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  1. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    Original poster, or topic starter (TS also) - Mina in this case
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    hi Anette
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    Why didn't she just say MIna? How stupid.
  4. Mina Member with a "past"

    People who want only televoting are also people who believe that it's a joke when people pay their hard-earned money to vote and then their vote counts for nothing...just like it happened with Italy this year.

    Does the EBU believe in the jury system? Fine..then, keep it at juries only...at least, in that way, I (and everyone else who voted for Italy this year - and we WERE the big majority) wouldn't have wasted our money.

    It has NOTHING to do with me being from...Southern Europe. It has to do with what I think it's fair...and, no, I don't think this system is fair and I never did. Not because it doesn't benefit my country (I couldn't care less about that and everyone on this site knows it) but because I believe that the winner, at least, should come from the people, not from the juries. That's why I never considered Loreen's victory, for example, unfair, even though I disliked that song.

    In my eyes, people liked it, voted for it, so, it won fair and square and noone could complain. Same about Rybak (whose song I also didn't like).

    But this year? No...it wasn't fair. Yes, it was a legitimate victory but that's all the credit it can get.
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  5. Belle New Member

    If you are so poor that you can pay money even if your favorite lost then why do you vote??? People are voting for the SONGS they liked most not to make them to win. I voted for UK and Slovenia even if I know they were chanceless to win. why? Yes because they were my faves and deserved my support even if I knew they would not win. It's stupid to vote for a entry to WIN. With 39 other countries competing the chances are big that will not happen.

    You seriously need some mathematic lections. The majority wanted other countries than your precious Italy to win. Tell me was all those televotes for Sweden, Russia, Slovenia Belgium ect big joke too??? Buuuuuuuuuuuh I voted for Slovenia but you and your fanatic italian fanboys wanted that crappy italian song to win. Buuuuuuh. Ban the televoting. My money was wasted.

    It has EVERYTHING with you being from Southern Europe. It is what this really is about. You people from Southern and Eastern know how much you benefits from the televoting.

    If EBU would go back to only televoting then I really hope Western countries withdraws. They will be chanceless not matter what. Then Southern and Eastern can take over the ESC. It will be boring with the same big countries to win every year.

    So you think the winners before televoting are useless??? Only because there were only juries?? Jury is the old and orginal way to vote. It a huge part of ESC history. And those juries you want to ban only because your fave didn't win and because you want your own country to get as much help it can get? IMO you are not a real ESC fan. You have no sense or feelings for ESC's long history and tradition.
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  6. Mina Member with a "past"

    Oh, sorry, I hadn't realised we were voting so that songs wouldn't win...silly me.

    Totally irrelevant. I voted for the song that I wanted to win..do you vote for songs you DON'T want to win? That would be a first.

    No idea whatsoever what you mean here. MY fanatic Italian fanboys? Have you even SEEN the results of televoting by country?

    Excuse me but I'm not WE people. I am me, you don't know me at all and, even though I already told you I don't care about how my own country does - I care about how my FAVOURITES do (and I've got everyone on this forum who have known me for years to back me up on that), you're still repeating yourself.

    OH, really? Then I must have gotten it wrong..because I thought that SWEDEN, GERMANY, DENMARK and NORWAY all won televoting recently...unless you consider those to be southern/eastern?

    I said that I don't think the current system works and it was proven this year...and, yes, to me, what people PAY to vote for (and yes, miss, we ARE poor - I am Greek, after all) matters more than what a few people behind closed doors vote for.

    As for the past, sometimes I agreed with the winner and sometimes I didn't. But it was all we had back then...now there is the option of televoting..so, I can't (and didn't) compare the past with the present.

    It's the CURRENT system (jury+televoting) I'm against...and, mainly,about the winner.
  7. Belle New Member

    Ohh please if so you will be very disappointed if you only vote for the songs you want to win. By logic should only the top 5 from the bettings compete in the finals??? What's the points for UK, France ect to compete if people only should vote for countries that can win???

    So again: what's the point with to have 27 entries in the final then?? Who votes for UK, France if it's all about who people want to win? It's pretty clear before the final which entries are in the running to win and which entries isn't. No people voting for them for they like the songs, not to make them win.

    You are either very naive or arrogant if you think Italy got more votes than the rest of the entries together. Sorry no, the majority didn't want Italy to win. They voted for other entries. So you mean all those votes were wasted too?

    You make me to repeat myself. It's so clear that you want televoting because it favour the countries you want to win among them your own country.

    What about Eastern and Southern Europe winning 7 times 2001-2008??? In 2007 all countries which qualified to final were Eastern. I don't want to see that again. Ut would be so boring.

    If you are so poor don't vote then, it's up to every person to vote. No one force you to vote if you have not money for that.
    What about Eastern and Southern Europe winning 7 times 2001-2008??? In 2007 all countries which qualified to final were Eastern. I don't want to see that again. It would be so boring. In other words only televoting don't work well.

    ESC has survived the most part of its existence with only juries. Why are they so bad now?? Yes, there's a option of televoting. But that don't mean juries are suddenly bad.

    You didn't answer the question: looking by your posts then you must think the winners before the televoting is crap right?

    So which voting system do you suggest instead?? Only televoting or what?? Lol.

    And there you have the your main problem. You are just jealous that Sweden do well right now. What I remember you didn't even like Loreen. Which it's also a proof to why juries are needed. Televoters voting against countries as Sweden.
  8. DenDutch Well-Known Member

  9. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    i couldnt stand euphoria either much better songs should have won
  10. Belle New Member

    Say that to the OP. The OP needs to accept the fight if she makes threads likes this. Do people expect all people will agree with the OP?? If so people are very naive. I have all rights to defend my faves and the jury system I think work best in threads like this.

    Why don't you come into chat and actually chat?

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