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Edition 100 proposals

  1. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    no problem, every opinion is welcomed :)
  2. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    ofc not, the underlying message is: a contest for regulars, who are friends. they chose to leave, they lost their privileges. we will certainly not invite or beg seasonals to return.

    we're better than that.
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  3. Zuñir This is Janet, not me

    I think it would be nice to have an edition full of participation. I mean to do each nation a postcard saying for example why do you like the contest or why do you enter, how do you feel being part of the comunity.
    About the songs subject I'd say the same as Jw. One of the songs that have been send
    And finally,an open anonymous contest to choose the best logo for that special edition, celebrated in Furnyland.
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  4. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    We could steal the postcard idea from esc 2014 and make our own nation's flag with anything (HFc those with a hard flag)
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  5. dan Bald Member

    I really like jw's idea of sending a previous entry but then I thought, how about those (like myself) who has never won a contest? There would no doubt be many previous winning songs being sent so it would be fair to say, regardless of what I chose to send, in all likeliness, its not going to perform as well so there wouldn't be much anticipation during the results.

    An idea I had in my mind would be if every nation put forward 2-3 songs that they felt proud of entering. Then, on a given date the list is revealed and each nation gets to pick a song other than their own to represent them. A draw could be decided to select the order in which each nation gets to choose from the list.

    There's been countless times when I've watched the songs and thought, "bloody hell this is brilliant I wish I picked this", so on this one occasion that opportunity could become a reality. The winner could then co-host the next edition with the original nation that sent the song (a bit like if Australia were to win ESC this year)

    I also think a live show is a great idea and a nice touch would be if we were all able to come up with our own postcard. Something that is unique to us and our nation.
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  6. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    I doubt it. People won't want to risk ruining the reputation of a winning song. A contest full of winners will turn n-1 winners into losers.

    Could lead to accusations of rigging or bias as people could pick the worst of the selection.

    Furnyland would host #100, so the winner of #99 would host #101.
  7. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    The minute I saw the title of the thread, the only way I felt appropriate to mark 100 editions of the contest is for everybody to send their favourite/most meaningful song from their back catalogue.

    Regarding those of us that haven't won yet, speaking as somebody who is probably as far from winning as is physically possible, I don't see this as an issue. Foremost, whilst the contest is competitive in name, I don't feel that it is (or should be) in nature. Whether you finish 1st or 21st should be irrelevant, as the enjoyment comes from taking part and being able to share songs that you love, not sharing songs for the sole purpose of them doing well.

    Equally, even if the contest was competitive, it's only natural that if you haven't yet sent a winning song, you're not going to be winning a 'best of' contest. I don't see that as unfair, but merely a consequence of your decisions up until now.
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  8. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    COULDN'T have put it better myself, inf j.
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  9. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Why ty.
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  10. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    I think the concept of #100 being a retrospective edition has had enough support to conclude that this is what we will do.

    After a little chat with big James Belgium, we both liked the idea of maybe sending 2 songs each. That way it makes the 100th a grander spectacle, and those who are torn between two can send both, e.g. those undecided about whether to send a successful song vs their personal favourite song.

    But this brings its own complexities. Assuming the current bunch of 22 participants enter, that would result in 44 songs. Could we feasibly have a live show with 44 songs in one night? Two nights? Would that then introduce bias towards those on the second night, if that's when voting takes place? Could a scoreboard feasibly show 44 entries?

    So, how could we solve that? There are several solutions but I'd like to hear other thoughts:

    1. Sod it and have all 44 songs in a marathon event.

    2. Duels to pick the best of each song for each nation. Personally, I don't want to go down this road because of the risk of accusations of sabotage that may taint the event.

    3. An old-fashioned semifinal where people vote in advance and 24 songs pass to the final. The problem here is that the songs wouldn't be a secret in the live show and it may leave some nations with no representation in the final, which would be sad for a 100th special.

    4. Everyone's first choice enters a the final automatically, and everyone's second choice enters the semi, and, say, 8 pass to the final for 30 songs in total. This still has the issue of needing advance disclosure prior to the final.

