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Belorussian Semi Final - Who Should Reach The Final?


Whats Your Top 5? Who Will Qualify? You Can Pick In The Poll Here?

Poll closed 22nd December 2011.
1. Anna Blagova - You 1 vote(s) 50.0%
2. German - Keep Fight 0 vote(s) 0.0%
3. Aura - Hands Up 0 vote(s) 0.0%
4. Aleksandra & Natalia - Loveless 0 vote(s) 0.0%
5. Gunesh - And Morning Will Come 2 vote(s) 100.0%
6. Anastasiya Vinnikova - Shining In Twilight 2 vote(s) 100.0%
7. The Champions - Its Your Time 0 vote(s) 0.0%
8. Yan & Outerplain - We Are The Candles 0 vote(s) 0.0%
9. Ekivoki - Number One 0 vote(s) 0.0%
10. Victoria Aleshko - Dream 0 vote(s) 0.0%
11. Alena Lanskaya - All My Life 0 vote(s) 0.0%
12. Uzari - The Winner 0 vote(s) 0.0%
13. Nuteki - Superheroes 0 vote(s) 0.0%
14. Litesound - We Are The Heroes 1 vote(s) 50.0%
15. Thriller - Message To The World 2 vote(s) 100.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. AJJS Adam James Jurgen Slack :)

    Belorussian Semi Final - Who Should Reach The Final?
    Who Do You Think Should Shoot Through The Semi Finals Of Eurofest This Year? Which Entries DO You Think Are Simply Awful, Which Can You See Winning The Whole Thing & Going To Baku?

    1. Anna Blagova - You
    2. German - Keep fight
    3. Aura - Hands up
    4. Aleksandra Gaiduk & Nataliya Baldina - Loveless
    5. Gunesh - And morning will come
    6. Anastasiya Vinnikova - Shining in twilight
    7. The Champions - It's your time
    8. Yan Zhenchak & Outerplain - We are the candles
    9. Ekivoki - Number one
    10. Victoria Aleshko - Dream
    11. Alena Lanskaya - All my life
    12. Uzari - The winner
    13. Nuteki - Superheroes
    14. Litesound - We are the heroes
    15. Thriller - Message to the world

    So, Post Your Comments Here, Do A Running Commentary Of Your Opinions During The Show, I Know I Will Be Doing, Then After All 15 Have Performed, Why Not post Your 5 Qualifiers? You Can Also Vote For Your Top 5 In The Poll :) Enjoy The Show Everyone :D


    Belorussian Semi Final - Who Should Reach The Final?
  2. AJJS Adam James Jurgen Slack :)

    belarus are definately going for it this year, a lot of effort, and now we have the intro, and lidiya singing angely dobra, her JESC 2011 entry that got Belarus an impressive 3rd in Yerevan earlier this month, she is singing live and giving a great performance :)
  3. AJJS Adam James Jurgen Slack :)

    Anna Blagova - You
    A nice ballad, perhaps not the best entry in Eurofest this year, but it is a strong song, and is sung with understandable english. Annas vocal performance is shaky, but still powerful, very nice first song.

    German - Keep Faith
    I thought it was odd it being called 'Keep Fight' lol, so it is actually called Keep Faith. Well its a decent uptempo entry, but nothing amazing, a bit crummy, something id listen to a few times on my iPod, but not an entry that i would like to see in Baku for Belarus, it doesnt really go anywhere, nice all the same, a bit of a ''gay pride'' song really lol
  4. AJJS Adam James Jurgen Slack :)

    Aura - Hands Up
    wow, a strong intro to this song, and it is a very upbeat 'belarussian entry', lots of movement, a very fun exciting entry, really enjoyed this, would like to see this in the final, bit of cheese, bit of national flavour, good entry :) not the best, but pleasent :D well done belarus, well done Aura, LOVE TO SEE YOU IN THE FINAL :)

    Aleksandra & Nataliya - Loveless
    a mid tempo, yet hauntingly orchestrated entry for the ladies here, very melancholy, something nice about it but depressing at the same time, their vocals are reasonable, but this certainly isn't the entry for Baku, the girls swap from Belorussian to English, it is a good entry, and i think Belarus have really gone for a wide variety this year, its a great show so far :D

    Gunesh - And Morning Will Come
    one entry i have been waiting for, mainly because i really love Gunesh, and she was robbed in 2009, Fantastic Girl was EPIC!!! and she has also missed out on many other attempts. This year Gunesh presents us with an amazingly uplifting and powerful ballad, Gunesh wears a stunning which dress and is the most camera friendly artist by far, however i think this isnt her best entry for a Eurovision, but i wish her all the best, i love her, and the song is good too, building from a very calm beginning to an epic climax, Guneshs' one problem is her english pronunciation :/ , but her vocals are amazing :D GO GUNESH! see you in the final :)
  5. AJJS Adam James Jurgen Slack :)

    Now We Have A Break

    Anastasiya Vinnikova - Shining In Twilight Another entry i have been looking forward to seeing on the stage, the return of Belarus' 2011 entrant who failed to make the final with ''I Love Belarus'' in 2011. For Belarus this year, Anastasiya gives an uptempo, high energy entry, however the english pronunciation is suprisingly good, a dramatic lighting effect starts the performance, and the entry is sure to make the final, its high energy, enjoyable, fun, danceable and Anastasiya has a stage presence that makes you focus on the performance, well done Anastasiya, the performance with the dancers is very good, everything makes this entry look great! SEE YOU IN THE FINAL!!!

