•   days until the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Turin!

Worried ..... very worried!!

  1. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    OK, here I go .....

    The other day I started listening to Fairytale without thinking, and completely forgot I was listening to it and didn't bother to change the song. Then about halfway through I realised what I was listening to BUT I didn't want to change the song ... I think I was enjoying listening to Fairytale :@

    Now now! Don't get the wrong end of the stick, i'm not falling in the love with the song, I still think the performance is an epic disaster and its definitely nowhere near being a winner for me (in fact probably not a qualifier either), and I still don't understand the huge hype around it ... but omg, i'm starting to like it, oh dear!! :o :@

    **Prepares for Abusive reactions**!!
  2. Mina Member with a "past"

    The problem is you were listening and not watching..:P
    As a song it's not horrible, it's cute-ish. As a performance it's a disaster. Simple:D
  3. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    I'll watch the performance again then :D In fact I should probably get back into the old mindframe before Mark finds out i'm liking it lmao :P
  4. Mark New Member

    Jonny ... consider our friendship over ... I have nothing else to say to the likes of you !

    Mark you flabby vag!
    Rybak for the win! Oslo 2010! Yay!
  6. Mark New Member

    Omg !!!!!!!!!! Die stew !!!!!

    Oh mark, i had enough worries last night. I was scared he'd pop out my cupboard and stab me rofl. I see you survived too. Aren't you tired lmao?
  8. Mark New Member

    ROOOOOOOOOFL !! I was shakin' under my covers !! :D:D I slept till 11 and then my mum woke me up, because she wanted to hoover ... pfft. but it didn't help that the story mina told me was going through my head. It was about that babysitter getting a phone call from a weird man, who was actually upstairs gonna kill her ...

    Thank god my parents are back this afternoon.
    I've actually hid a bread knife under my matress, just in case.
  10. Mark New Member

    ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOFL !! I had nothing !! OMG !! I'm so glad he didn't come ... *locks doors and windows*
  11. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Its not my fault ... blame Hadise :D

    On the plus side, i've started really liking B.H, Moldova, Slovenia and even Serbia a little bit :o
  12. Okay...
    (1) You should have liked Bosnia & Herzegovina and Moldova from the beginning :P
    (2) Noone should like Slovenia
    (3) Serbia?!?! ROFL

    Plus, you like FYR Macedonia and Belarus faaar tooooo much. I do blame Hadise but I'm sorry, consider your Eurovision-license revoked.
  13. Aaron N Moof master

    omg!! you know what the same things happening to me :o

    i was walking through the amazingness that is oldham :P and it started playing and i didn't think to change it (i'm more shocked i hadn't removed it from my ipod :o)

    i still think rybak to 100% norwegian tongue and another 100% arse gravy :D
  14. We need to get some things straight here...As much as he would like to believe it, Rybak is not a Norwegian! :P He is a Belarussian running from the government for evil crimes he committed and he came to Norway to commit more evil crimes: sticking his tongue out on national TV, making the Norwegians actually think they stand a chance against Sweden and worst of all - dragging the good name of Norway through the mud...my poor Nordic neighbours :( I cry!!!
  15. Mark New Member

    OMG !! You all are gonna make me go on a killing spree with all your Rybak loving ...
    I hope you all die of the most painful death, you traitors ...
  16. Liam Esterran.

    What was this Mina said about hating the hype, not the singer?

    I rest my case. :P

    *starts singing fairytale*

    *loses track*

    *Sings casanova instead*

    *wears a kettle*

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