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Eurovision Beauty Contest

  1. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    OK Now I feel the need to point out some people that we have unfairly forgot about! :D

    Whilst she may look like a 12 year old boy, and could quite easily be a secret member of Dykes-on-Bikes, she is kinda cute in her own special way and shes very unique and is one of few women to recently win the contest without any ass shaking!


    Absolutely stunning, need I say more!? To go out on stage in front of 100 million people dressed as the 5th teletubbie you've gotta have some serious balls .. which well, Verka did actually have!



    A PROPER AFRO!!! :o Anybody who pulls off an afro is basically a god in my opinion!


    And finally ... LORDI!!!!!
    Don't deny it ... you would :D

  2. Jonny, I'm shocked :o you completely forgot about these 3 sex gods, and I'm not talking about the blondes :P :D

  3. Marko FOR LIFE New Member

    I think this one is WONDERFUL!!!:D
  4. Okay, I have my top 10 men ready :D I'll post them when I have the energy, but for now, here are the guys who didn't quite make it:

    Omar Naber

    Dima Bilan - he's the dictionary definition of 'twat' by F*CKING HELL I would :D
    count yourselves lucky I didn't post one of the nude pics :P

    Ola Salo - not my type, but I know 3 super fans and he is an utter legend IMO

    Adrijan & Vrčak - dressed like idiots, but still smokin' hot

    Vlad - it's all about the BULGE in his jeans :P I'd like to be impaled on that ;)

    Martin Vucic - bit of a twerp but still rather cute
  5. Okay everyone, it's time for the top 10 hot hunks of ESC 1998-2009 according to Sheep :D I'm hope you're all ready to perve and drool over at least some of these hotties and make sure you have your man towels at the ready!

    1 Walters & Kazha (Latvia 2005)
    Absolutely NOONE is going to understand why these 2 are on my list, but I had quite a crush on them when I first watched their performance a few years ago. They're blond (always a good thing), smiley, genuinely cute and by the end of the night they were showin' some skin :D Sadly, I'm now 18 and the guys were about 17 in Kyiv, so fancying them is tantamount to being a paedophile...*sighs* there's always my childhood :)


    It's like a crush only a 7-year old girl would have :P
  6. HEART ! ;)

    Charlotte today:

    12 Natasha St. Pier
    10 Hanna Pakarinen
    8 Aysel
    7 Helena Paparizou
    6 Vesna Pisarovic
    5 Sahlene
    4 Birgitta Haukdal
    3 Ira Losco
    2 Yohanna
    1 Lena Philipsson

    12 Ilya Lagutenko (Mumij Troll)
    10 Renars Kaupers (Brainstorm)
    8 Davor Ebner (Regina)
    7 Ola Salo (The Ark)
    6 Lars A. Fredriksen
    5 Martin Stenmarck
    4 Jonatan Cerrada
    3 Paolo Meneguzzi
    2 Niki (Anonymous)
    1 Aivaras Stepukonis

  7. I hope you've all recovered from the first shock, because we carry on with...

    2 Stefan Filipović (Montenegro 2008)
    Again, another WTF?! moment I feel as he's probably someone who only appeals to me on this forum :D Stefan is cute as a little puppy but with a bad side to him to ;) His performance in Belgrade was DYING for a tight shirt so the baggy white thing wasn't a winner in my books, but if I was one of the dancers and had a pair of those red gloves on, I know EXACTLY where I'd leave a handprint :P


    the leather trousers were also a big plus
  8. Marko FOR LIFE New Member

    Hehe!!! I forgot Pirate girl! :) lol

  9. Marko FOR LIFE New Member

    SHEEP!! Just not put Stevan Faddy from Montenegro please.........:P lol
  10. Mina Member with a "past"

    in that picture with the dark hair Charlotte looks like a Greek presenter. Look:o

  11. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    ROFFFFFFFFL how could I be so blind!!!!!

