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Sanremo 2013 here we go again...

  1. Julio STRANGLES


    I remember reading that RAI doesn't want to get Sanremo to be mentioned together with Eurovision. It could be that we get the same idea as last year, but we could get an internal thing as well... Other option is that Italy withdraws once again...
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  3. Julio STRANGLES

    seems some songs for the new comer category has been released :D 2 of my singers in contest are there :D you can see it on the link:


    if you cant't acess it then i will just show you the singers I sent songs

    Davide Mogavero (edition 35)

    Studio 3 (edition 34)

    I will hope at least one of them manages to reach Sanremo final :D
  4. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    RAI - The attention-seekers of the Eurovision season
  5. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

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  6. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    San Remo go's on nearly as long as it takes me to type out my votes
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  7. :xD:
  8. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    But not quite as long as it takes Gunec :P
  9. Julio STRANGLES

    So Italy as been shitty again picking the songs, both Studio 3 and Davide Mogavero are out ( :rolleyes: )

    Here is how it stands for the Giovanni (New Comers) category:
    (ps. Raphael Guallazzi who represented Italy in 2011 came from this category)

    Andrea Nardinocchi - Storia impossibile
    Antonio Maggio - Mi servirebbe sapere
    Blastema - Dietro l’intima ragione
    Ilaria Porceddu - In equilibrio
    Il Cile - Le parole non servono più
    Irene Ghiotto - Baciami?
    Paolo Simoni - Le Parole
    Renzo Rubino - Il postino (amami uomo)

    As for the Campioni (Champion) category this is how it stands:
    (ps Nina Zilli who represented Italy in 2012 came from this category)

    Annalisa Scarrone
    Chiara Galiazzo
    Daniele Silvestri
    Elio e le storie tese
    Malika Ayane
    Marco Mengoni
    Maria Nazionale
    Marta sui Tubi
    Max Gazzè
    Raphael Gualazzi
    Simona Molinari con Peter Cincotti
    Simone Cristicchi

    Familiar Faces:

    1) Annalisa Scaronne is familiar to us as Gian sent her to our contest where she finished 4th (See song sent to contest here)

    2) Moda also were in contest also sent by Gian they finished 15th (?) (See song sent to contest here)

    3) And ofc Raphael Guallazzi who represented Italy in 2011 and finished 2nd in the Final (See his performance in ESC in here)
  10. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    I have been dreading this week. :(
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  11. Julio STRANGLES

    As For the shows this is how it will be:


    7 of the 14 songs of the Campioni category will perform, they are:

    1) Marco Mengoni
    2) Raphael Gualazzi
    3) Daniel Silvestri
    4) Simona and Peter Cincotti
    5) Marta Sui Tubi
    6) Maria Nazionale
    7) Chiara Galiazzo

    Each singer will sing 2 songs, Televote and jury (50/50) will decide which song will proceed for each singer. All the 8 Giovanni category songs will be presented (just a bit of each in a video they won't perform).


    The other 7 singers of the Campioni category will perform, they are:

    1) Almamegretta
    2) Annalisa
    3) Simone Cristicchi
    4) Elio E Le Storie Tese
    5) Max Gazze
    6) Malika Ayane
    7) Moda

    Again each performer will have 2 songs, and just like the other day only one from each will go trough in a mix (50/50) jury and televote.
    On this day 4 of the 8 Giovanni will perform as well, (the 4 that will perform are yet to know) from where only 2 songs will make it to the final in a mix of jury televote as well.


    All the Campioni category songs (17) will perform with the song that made it trough, this time there will be only televote and at the end of the show the results will be announced and will end up to be used as 25% for the final result on the last day.

    the other 4 songs of the Giovani category will perform and on a mix of jury/televote 2 will make to the final.


    This day will be dedicated to the Sanremo history, the singers in the main category will sing duets with previous Sanremo artists, the list of songs is as it follows:

    1) Almamegretta - Il ragazzo della via Gluck
    2) Annalisa Scarrone - Per Elisa
    3) Chiara Galiazzo - Almeno tu nell’universo
    4) Daniele Silvestri - Piazza grande
    5) Elio e le storie tese - Un bacio piccolissimo
    6) Malika Ayane - Cosa hai messo nel caffè
    7) Marco Mengoni - Ciao amore ciao
    8) Maria Nazionale - Perdere l’amore
    9) Marta sui Tubi - Nessuno
    10) Max Gazzè - Ma che freddo fa
    11) Modà - Io che non vivo
    12) Raphael Gualazzi - Luce (tramonti a nord est)
    13) Simona Molinari con Peter Cincotti - Tua
    14) Simone Cristicchi - Canzone per te

    Names of the duets that have been announced already consist of Antonella Ruggiero with Marta Sui Tubi, Emma with Annalisa, Franco Cerri with Simona Molinari con Peter Cincotti

    The 4 Giovani finalists will perform and on a mix of televote and jury the winner of this category will be announced.


    All the 14 Campioni songs will perform, and on a mix of 50% jury 25% televote + the 25% of the televote of the day 14/02/2013, the top 3 will go into a super final, the 3 songs will perform and on a mix of 50/50 jury televote the winner of the category will be announced.
  12. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    Wake me up when its all over :zzz:
  13. Güneç Gülün Active Member


    And that's all there is to it <<

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