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escChat Contest: A History from the Eyes of a Sheep

  1. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Having Black Daisystan and Lusitania in the same top 10 shows that Sheep is an equal opportunity ranker. :P
  2. 2. "SHERO" - S.H.E (Wodongaria)
    16th out of 24 in Edition 17 with 57 points
    Points awarded from Sheepmark: 10


    Ridiculous guitar-laden production? Check.
    Sang in a foreign language? Check.
    Visually stunning music video? Check.
    Lyrics about standing strong on your own? Check.

    I have all but stopped using the word 'epic' but it's exactly what this song is.


    "不要了 不找了 不等了 谁要 HERO
    站出来 作自己 只手撑天的 SHERO
    你可以 我可以 为自己赴汤蹈火 的 SHERO
    像女王 挥舞著 骄傲披风"
  3. ...and before I move on to my favourite song discovered through the contest, I first bring you five which just missed out on the cut.

    "If A Song Could Get Me You" - Marit Larsen (LuLuLand)
    "Kónguló" - Hafdís Huld (ColdIsland)
    "A Night Like This" - Caro Emerald (Empelia)
    "One" - Sky Ferreira (Nova Nova Scotia)
    "Heat" - Mimicry (Kristonia)
  4. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch


    It also should be noted that Stadt was amazing on every possible level.
  5. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Thanks, Sheep. :)
  6. 1. "Gay Bash" - Melange Levonne (Lusitânia)
    24th out of 24 in Edition 7 with 27 points
    Points awarded from Sheepmark: 4


    Well obv. :P

    The most pertinent, melodically pleasing and not at all offensive entry to ever compete in our fine contest.

    The stuff of legends.

    (p.s. yes indeed it is about Kevin Matthew Márkus Knight, just saying™)

    "But it won’t change the fact that he ain’t coming back, so I gotta be strong now I got my reason to
    stand up for people like Kevin who stop breathing, cause I’m there with you every step of the way..."

    The full poetic OPUS can be read here.

    My actual number one is...

    1. "Europa VII" - La Oreja de Van Gogh (Villa Badia)
    6th out of 24 in the final of Edition 17 with 93 points
    Points awarded from Sheepmark: 8 (12 in the semi-final)


    This and "Ambitions" are the only songs from the contest which can make me cry. The acoustic guitar part married with the lyrics about dying alone in space far away from home are so heart-rendingly beautiful I can't help but well up each time I hear it. Thank you Nessie for bringing this song into my life.

    "La vida más pequeña vale mil veces más que la nación más grande que se invente jamás..."

    there's a full translation of the lyrics here, and I urge you all to have a read, even if you don't like the song :)

    Thank you all very much for reading. x
  8. Arben The Flag Lover

    how many of them u rewarded with few points is the funny thing about it though...
  9. Liam Esterran.

    I approve of this highly!
  10. I wouldn't say I awarded all of them low points :S only "My Ear's Candy", "This Is Who I Am" (both of which only grew on me after I'd voted) and possibly "Pull Shapes". As I said in the beginning, these songs did have to compete with music I already knew and loved.

    Thank you Liam! I am on course to become a proper S.H.E l00n; my favourite song so far of theirs is "不作你的朋友 (Not Gonna Be Your Friend)". :D

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