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2015 National Final Season

  1. CTP Jass hater

    1. Erna Hrönn - Myrkrið Hljótt
    2. Regina Ósk - Aldrei Of Seint
    3. Stefanía Svavarsdóttir - Augnablik
    4. Friðrik Dór - Í Síðasta Skipti
    5. Haukur Heiðar Hauksson - Milljón Augnablik
    6. María Ólafsdóttir - Lítil Skref
    7. CADEM - Fyrir Alla
    8. Björn og félagar - Piltur Og Stúlka
    9. Elín Sif Halldórsdóttir - Í Kvöld
    10. HINEMOA - Þú Leitar Líka Að Mér
    11. Sunday - Fjaðrir
    12. Bjarni Lárus Hall - Brotið Gler
    So far my favourite national final. I like my top 5. Nothing really terrible either. Some people might not like the number of ballads though.
  2. CTP Jass hater

    Stay home Cyprus. Save the money... All 6 songs are dreadful. Maybe "Without your love" has some potential for reworking, but I foresee no winners here.
  3. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    :cy: Eurovision Song Project Final :cy:
    1. Hovig - Stone In A River
    2. Panagiotis Koufogiannis - Without Your Love
    3. Charis Savva & Nearchos Evangelou - Deila Den Agapo
    4. Giannis Karagiannis - One Thing I Should Have Done
    5. Minus One - Shine
    6. Doody - Magic
    I like Stone In A River the best, but Without Your Love has most potential for Eurovision. I'm afraid Magic will be chosen though.

    None of the ones I found vaguely acceptable even got through :(

    Oh very dear :(

    :dk: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix :dk:
    1. Tina & René - Mi Amore
    2. Cecilie Alexandra - Hotel A
    3. Anne Gadegaard - Suitcase
    4. Julie Bjerre - Tæt På Mine Drømme
    5. World of Girls - Summer Without You
    6. Babou - Manjana
    7. Sara Sukurani - Love Me Love Me
    8. Marcel & Soulman Group - Når Veje Krydses
    9. Anti Social Media - The Way You Are
    10. Andy Roda - Love Is Love
    In A Moment Like This 2.0 on #1. It's schlager, it's epic, it's everything I shouldn't love, but it's too damn catchy. I want that in Vienna.

  8. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    :hu: A Dal 2015 :hu:
    1. Kati Wolf - Ne Engedj El!
    2. Bogi - World Of Violence
    3. Vera Tóth - Gyémánt
    4. New Level Empire - Homelights
    5. Other Planet - Untold Story
    6. Boggie - Wars For Nothing
    7. Szabó Ádám - Give Me Your Love
    8. Balázs Farkas-Jenser - Liar
    9. Gergő Szakács - Ősz Utca
    10. Ildikó Keresztes - Hazád Hazám Lehet
    11. Karmapolis - The Time Is Now
    12. Spoon - Keep Marching On
    13. Passed - Mesmerize
    14. Barbara Péter - Listen to the Universe
    15. Chances - The Night
    16. Mujahid Zoltán - Beside You
    17. ÍV - Fire
    18. Fool Moon - Back 2 Right
    19. Timi Antal - Woke Up This Way
    20. Gájer Balint - That's How It Goes
    21. Dér Heni - Ébresztő
    22. Szécsi Saci & Böbe - Our Time
    23. Oláh Gergő - A tükör előtt
    24. Proof Of Life - Hol A Határ
    25. Pankastic! - Kicsi a világ, de nagy világ
    26. MDC - Maniac
    27. Gabi Szűcs - Úgysem Felejtesz El
    28. Leander Rising - Lőjetek fel
    29. Éliás Gyula Jr. feat. Fourtissimo - Run to You
    30. Bori Magyar - Lead Me To Heaven
  9. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    Right, here we go with one of my favourites countries: :dk: - Maybe not for their entries, but just for the country in general. :P

    :dk: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix :dk:
    1. Julie Bjerre – Tæt på mine drømme
    2. Cecilie Alexandra - Hotel A
    3. World of Girls - Summer Without You
    4. Babou - Manjana
    5. Tina & René - Mi Amore
    6. Anne Gadegaard - Suitcase
    7. Andy Roda - Love is Love
    8. Anti Social Media - The Way You Are
    9. Sara Sukurani - Love Me, Love Me
    10. Marcel & Soulman Group – Når veje krydses

    Not bad but rather disappointing in comparison to last year - a Danish song as my number one? What a shock.

