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  1. jw
    HFc hanita
    1st December 2015
  2. Anaconda
    Jan, you could try surviving on Bovril, highly nutritious as well as delicious - think about all the kids that could be fed with the resources you'd spare!
    1st December 2015
  3. Nessie
    nowt wrong bout chubby lovers
    1st December 2015
  4. NickEmpel
    Hi Janet,

    What an eloquent piece coming from you, Janet. Let me remind you that you are the one with a severe eating disorder, not me.
    I completely disagree with your claim of me 'wasting healthcare money'. It is a vile and untrue statement.

    You, in fact, are a pig. And not a beautiful one.

    I would like to thank mgf JW for his support and Boby for telling you the truth.

    1st December 2015
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