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San Minino #19

  1. Mina Member with a "past"

    SM is sending an 'international' song this time. The song's first version (in 1998) was in the artist's own language, 2nd version in another one and 3rd version is the one I'm sending and it's the English one and was released in 2002.
    The reason I chose the English version was that I found that the lyrics suited my video best..the video comes from an older Greek TV series btw (for those who don't know it from chat:P) from 1998 (just like this song's first version) and I hope noone here is too religious 'cause it's about the love of a priest for a girl :P
    Its genre is pop and it's a melodic song. As for the artist I expect that she may be a familiar name to some of the members here. Personally, I love her voice in every language I've heard her sing.

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