    Songs can be found here: http://esctips.com/2015/01/24/denmark-full-list-of-artists-song-published/#
  10. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    go on Chunky im with ya lets have a miracle and have a danish song win for once :up
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    :dk: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix :dk:
    Oh dear.
    At least they're trying to cover all the bases: yet another Scandinavian country coming up with yet another Eric Saade wannabe, girl groups, two solo singers put together to do a duet, talent show entrants, former backing singer makes it to the front ... whoopsidoo.
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  12. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    They will pick the crappest one as well, same as most years
  13. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    :dk: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix :dk:
    1. Cecilie Alexandra - Hotel A
    2. Julie Bjerre - Tæt På Mine Drømme
    3. Babou - Manjana
    4. World of Girls - Summer Without You
    5. Tina & René - Mi Amore
    6. Anne Gadegaard - Suitcase
    7. Anti Social Media - The Way You Are
    8. Andy Roda - Love Is Love
    9. Sara Sukurani - Love Me Love Me
    10. Marcel & Soulman Group - Når Veje Krydses
    Hint hint Denmark, 2 songs in my top 3 are Danish.
    A recap:

    Right then, I have listened to :ch: and come up with this:
    Andy McSean - Hey Now
    Tiziana - Only Human
    Timebelle - Singing About Love
    Melanie René - Time To Shine
    Deborah - Take me Back to 23
    Licia Cherry - Fly

    and :lv: (what there is so far) and I think I've come up with this. The first few are probably right and the last couple but, to be honest, they are all so forgettable I couldn't remember what had gone before to know where to place the one I was listening to:

    Electro Folk - Dieva Deli
    The Stones - Free Your Mind (bit worthy though)
    Markus Riva - Take me Down
    Framest - Ziema
    Gunars Gaumigs - Life Lines
    Dima Milenin & Kamilla - Colours of Love
    Antra Stafecka - It's the Night
    Katrina Bindere - Run To You
    Linda Kakule - Save Our Love
    Katrina Cirule - Bass (I Love It)
    Ornella - Angel
    Atis Levins - Catfiss
    Minta - Nefelibata
    Aminata Savadogo - Love Injected
  15. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    DR has released the videos of DMGP 2015.
    The videos are rather low-budget, but I like the songs.
  16. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    :de: Unser Song für Österreich :de:

    Nice to see a good amount of German for once - I'm counting on Nick to help us find the rest of the songs. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind which is the best song released so far - I can only tolerate my top 3. (And if they pick Frozen Silence, it'll be difficult to beat in my ranking.)

    1. Fahrenhaidt - Frozen Silence
    2. Alexa Feser - Das Gold von morgen
    3. Alexa Feser - Glück
    4. Noize Generation - A Song For You
    5. Laing - Wechselt die Beleuchtung
    6. Faun - Hörst Du Die Trommeln
    7. Mrs. Greenbird - Take My Hand
    8. Faun - Abscheid
    9. Mrs. Greenbird - Shine, Shine, Shine
    10. Laing - Zeig deine muskeln
  17. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    :de: Unser Song für Österreich :de:
    1. Fahrenhaidt - Frozen Silence
    2. Fahrenhaidt - Mother Earth
    3. Alexa Feser - Glück
    4. Alexa Feser - Das Gold von Morgen
    5. Faun - Hörst Du Die Trommeln
    6. Noize Generation - A Song For You
    7. Andreas Kümmert - Heart Of Stone
    8. Andreas Kümmert - Home Is In My Hands
    9. Laing - Wechselt Die Beleuchtung
    10. Noize Generation - Crazy Now
    11. Mrs. Greenbird - Shine Shine Shine
    12. Faun - Abschied
    13. Mrs. Greenbird - Take My Hand
    14. Laing - Zeig Deine Muskeln
    No "Mehr als ein Lied" for Alexa, and no Emmelie for Fahrenheidt (not that I care, Frozen Silence is EXC - I added a preview for their 2nd song).
    Noize Generation is better than expected, and Laing is worse than expected (but Wechselt die Beleuchtung isn't too bad).
    Faun has one decent and one meh song.
    I'm not keen on Mrs. Greenbird.
    Andreas Kümmert is just okay.
  18. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

  19. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    nice to see so many German songs now just have to hope they pick one unlike the cock up last year
  20. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    :se: Melodifestivalen - Deltävling 1 - Snippets :se:
    1. Elize Ryd & Rickard Söderberg - One By One
    2. Jessica Andersson - Can't Hurt Me Now
    3. Molly Pettersson Hammar - I'll Be Fine
    4. Dolly Style - Hello Hi
    5. Eric Saade - Sting
    6. Daniel Gildenlöw - Pappa
    7. Behrang Miri ft. Victor Crone - Det Rår Vi Inte För

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