•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Rotterdam!

Semi final results of #23 tonight

  1. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.


    As some people didn't notice the Facebook based contest announcements in the past, any such news will also be posted in this forum. So, the first piece of news to be revealed here is confirmation that the semi final results show for Edition 23 of the escChat.com Song Contest will take place tonight.

    Be in chat around 9pm UK please. We'll start soon after when we have a large enough crowd.
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  2. DJ Balkan Ramadanske♥

    Great news JW :P Hopefully I'll make it :)

  4. matthewbell32 Du kommer alltid vara nummer 1 för mig

    Definitely not getting drunk tonight now :geek:
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  5. Estêvão Did you ever know that you're (JW) my hero

    Matt promising not to get drunk is like Anette swearing off women forever. Nice idea in principle, but never will it be successful.^_^
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