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Sofia Nizharadze Award 2013


    Hey everyone!

    It's time for the third annual Sofia Nizharadze Award: the award for the best vocal performance of Eurovision! We'll once again have 2 awards to give out: Male and Female!
    If we take a look at last year, we saw Pastora Soler win the Female Category, with Ott Lepland winning the Male Category.
    In 2011, we only had one winner: Nadine Beiler.

    Now, we need to take a look at how the voting will be this year:
    • We'll vote three times per category to nominate the top 10: 3 per category from semifinal 1, 3 from semifinal 2 and 4 from the final.
    • Qualifiers can be nominated in the semis, but also in the final. (Example: if Alyona Lanskaya isn't selected in the Semifinal Round, she can still be nominated in the Final Round).
    • Vote here on the forum as a reply to this thread.
    • You need to give a full vote. So when voting for 'Semifinal One', I need to see three of the males I listed AND three of the females to make it a valid vote.
    • I understand that in groups, it might be difficult to identify who the singer behind the name is. That's why in case of groups, you can click the name and you'll then see picture of the artist.
    • Voting will be open until 22.00 UK Time every day, after that I'll close the voting and put up the result of that day.
    • A draw will be solved the next day.
    • Once we've found all our nominees, we'll go for an elimination round. We'll eliminate our qualifiers one at a time!
    • Tactical voting will NOT be allowed.
    • We're voting on VOCALS only. Performance and music will be left out here.
    If there's any question, then please send me a message or reply here. The first voting, which will be to find the three male and three female nominees from semifinal 1, will kick off at 20.00 UK Time on Sunday, 19th May.

    Female vocalist, semifinal 1

    • :md: Aliona Moon
    • :by: Alyona Lanskaya
    • :nl: Anouk
    • :ee: Birgit
    • :cy: Despina Olympiou
    • :ru: Dina Garipova
    • :dk: Emmelie de Forest
    • :si: Hannah
    • :rs: Mirna Radulović*
    • :at: Natália Kelly
    • :rs: Nevena Božović*
    • :me: Nina Žižić
    • :rs: Sara Jovanović*
    • :ua: Zlata Ognevich
    Male vocalist, semifinal 1:
    • :lt: Andrius Pojavis
    • :hr: Ante Galić**
    • :hr: Bojan Kavedžija**
    • :me: Dedduh***
    • :hr: Ivica Vlaić**
    • :hr: Leon Bataljaku**
    • :hr: Marko Škugor**
    • :hr: Nikša Antica**
    • :me: Noyz***
    • :be: Roberto Bellarosa
    • :ie: Ryan Dolan
    *: Please click HERE for a picture of Moje 3 with the names to remind you who's who.
    **: Please click HERE for a picture of Klapa s Mora with the names to remind you who's who.
    ***: Please click HERE for a picture of Who See with the names to remind you who's who.
    Once again, a reminder of the voting rules:
    - Pick your favourite 3 male singers
    - Pick your favourite 3 female singers
    - Write the names, not the country.
    - Vote on vocals only. Performance and song do not count.

    Voting will be open until 20th May, 20.00 UK Time.

    Anouk, Despina Olympiou and Zlata Ognevich

    Marko Skugor, Bojan Kavedzija and Roberto Bellarosa
  4. Julio STRANGLES

    dina garipova, zlata ognevich, emmelie de forest

    ryan dolan, andrius pojavis, does it really need to be 3? :P Marko Škugor
  5. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    Female: Birgit, Zlata Ognevich, Despina Olympiou

    Male: Marko Skugor, Roberto Bellarosa and Bojan Kavedzija
  6. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    Male Andrius Pojavis Ryan Dolan Marko Škugo

    Female Sara Jovanović Birgit Dina Garipova
  7. Genesis2703 Pointless

    Female: Zlata Ognevich, Dina Garipova and Anouk

    Male: Marko Škugor, Bojan Kavedžija and Ante Galić
  8. adamacs RUTH DAVIDSON FOR PM.

    female: Dina, Despoina, Zlata

    male: Marko, Bojan, Ivica
  9. Mina Member with a "past"

    Female: Emmelie, Zlata, Anouk

    Male: Andrius, Roberto, Bojan
  10. Female vocalist, semi 1:
    :ee: Birgit Õigemeel
    :ru: Dina Garipova
    :ua: Zlata Ognevich

    Male vocalist, semi 1:
    :be: Roberto Bellarosa
    :ie: Ryan Dolan
    :hr: Bojan Kavedžija

    Female: Birgit, Despina, Zlata
    Male: Marko, Ante, Ivica
  12. Yugimuto1 Member

    Female: Nina Zizic, Anouk, Dina Garipova
    Male: Ryan Dolan, Roberto Bellarosa, Marko Skugor
  13. topditi-mix Member

    Female : Anouk, Dina Garipova, Zlata Ognevich
    Male : Andrius Pojavis , Marko Skugor, Roberto Bellarosa
  14. CTP Jass hater

    Female: Birgit, Zlata Ognevich, Aliona Moon
    Male: Roberto, Nikša, Bojan
  15. Wiggles Administrator

    Ladies: Despina Olympou, Anouk, Birgit

    Gents: Marko Škugor, Ante Galić, Bojan Kavedžija
  16. Denbi Member

    Female vocalist, semifinal 1

    • :md: Aliona Moon
    • :nl: Anouk
    • :ua: Zlata Ognevich
    Male vocalist, semifinal 1:
    • :lt: Andrius Pojavis
    • :be: Roberto Bellarosa
    • :ie: Ryan Dolan
  17. Female:
    Zlata Ognevich
    Dina Garipova

    Marko Skugor
    Ante Galic
    Andrius Pojavis
  18. marv3009 MJR.

    Female Semi Final 1:
    :nl: Anouk
    :ua: Zlata Ognevich
    :ru: Dina Garipova

    Male Semi Final 1:
    :hr: Marko Škugor
    :be: Roberto Bellarosa
    :lt: Andrius Pojavis
  19. ThatWelshOne Member

    Female : :ee: Birgit Õigemeel :cy: Despina Olympiou & :ru: Dina Garipova

    Male : :lt: Andrius Pojavis :ie: Ryan Dolan & :hr: Marko Škugor
  20. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    Voting closed!

    Female vocalist, semifinal 1: QUALIFIERS
    • :ua: Zlata Ognevich
    • :ru: Dina Garipova
    • TBD
    Male vocalist, semifinal 1: QUALIFIERS
    • :hr: Marko Škugor
    • :be: Roberto Bellarosa
    • TBD

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