    I WOULD!!!!
  12. kotsios Call me Kots. Potter Kots

    mina!!! u r right!! they are very similar!!
  13. You all knew this was coming...

    3 Zoli Ádok (Hungary 2009)
    There's been a raging debate about him and the conclusion is that YES he might actually just be the gayest thing Eurovision has ever seen. Thankfully, he wasn't arrested/assaulted by the homophobic police force in Moscow so he managed to perform in the 2nd semi-final this year...yet he failed miserably in trying to qualify. Despite this, he made the night for gays all over Europe :D how he ever won the Babara Dex award is beyond me, because that green, skin-tight hideous monstrosity showed off every bulging, toned muscle to perfection ;) :P must have been the slampas dancing with him :rolleyes:


    I tried to find a photo that Kevin hasn't seen before, but let's face it...he's seen 'em all! :D for more Zoli, just go to Google images, type in his name and enjoy - it's every boy's perfect wet dream :P
  14. Kevin New Member

    btw - i had seen that one before :P
  15. MILKshake  


    i just found a pic of fabrizio haha :D
  16. We interrupt this countdown to bring you this:

    Martin Stenmarck should really be on my list somewhere, but I can't help but think about how he looks now - he's incredibly talented, has one of if not THE BEST personalities out of all the Swedish celebrities and looked rather sexy in Kyiv :)


    I guess the problem is I respect him to much for me to treat him like a piece of meat :D
  17. No hot guy/shit singer countdown would be complete without...

    4 Sakis Rouvas (Greece 2004/2009)
    The most despised and vilified man of ESC 2009 behind Rybak of course :P The Greeks love him and nearly everyone else can't stand him - he is the epitome of 'love him or hate him'! Despite all of Mina's pleas that he's actually a decent singer, we all know the truth - the only reason he's famous is because HE'S HOT AS F*CK and there is nothing wrong with that so the haters just leave him alone :P despite how much people say they detest him, I defy ANY straight female or gay man (or just anyone for that matter) to say you wouldn't do this if you had the chance!!!


    ...deary me, again, check out google images for all your Sakis needs :D
  18. Eurovizz Member

    My list again, with pic ..


    12 pts Ani Lorak, Ukraine 2008
    10 pts Shiri Maymon, Israel 2005
    8 pts Szilvia Peter Szabo, Hungary 2005

    7 pts Olga Seryabkina, Russia 2007
    6 pts Tereza Kerndlova, Czech Republic 2008
    5 pts Marija Neumova, Latvia 2002
    4 pts Nela Pociskova, Slovakia 2009
    3 pts Elena Temnikova, Russia 2007
    2 pts Alsou, Russia 2000
    1 pt Karolina Goceva, FYROM 2007


    12 pts Paolo Meneguzzi, Switzerland 2008 - but also Mikko Leppilampi, the Finnish host in 2007:D
    10 pts Antonio Martos Ortiz, Spain 2007
    8 pts Jonatan Cerrada, France 2004
    7 pts Martin Stenmarck, Sweden 2005
    6 pts Dima Koldun, Belarus 2007
    5 pts Anzej Dezan, Slovenia 2006
    4 pts Zeljko Joksimovic, Serbia 2004
    3 pts Sakis Rouvas, Greece 2004/2009
    2 pts Zoltan Adok, Hungary 2009
    1 pt Deen, Bosnia & Herzegovina 2004
  19. Yes Mina, they look very alike :D
  20. And if you thought that picture of Sakis was porno, you ain't see NOTHING yet...

    5 D'Nash (Spain 2007)
    While many would cite Ony as their favourite member (see an earlier admission that he rocks Kev's socks), I find it rather hard to choose...it's like being a kid in a candy store :P they really should have milked the raw sexually the possess more in their Eurovision performance but hey, you can't have everything. This comment is a bit shorter than the others, but for a reason...the picture says 1000 words.


    ...now if you'll excuse me, I have something to do for 10 minutes, will post number 6 soon :D

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