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Song contest: pre-promo your song!

  1. Aaron N Moof master

    its that time again people (and sheep :P lmao)

    since i have quite a few songs already i thought it would be best if i put up the promo thread now :D Write here why you chose your song, if it means anything to you, and why you like it + anything else! (BUT REMEMBER DON'T REVEAL YOUR SONG!! And dont make it obvious in any way either!)

    ok i'll start.....
    i chose my song cos its completely different from my last song :D its a nice mellow song that you can listen to after a hard day (working with me :P) and just relax to and the singer is just amazing. i hope you like it :)

    p.s. i terms of a date for the songs to be shown starting to think i should do it wednesday like mina (i personally feel its too early but oh well) as i have 13 songs and theres not many people left to choose (mainly kevin and stockholm)
    but i don't know if i should do a website like jonny or do it nice and simple and just do a thread here in the forum and post them all here. what do you think??
  2. Kevin New Member

  3. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    my song is an anthem loved by many (as my NF from last edition proved)
    it has advice within the lyrics as most songs do, an imaginative music video and Fusionia is proud to show u all the amazing songs of this genre that have come from our proud country, we promise that next edition there will be an upbeat song - followed by a song that i adore and a few others on here do too - by an AMAZING singer from the esc...
  4. c1ask0 Napkin of death holder

    My song is sung in English by a woman whose first language is not English, however I love her perfect accent. I also love the title of the song. I doubt anyone will have heard this before.
  5. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    The singer who represents Fireflance in the 3rd Edition of the ESCChat Contest is actually quite famous. The video clip is one of the best I have ever watched. The singer tells everything in a sarcastic way. The song is a story that happens in a club, where some men consider the singer (yes, it's a female singer) as a toy that they can have fun with for one night and then just drop her. Finally, the singer proves them wrong! (I hope I didn't give out too much - did I?)

    The reason the jury of FBC chose this song internally was because they loved it immediately from the first time they listened to it!
  6. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Sheep, I stuck to my word and didn't chose Rock!!!!!! (I nearly did though rofl)

    I had to chose between a country-rock song and a bouncy traditional pop song, in the end (according to popular vote) I went for the pop song :P Its a happy energetic track which hasn't even been released yet :) From the first second I heard it I loved it and I hope it has the same effect on all of you! :D Admittedly the song isn't particularly deep, and its not a world class piece of music either, but I think everybody should be able to find something about the song they like :)
  7. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    I vote simple :) The website was nice but lets be honest, it didn't really add to the contest in any way whatsoever :P

    Yeh Wednesday is quite early BUT if we have a longer break between this contest and the next one there shouldn't be a problem ;) I should be here Wednesday afternoon/evening but definitely not in the morning. Will the voting period be a few days long like normal? :)
  8. Sheep is still displeased! *Jonny jumps in front of a car*

    If there's one things which beats a pop song it's some good ol' country!!! :D
  9. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    OH F*CK OFF!!!!!!! ROFL Oh well, the reason why i'm not revealing that country-rock song is because i'll probably use it next time :) And anyway, I reckon you're gonna like my song ... it is Swedish!!! **Sheep is frothing at the mouth!**
  10. LMFAO!!!!! Good good, I look forward to hearing the country-rock one :D Far from frothing at the mouth I'm trying to guess which song you chose...if it's Swedish and "just released/to be released in the UK" then I know exactly what it is. However, if it's just in Sweden that might take a bit more time...

    And ooh yes, I still need to present my song!
  11. Arben The Flag Lover

    I chose my song cause the voice is INCREDIBLY great.
    And because its NOT english lol...
  12. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    No its not Agnes :P Tbh I dont have a clue when it will be released in Sweden/IF it will be released in Sweden, or anywhere for that matter :P I doubt you're gonna get it ;)
  13. ESCchat Song Contest - 3rd Edition: The Entry of Sheepmark!

    My entry, yet again, is not Swedish! :o:o:o *Patte dies from betrayal - Stockholm disowns Sheep*

    So, the song is an eclectic, eccentric, exuberant post-rock anthem with folk influences, driven by the full force of strings, brass, percussion and basically, a whole orchestra! The sound is really organic and pure; the pounding rhythm is inescapably enthralling and for me this song perfectly encapsulates the sheer joy and ecstasy in every ray of sunshine, the freedom and carefree nature of childhood and the rapture held in the first moments of falling in love! Once again, my entry is not in English which only adds to the divine, enigmatic nature of the song!

    Without a doubt, the artists are my favourite band ever - but this is only a small glimmer in their massive, shimmering body of work! They helped me to get through one of the hardest periods of my life and I just hope that you enjoy listening to this song as much as I do - votes are irrelevant :D

    Good luck and best wishes everyone! :)
  14. Mina Member with a "past"

    San Minino's song this time is at the same time similar and different to my last song. Similar as to being an emotional song but different as to the way it conveys emotions...
    I would say it's a very disturbing song in a way..it was considered a controversial song when it was released (in the '80's) and many radio stations had boycotted it for its ambiguous lyrics, but this just helped it to become a big hit at the time.
    The videoclip will help people understand what the song is about as it's not in English so, please, be patient and watch the whole videoclip.
    The reason I chose it was that a/I consider the music beautiful, b/I love the singer and his voice and c/my last song (Concrete Angel) made me think of this one...you'll see why:)
  15. Why would it be Agnes you daft noodle?! :P Ishtaristan won with "Release Me" in the first contest anyway...:D I'm gonna PM you and see if I've got it right.
  16. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    i know EXACTLY who it is now
  17. Swing and a miss :P nice try though...I think that's the power of good writing ;) it's descriptive but doesn't give everything away :D
  18. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    we will ALL see when <insert a laka song> is entererd
  19. Wow, you got me :rolleyes: :P you'll just have to wait and see, and anyway, I don't know any other Laka songs apart from "Pokušaj"! Read the description again, you'll see there's no way it could be him...

    btw, "runned" isn't English the last time I checked :o
  20. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    thats very true ill put it in the right text, its a translated version of jesc belgium 2008 the actual winner of jesc 2008

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