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You were right, I was wrong

  1. Jammy Member

    Well, I scored the toilet. No real surprise and I saw it coming. Congratulations to il reg for winning and to everyone else who did better than me.

    I'm aware that over the course of this edition, I have been, how to put it, a complete and utter twat. My actions were inexcusable and I was wrong to go off on such a rampage. I apologise to everyone whom I attacked in the Chatroom, and especially to JW whom I called a Hitler. It was wrong and I regret it.

    I'm writing this post to clear my conscience and to ask for your forgiveness. Whilst I was buy this edition and genuinely could not chat that much, you did have a point. I was too focused on the contest, and I completely forgot the whole point of the chat room, to be part of a group of people who all appreciate Eurovision.

    I understand if you do not want anything to do with me, but I would like to ask for a second, or albeit a final chance. I will learn to appreciate the site as being more than the contest. I will take you jokes and remarks with good humour and have the common sense not to go mad with my typing if I'm angry. I will be pleasant to everyone, and more importantly, I will do my best to be a good member and (hopefully) a friend to some of you. I've met some genuine people on here, and I so not want my parting words to be caps locked insults when I couldn't take a joke.

    So I wish you all the best and I finish off by asking for one last chance. If you could give me that, I will be forever grateful and I will not throw it back into your faces. That's a promise

  2. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    "I will be forever grateful and I will not throw it back into your faces. That's a promise"
    No, I am not a cunt, neither are the other people, but you are.
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