing live... shocking.
  3. He has every right to say that first comment - deservedly so.

    Plus, I really couldn't give a shit if he was gay, I'm certainly not interested though 1000 gayers will no doubt be creaming their pants at the thought...:rolleyes:
  4. Mina Member with a "past"

    He has every right to be sarcastic, especially when he's the winner? And to a country that gave him 10 points, too.
    Ok, sheep, then we judge people in a very different way.
  5. Mark New Member

    Well I remember saying way back in January he was an arrogant little shit ... and no one believed me for about a few weeks ... I'm just always right :D:D

    Well he is a nasty screwed up little fugly fucker of a child - I am so happy I am not him :D He is certainly the worst, ugliest and now ungracious winner there has even been - Beating Dana International in all three !!

    Should have been drowned at birth ...
  6. Yeah Mina, we do.
  7. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    i also agree with sheep mina... the greeks this year didnt treat rybak well... they always made sarcastic comments about him and now it's his turn...
  8. Mina Member with a "past"

    Even if that was true (and I don't remember anyone being sarcastic to his face) Sakis never said anything bad or sarcastic about him. Rybak as a winner should learn how to be graceful and generous instead of petty.
    And what should Dima have said last year after all the war of the Greek media???????????
  9. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    yeah... you are right... sakis never told anything about him... and rybak was overreacting when he said that...
  10. Mina, I don't want to start an argument but why prevent the inevitable. We all know what an unbelievable, cocky prick Rybak is so I'm just wondering why you had to mention this? So he took a pop at Sakis, I say good because, whether or not Sakis has said anything, the Greek media/delegation have been incredibly rude this year.

    ...Dima should have just told the Greek media to fuck off because he is king of the pricks and I'm surprised he didn't.
  11. Mina Member with a "past"

    Οk, Sheep, let me explain some things about the Greek media to you.
    When people say 'Greek media' they mean one particular channel, a private channel that only does gossip,even its news are about gossip.
    Second, that same channel has been promoting Rybak and Fairytale for 3 months before the contest. They only changed their tune after their reporters went to Moscow and even then they always said he has a good song.
    Furthermore when one of our commentators said in an interview don't vote for Norway because its the favourite (which is also something we hear every year and yet every year we vote for the favourites) that same channel started a whole campaign against her for telling people who to vote for...and other channels followed.
    The only things said by some of the reporters were that Rybak was snobbish....and I don't think that's 'rude', it's an opinion of a reporter...from one opinion of one (or 2 or 3) reporters to 'the Greek media' there's a world of difference.

    With Dima last year, yes, they were horrible and I've said it myself 100 times. But back then they had really said nasty things (like he goes for the vote of gays, showing his naked pics, saying he can't sing, his song sucks and so on). Now THAT was rude and horrible, not the behaviour to Rybak..who by the way all our reporters were very nice to and I never saw anyone being rude to him.

    As for our delegation I'd like to know who was rude and to whom because that's the first time I hear that.
  12. tine New Member

    well. How it must have been to have people asking him hundreds of times about sakis before the contest. "sakis is good, sakis is handsome, sakis sakis sakis.." Must have felt good to be able to say he beat him. I love a guy that speaks from his heart, fake modesty doesnt suit anyone.

    I do miss a link or a source by the way...
  13. Olympia New Member

    I have seen all these interviews you are describing and it was very sad hearing reporters who had nothing else to say but only for Sakis. Was he allone in the ESC?:)
  14. Mina Member with a "past"

    I wish there was a video but there isn't. However I saw it with my own eyes (you don't have to believe me of course..lol)

    especially with Rybak our reporters had asked lots of other things, too. I remember Star Channel had done a phone interview with him weeks before the contest and Soulioti had asked him all sort of questions about his family, his career and so on. Does any other country know that Rybak has a sister who he has only seen twice in his life? LOL at some point we knew more information about Rybak than about Sakis.
    In Moscow he had also been asked many things like which country does he like, who would he vote for etc.
    It was only natural that Greek reporters would ask him what he thought of the Greek representative.
  15. tine New Member

    Well.I have to admit I felt the same way. I'm sure many people were tired of sakis. Why shouldnt he get to be? Sakis didnt win, Rybak did! ha! :P

    Get over it :)
  16. Mina Member with a "past"

    I'm over Rybak winning, most people liked him so he won.
    As to the rest, well, maybe it's a Norwegian thing so, no problem :cool:
  17. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Well that is a bit sindey isn't it. On the other hand we could say, Sakis doesn't have industrial sized nostrils, Rybak does! ha!
  18. tine New Member

    and yet he won :P
  19. Can you all* just STFU and let this daft thread die please?

    And when I say "all" I mean Tine :P ffs...

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