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Xhanostania #30

  1. DJ Balkan Ramadanske‚ô•

    Hello everyone :D

    First of I'd like to congratulate Il Regno d'Italofilia and Adam on their victory!

    It was a fantastic edition - thank you to JW and Mina for their great hosting! Especially to JW.

    I'd like to also thank those who voted for Xhanostania this edition! It really means a lot to me! :P

    From two toilets twice in the row, then qualifying is completely amazing!

    Now - 30 wonderful contests :cool:

    Xhanostania in edition 30th is going to be a male singer - first time Xhanostania sends a male artist!

    It's going to be sung in French - first time Xhanostania sends the song in the language of French!

    It's a lovely song - I truly love it! I also like the video of it. It is a nice pop - middle uptempo song!

    I hope I won't give it away he lived in Holland I think for 10 years.
  2. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    You got the final toilet. So that's three in a row.
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  3. DJ Balkan Ramadanske‚ô•

    I was talking about the semi final.

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