    5. Your suggestion. I'd like to hear it!

    I don't necessarily think either of the first four points above are practical, which is why I place particular emphasis on point 5.

    I would propose three choices regarding voting:

    1. People vote on all the songs, and the top 10 are given points in the usual 12-1 manner, but then the scores of both songs per nation are combined to produce the nation's final total.

    2. Only the nations, rather than songs, are shown on the scoreboard, and the combined score of the two songs are awarded as points. Then, afterwards, we could reveal the split between them on the website.

    3. Show the individual points prior to them being combined, then combine them and allocate them, like we do in the T results shows.

    It's not feasible, from a technical point of view, to not combine the two songs' points into one score at the end, so please don't suggest this.
  11. James ... and his things xD

    Can't we use the T-way of showing the votes here? First choices versus second choices? Without people knowing what was the first and the second choice? (just an idea as this is a brainstorm)
  12. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    Just to go through the ideas here.

    1. A good idea, sod it and have them all. Except it increases the 'risk' of having Golden Bogs in a celebration edition and that's not ideal.

    2. Accusations of sabotage will fly around when this happens and also, when someone has a clear preference for Song A, then why should we let other people decide that Song B should be the one?

    3. Problem here is indeed the secret bit, which would be completely lost. It would also mean some people may have 0 songs in the final and others will have 2, also not ideal as I think everyone should be part of the grand final of #100.

    4. Possibly the best suggestion for me, but only if it gets changed a tiny bit. I'd suggest we'd keep the final songs secret (so the first choices), but give disclosure to the semifinal entries? We'd at least keep a part secret and we'd have everyone in the final. I'd suggest a semi on Friday and a final on Saturday.

    In general, I like the idea of sending two songs, but I'm not quite sure how we can incorporate it with keeping the songs secret until the show. Ideas 2 and 3 would, in my opinion, be the options I would least like.
  13. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Not really, because the points from both songs would be combined. A golden toilet would need both songs to score zero. And I dare say sokrates1988, CTP and Wiggles would be happy to celebrate such an achievement :P
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  14. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    In that case, I'd simply propose option 1. Keep it all secret, have a giant marathon of 44 songs, we'll only have one #100 in the end! :D
  15. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    What about having it spread over 2 days?

    The first songs of each nation on day 1, with voting, which is not revealed.
    The second songs of each nation on day 2, with voting, which is then combined with the scores from day 1 and revealed.

    But how could ties be broken across the two voting phases? Two songs would receive 12p across the two days. But only one song can receive an actual 12p. How could it fairly be decided which gets the 12 and which gets the 10?
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    As it's an especial edition, we could have a longer contest with 2 different shows, and every country would have representation in each.

    There would be two 'semifinals' and, instead of a final with the best of each semifinal (in which some people wouldnt get representation), just a scoreboard at the end of semifinal 2 showing the overall points of each nation, adding up semi1+semi2.

    Personally, I'd just stay with the 2 shows, as we would have more than a winner song and no need to compare them. Additionally, I suggest that one song could be from that nation's first half of songs, and the other from the second half.

    And during the week between both shows (or at the end, if they were closer in time), we could have some sort of games like CTP said to reach the summit of the celebration.
  17. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    The problem there is that the database infrastructure has a fixed constraint that one contest must have only one winner (hence tiebreak resolution); so somehow, we'd have to crown one champion ahead of the other. That's why I favoured combining the points of both songs, that way we can find out which nation has won the edition.

    We could have the same thing as we had when there were semifinals: a tab for show 1 with its winner, a tab for show 2 with its winner and a third tab only with nations (adding up their points).
  19. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    I didn't want to have to undertake any work to extend or modify the contest website to accommodate the edition though. More work = less fun.

    Oh, that's why I proposed the tab structure, in order to use what's already programmed!

    Would it be messy not to automatise the overall results and just type manually the nation with the higher amount of combined points so the infraestructure has its winner?

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