    The Champions - It's Your Time Okay, well the intro is na bit hectic and random, but this is the kind of random entry that could easily make the final, but shouldnt! the english pronunciation is awful and the lyrics just non sensical lol one thing that i do love about this is the Black Belorussian dude, you never see it, same in Russia and Ukraine, very rare to see black people on TV, its a damned good thing to see him on the stage :D and he kinda looks like and sings like Jessy Matador who sang for France in 2010 heheheheee ALLEZ OLA OLE!

    Yan & Outerplain - We Are The Candles
    Now from the title, i am not expecting much from this entry, however the intro is very surprising, very soft, the lead vocalists playing a violin and it breaks into a soft rock pop song, not what i was expecting at all!!! Well, its a bit bland, doesn't majorly do anything much and isn't particularly amazing on stage, but he can sing well enough :) but still better than what i imagined when i saw the song title, all the best :)

    Ekivoki - Number One
    well...erm...hmmm....oh...ah...hmmm... pretty bad english, one of those just rediculously random, but fun to watch entries, should not make the final, its just a bit, erm, random, i dont know what else to say here honestly lol
  6. AJJS Adam James Jurgen Slack :)

    Victoria Aleshko - Dream
    we do seem to have a lot of female ballads in the mix up dont we? lol well costume wise it is an oustanding entry, very unique, extremly, kind of S&M, spikes chains and red velvet, very unique, the song itself is decent enough, a nice ballad, but nothing amazing, it does build up pretty well to a pretty climactic end, reminds me a bit of ''For Eternity'' that was one of the songs Sofia could have sang for Gerogia in Oslo 2010, which does make me like it quiet a bit :) doesnt hold a torch to Gunesh or Annas ballads really, but the presentation of it is pretty good and its nice enough, it wouldnt be sooo bad to see it in the final, but definately not the winner for Belarus in Baku :/ Good Luck Victoria :D

    Now We Have Another Break :D
  7. AJJS Adam James Jurgen Slack :)

    Okay, We Are Back, 10 Down, 5 To Go ( And I Already Want More Than 5 Of Them ToQualify!!) ...

    Alena Lanskaya - All My Life
    WOW! very strong vocals from Alena who gives a very dramtic and powerful perfomance, the lighting and backing artists and performaers really aid to the effect of the song, and her english pronunciation is pretty good, perhaps not my favourite song, but it is Damned good, GOOD LUCK ALENA! would like to see her atleast get to the final, very pleasent song :) Strong, Powerful, Dramatic!

    Uzari - The Winner
    Its very red! And straight from the off, i don't like it, his hair is awful and the beginning is very boring! Building up to a kind of jazzy mid tempo very random song, just very poor quality really, doesn't really press any of my buttons, and just looks very out of place, i honestly don't know what this song is meant to be doing, its just BLAH!
  8. AJJS Adam James Jurgen Slack :)

    Nuteki - Superheroes
    Dramatic and powerful techno beats start this song off, and it leads to a pretty reasonable entry, nothing spectacular, that kind of rock pop stuff that fills a lot of slots in a lot of countries national selections. The lead singer is pretty fit, cute ;) His vocals are pretty good, and the song moves from English to Belorussian, the song is a lot better in English! The song does seem to end very randomly? Well good luck, but erm yeah, nothing amazing :)

    Litesound - We Are The Heroes
    I have never liked any of their entries, and doubt i will like this one, i honestly do not see the appeal of these guys, they are SOOOOO bland! Well, its rather different from their past entries, but still, nothing amazing, but pleasant enough, starting off very techoney and nice, but then building up to be a pretty rocky entry in the verse, thats the Litesound i know and hate lol, well guys most likely you'll blag your way to the final but shouldn't, but ah well :/ ( And OMG whats with the ''we are the cheeroes!?!??!)

    Thriller - Message To The World
    And now, the final entry. I saw the full version of this song a few weeks back and there is something about it i like, but lets see how they deliver it tonight... well her vocals are brilliant, and there's something about this group they're great, the stage is bathed in pink light and she looks great in her white tutu style dress, the song mixes modern beats, drums and rhythms with traditional Belorussian sounds and builds to the very basic but strong verse of LALALALALALALLALALALALALAAAs, normally a song that does this is pretty naff, but this song is pretty cool :) GOOD LUCK THRILLER!! SEE YOU IN THE FINAL!

    So Whats Your Top 5? Who Should Be In The Final!?
    My Top 15 Ranking Is Coming Up :)
  9. AJJS Adam James Jurgen Slack :)

    1st - Thriller - Message To The World (Q)
    2nd - Gunesh - And Morning Will Come (Q)
    3rd - Alena Lanskaya - All My Life (Q)
    4th - Aura - Hands Up (Q)
    5th - Anastasiya - Shining In Twilight (Q)

    6th - Victoria - Dream (Q)
    7th - Anna - You (Q)
    8th - German - Keep Faith (W)
    9th - Nuteki - Superheroes (W)
    10th - Aleksandra & Nataliya - Loveless (W)

    11th - The Champions - Its Your Time (D)
    12th - Litesound - We Are The Heroes (D)
    13th - Yan & Outerplain - We Are The Candles (D)
    14th - Ekivoki - Number One (D)
    15th - Uzari - The Winner (D)

    (Q) - Entry I Would Like To See In The Final :D
    (W) - Whatever happens, If They Qualify Or Not, I Dont Mind :)
    (D) - Entry I Would Definately NOT Want To See In The FINAL!!!!!
  10. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    thanks AJJS for posting this thread. I think Anastasia should proceed to the final because she improved a bit their vocals. The other artists i would liek to see in final are thriller litesound gunesh and anna because they have something more in their songs. However I DO hope Belarus will choose ANASTASYA!! Even she is the worst by vocals I think her song is catchy, and this is what Belarus needs to proceed to the final.

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