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A Message From Zenthia; #4

  1. Jammy Member

    Greeting folks. I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you all have a happy, healthy, fortune 2016.

    I have returned from my travels to see my results in the editions of last month. Congratulations to Inspireland and Furnyland for their respective wins. My praise to Mina for your #99 entry, it was otherworldly. And to Curtis, your X5 entry was used in a film I watch every Christmas with my family (it's not a good film but my cultural tastes are questionable) so your song tugged on the heart a little.

    To get the slightly less positive side of my thanks out of the way, thanks to Balunistan, Moldijan and Sarnavia for keeping Sax from being the worst toilet. I guess I shall have to try harder another time.

    In keeping with tradition, I would like to thank everyone for making my Xmas entry my highest placing. To the wonderful delegations of Balunistan, Custonia, Echelon, Empelia, Flippy, Furnyland, Inspireland, Nektarland, San Minino, Sarnavia, Støkkanslåndet, Technika and Virdensof, for supporting Leona and Zenthia.

    A hearty Woop! Woop! to you all, and I shall endeavour to bring my naive, endearing nature to the chat room for the year to come :) thanks again to everyone!

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