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#100: Contest Nights


    Hi everyone,

    We're quite some months away from #100, but in the past few days we've already been kicking off preparations. mgf JW has suggested to make #100 a celebration edition where many have already proposed certain ideas. CTP also has made an idea to find the all time top 10 of the Contest, but there's one more idea, separate from all we have that I'd like to propose.

    Last night, James mentioned Nation Nights: Celebrating each competing nation with a special night dedicated to them. I immediately liked that idea, but, obviously there are some issues that would give. Which nations would you celebrate if you truly celebrate the contest's history? What would you do if no one turns up for a specific night? Who would host a nation's night?
    All that led me to believe there could be a different way to celebrate the contest's history of a grand 100 editions. The idea I thought of was 'Decade Nights'. That'd mean we'd have ten nights (twelve if you also want a night for X and E-editions) to celebrate each decade of the contest. Obviously, you could have 'Edition Nights', but I think 99 of those would be too much, you need less. So, by all means, suggest what could be changed about the concept, or, obviously, say whether you'd like to have them or not?

    Looking forward to your replies!
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  2. Zuñir This is Janet, not me

    I like the idea of Nations nights, each one should host his nation night. It would be cool!
  3. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    While I do like the idea of the 'decade nights', I think it would be a bit too much if we also have "best of a decade contests''. Also, only 12 people hosting one means that not everyone can host one. I don't know how many people would want to host one, if that's 10-12 people, there is not problem ofc.
    It's not clear who hosts what beforehand, the thing you would have when everyone hosts the night of their own nation.
    I think people have more to tell about their own nation, than about a certain decade in the contest.
    So basically, out of those two ideas I prefer the "nation nights", but I do like both ideas
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  4. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    After giving more thought to this, I don't support nation nights.

    Country nights are different, but nation nights are personal. If 20 people turn up for one night, and hardly anyone for another, that person may be upset. And what's more, no offence, but there are certain nations that have sent no music whatsoever that is worthy of celebration.

    And Anette certainly wouldn't want to plan a SOTA night. <<
  5. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    I agree with jw - it might lead to unwanted drama or difficulties.

    I have to agree there. Nation Nights would get way too personal way too quickly. That's why I would not support Nation Nights.
    Decade Nights would take away the 'possibility' of taking something personal, yet celebrates the best songs of the contest without any form of competition attached to it. As to the hosts Dennis mentions, there are obv solutions. You could work together with someone to host one (with currently 22 participants, that should work)/maybe not everyone wants to host.
  7. Zuñir This is Janet, not me

    Decades night would be great if each nation has his best entry of the decade. On that way everybody would be happy and there wouldnt be possible dramas :)

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