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ESCChat Song Contest - The Future


How should the rules be interpreted in future contests (please read the thread before voting)?

By the host - they won the last edition and can do as they please 2 vote(s) 9.1%
Group - elected by all members 3 vote(s) 13.6%
Group - internally selected 17 vote(s) 77.3%

    I can see where you're coming from, but I somehow don't like it, haha.
    Last night several people said they 'don't want it to be a contest like all the others'. Maybe in format we would be if we used the forum here, but we will never be the same as others. We are a contest for friends, it's not one of those contests where you can just step in when you feel like it without knowing 'us'. That will always make us special, no matter what format we use.
    This is also why I think the contest should remain to carry the escChat.com name, which means we should have it in the forum or go for the 'payment-option' for the contest site.

    Exactly Nick. Just putting it out there.

    And that's the best we can do here. Every idea is welcome!:D
  4. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.

    Well, I believe it's my time ("... my moment, I’m not gonna let go of it..." xD) to make my statement:

    #1: The money issue.
    I agree on the "contest fee" (as someone else mentioned: it's not a lot of money per year); and I specifically like the "donation-meter" way (we should also specify the exact amount, because I've seen $6, then €1.8, per year, per month... and I have to switch that to pesos! :S). However I also agree that I do NOT want for people to quit because they can't make the payment for whichever reason (and honestly I don't think I can donate a lot of money for the contest (like Curtis-with-his-golden-eggs :D), but I'll do my best to at least cover my yearly fee + a little tiny bit more!).

    #2: Selfish? Maybe yes... (OK, just a little!).
    I also agree on Option #2: JW not fully retiring and continue doing SOME specific stuff on the webpage that (I think) don't take that much time. For example: the scoreboard update, the upload of the name of the song and artist, but maybe NOT THE VIDEO UPLOAD (this might not take a lot of time, but doing it +35 times does!), and the UPLOAD OF THE SEMIFINAL RESULTS OR THE FINAL VIDEO we might do. There are many other tasks JW does for the webpage, but I think that's JW's choice for what he might still accept to do or not (we all know his video productions are out of the game).

    I know we still have to solve these 2 issues first before moving on to more "contest production per se" subjects (which seems to be something that Gianluk's really interested); but if I don't write them down right now, I might just forget them (and I do feel like writing today! ^_^).

    #3: We can ALL make videos!
    True thing: we all have a mobile phone with a camera or a webcam available to make any kind of video we want... we just need some imagination and creativity. I suppose many of us have seen the older videos where the blond girl (I'm so sorry, but I don't know who she is) is announcing the results, or where JW is showing the printed flags of the qualifying countries. Moreover, many of us made a video presentation for #25 or for Júlio's birthday... that's the spirit, guys and girls! We don't need a huge video production like JW's to keep this contest alive (and maybe eventually we'll all develop certain creativity to make a great show without a lot of video production). And most PC's (if not all) have Windows Movie Maker and Mac users have iMovie!

    #4: Our own ESCchat Song Contest scoreboard simulator!
    Some time ago I downloaded an ESC scoreboard simulator in order to find out how could I make a good results show for whenever I win (quite optimistic I am! :P). This scoreboard works for PC only (sorry, Mac users!), but it's quite simple to edit the program, remove the ESC names and flags via Photoshop and put our own ESCchat names and flags there. Furthermore, it can be put a "green screen" on the back of the scoreboard to, later on, put a video or an animation in the background. Even Gianluk has already made a YouTube video experimenting with this... am I right, Gianluk? (I remember I've seen it, but I can't find it anymore). If anyone here has some idea of video production, they'll get my idea quite fast.

    #5: I offer my services...
    I mentioned some time ago that I studied Communication Science specializing in Audiovisual Production (I admit my videos might not be as good as JW's as I don't know my way through AfterEffects, but I'll do my best). So if anyone ever needs help to make a Semi Final or a Final show, I'll be more than happy to help (and maybe, when these videos are done, JW can upload them to the webpage). This way, we'll still be making good productions that help the status of the contest without involving JW's health and we can all contribute with what we can do... whether it's Photoshop, audio editing, pictures, video, etc. So, once again: I can help with the video editing. (BTW, I can't dedicate a lot of time to this task on weekdays, but I'll gladly do it from Fri-Sun).

    I think I'm not making a big difference with my comment and I don't mention any idea on how to solve the money/webhosting/retirement issues, but I'm closely following all your forum posts and comments when I'm in chat. I look forward to this issues to get solved soon and to keep making the ESCchat Song Contest THE BEST contest of them all!

    Take care and talk to y'all soon! ;)
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  5. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    Yes Pepe,thanks for your citation,here is the link.
    It's quiet easy realise the scoreboard,it takes only time,and a lot of patience.
    I will be happy too if anyone asks me help for a final,semi or a song presentation song. Me and pepe will help anyone if he would like,right Pepe?:D
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  6. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Video shows will return hopefully by #30 (via an online tool, not me), assuming Option 2 goes ahead so thanks for your offers but they won't be needed. :P
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