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Sofia Nizharadze Award 2012


    Hello everyone!

    Last year we started the Sofia Nizharadze Award, the award for best vocalist of the Eurovision Song Contest. The trophy was won by Nadine Beiler, the Austrian representative (if you click her name, you can relive her performance in Düsseldorf). Nadine was the first winner, but of course we may not forget the person who this award is named after: Sofia Nizharadze, the Georgian representative in 2010. You can relive her performance by clicking her name.

    This year, the award is, as promised, back! However, we will have some changes!
    • There will now be 2 awards: 1 for best male vocalist, 1 for best female vocalist!
    • The award can be won by an individual vocalist. Last year, we saw Loukas Giorkas getting eliminated mostly because people didn't think Stereo Mike belonged in the top 10. Therefore, the award can now go to individual artists.
    Some things however will stay the same!
    • There will be 3 qualifiers from semi 1, 3 from semi 2 and 4 from the final. The semifinal nominees may have participated in the final as well. (For example, you can nominate Rona Nishliu from semifinal 1, but also from the final.)
    • The vocalists will first be nominated. When the list of nominees has been determined after a public voting, we're gonna eliminate them one by one until only one is left per category.
    How to vote?
    • You can nominate 3 singers per category, per show. (So 3 female vocalists from semi 1, 3 male from semi 1, 3 female from semi 2, 3 male from semi 2.) Only in the final, you nominate 4 per category.
    • You just post your vote here in the forum. Voting is open for 1 day, and I will count the results.
    So, let's start with nominating the nominees from semifinal 1!

    Female vocalist, semifinal 1
    • :is: Gréta Salóme
    • :gr: Eleftheria Eleftheriou
    • :lv: Anmary
    • :al: Rona Nishliu
    • :ro: Elena Ionescu
    • :be: Iris
    • :fi: Pernilla
    • :sm: Valentina Monetta
    • :cy: Ivi Adamou
    • :dk: Soluna Samay
    • :ru: Olga Tuktaryova
    • :ru: Natalya Pugachyova
    • :ru: Granya Baysarova
    • :ru: Galina Koneva
    • :ru: Valentina Pyatchenko
    • :ru: Yekaterina Shklyaeva
    Male vocalist, semifinal 1
    • :me: Rambo Amadeus
    • :is: Jónsi
    • :ch: Gabriel Broggini
    • :il: Ran Shem Tov
    • :hu: Csaba Walkó
    • :at: Lukas Plöchl
    • :at: Manuel Hoffelner
    • :md: Pasha Parfeny
    • :ie: John Grimes
    • :ie: Edward Grimes
    escChat.com start voting now!
    Please nominate 3 artists per category (male/female).
    Voting will be open for ONE day!

    :fi: Pernilla - :al: Rona Nishliu - :lv: Anmary

    :hu: Csaba Walkó - :md: Pasha Parfeny - :is: Jónsi
  3. Lilly.. Y U NO ALIEN?

    Female category:

    Rona Nishliu :al:
    Greta Salome:is:

    Male category:
    :md: Pasha Parfeny
    :hu: Csaba Walkó
    :ch: Gabriel Broggini

  4. Ljupco Active Member

    Female: :al: :fi: :be:
    Male: :is: :md: :ch:
  5. bashers Oooooshhh!

    Female: Saluna Sumay :dk: Gréta Salóme :is: Iris :be:
    Male: :is: Jónsi :md: Pasha Parfeny :ch: Gabriel Broggini
  6. StormyAngel New Member

    Female: Rona Nishliu :al: Greta Salome :is: Pernilla:fi:
    Male: Jonsi :is: Gabriel Broggini :ch: Pasha Parfeny:md:
  7. Female: :al: Rona Nishiliu :cy: Ivi Adamou :ru: Natalya Pugachyova

    Male: :ie: John Grimes :ie: Edward Grimes :hu: Csaba Walkó
  8. Jenaiquemoname New Member

    Female :es: spain, :az: azerbajain :be: belgium

    Male: :ee: estonia , :lt: lithuania , :rs: serbia
  9. matthewbell32 Du kommer alltid vara nummer 1 för mig

    Female: :al::dk::is:

    Male: :hu::is::ch:
    Lilly.. likes this.
  10. Female Vocalist:
    - :is: Gréta Salóme
    - :al: Rona Nishliu
    - :ro: Elena Ionescu

    Male Vocalist:
    - :is: Jónsi
    And I really can't nominate anyone else, the rest were dreadful, in my opinion.


    :be: Iris
    :dk: Soluna Samay
    :sm: Valentina Monetta


    :md: Pasha Parfeny
    :ie: John Grimes
    :ie: Edward Grimes
  12. mrvirgo Active Member

    :al:Rona Nishliu
    :ro:Elena Ionescu
    :ch:Gabriel Broggini
    :hu:Csaba Walkó
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    Before I make my nominations, many of you will know I wasn't there for the whole of either semi final, so I have watched the performances I missed, and can I just say: Switzerland was robbed!
    :al: Rona Nishlu
    :fi: Pernilla
    :lv: Anmary
    :ch: Gabriel Broggini
    :hu: Csaba Walkó
    :is: Jónsi
  14. Female:
    :lv: Anmary
    :fi: Pernilla
    :be: Iris
    :ch: Gabriel Broggini
    :md: Pasha Parfeny
    :hu: Csaba Walkó
  15. Julio STRANGLES

    :al: / :be: / :is:

    :ch: / :at: (Lukas) / :is:

    p.s. - why is so many people voting for Anmary :S she was one of the worse!
  16. Ashley Hayes Eurovision Otaku Housewife

    Female Vocals - :al: Rona Nishliu, :sm: Valentina Monetta, :be: Iris
    Male Vocals - :is: Jónsi, :ch: Gabriel Broggini, :at: Lukas Plöchl
  17. James ... and his things xD

    :al: Rona
    :be: Iris
    :is: Greta

    :ch: Gabriel
    :md: Pasha
    :is: Jonsi

    I thought that, although the song was awful, she performed it rather well.
  19. Julio STRANGLES

    the performance managed to be worse than the song itself ^_^ it was a mess in stage, and her voice wasn't either very good but its only my opinion :P

    Well I'm only talking about her voice of course, which I seem to remember thinking was fine at the time. I would watch it again, but You Tube doesn't seem to working for me at the moment :(
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