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Eurovision Beauty Contest

  1. Aaron N Moof master

    While many would cite Ony as their favourite member (see an earlier admission that he rocks Kev's socks),

    i do believe its more than he's socks Ony rocks sheep :P LMAOOO!!
  2. You'll all be glad to know that after the D'Nash climax, I will be saying less and posting more tasteful pictures...I can't promise I wont be as filthy with my language though :P

    6 Ramón (Spain 2004)
    Is it just me, or does it seem as though everyone has completely forgotten about this guy? :D He's the Spanish equivalent of Jessica Garlick in the UK media I think...except hot, male and Spanish :P he's got that whole 'smouldering latino hottie à la Enrique' thing going Ollie can breath a sigh of relief as I have no topless pics of him!

    [IMG] [IMG]

    ...so there's two for the price of one to make up for things, aren't I nice to you? :D

    Ooh and an after thought, he's Spain's best placing entrant since the introduction of the semis...this must be saying something :D if Rodolfo was this hot, would he have done as well too? :D
  3. Here's a turnout for the books, a guy who I actually respect for his music and voice BEFORE his looks, honestly, what has the world come to...

    7 Roger Cicero (Germany 2007)
    Now, don't get the wrong impression or anything, I love his voice and music but that certainly wouldn't stop me jumping into bed with him in an instant if he offered :D it's almost impossible to talk about him without saying the obligatory "HE WUZ ROBBED" and given that the German Mr Smooth could charm the birds from the trees, it's not surprising so many of his fans feel hard done by ;)


    ...so, here's Roger with a Sasha hat Kev is probably foaming at the mouth over! Why his shoes are on a tray is beyond me, but I like to think of this photo as a metaphor for him coming out of the closet and just waiting for a guy to jump into that nice big bed with him!
  4. I hope you're all being entertained, this is a quick tribute post before I go onto the top 3...

    This guy is actually the hottest thing to step onto a Eurovision stage in my opinion. Despite not actually performing, the Finnish hottie proudly hosted the 2007 in Helsinki along the wonderful Jaana - he was charming, funny, had excellent English and is everything I want in a man :D in another life, he could have been my husband, but the fact that he has a happy marriage and a child makes me love him even more...of course, it's Mikko Leppilampi!

  5. Now that I've successfully managed to kill off any competition in this thread, let me continue with...

    8 Jónsi (Iceland 2004)
    Joining Birgitta and Yohanna, who made my top 10 most fabulous females earlier in the day is one of Iceland's best male singers! He is really representative of the country as a whole ('the land of fire and ice') as he is smoking hot but at the same time, reserved, strong and ice cool. His voice is unquestionably epic (not in the Bulgarian sense, but actually amazing) and he showed in 2007 that he has the body to match ;) again, he is a family man, showing his soft and caring side which makes him an all around man, and someone who I wish could be my future husband :D


    ...now this looks familiar doesn't it? Turns out, Icelanders are either not very happy about taking loads of photos of themselves, or they're very good at not sharing them with the rest of the world as this photo was taken on the same shoot as the pic of Birgitta that I posted!
  6. Kevin New Member

    ROFL! thats the first thing i noticed
  7. Kevin New Member

    omg he looked so much better in 2007
    Segðu Mér was robbed :(
  8. Kevin New Member

    This is defo my fav pic of D'NASH
  9. Now, this was difficult as my top 2 consists of one husband material, and one hotty I just want to fuck, so after much deliberating, here's the result...

    10 Igor Cukrov (Croatia 2009)
    Yes, it's the hotty I'd just like to fuck! :D I cannot focus on anything else about how hot he was in Moscow and if Chris was here I know he'd agree with me! The cherry on the cake was the boots he wore on stage to accompany his all black get-up...he could have put them to better use and just ridden me all night long :D


    ...the picture should say it all - giddy up!!! :D
  10. So, after a long day of posts which has seen me almost reach the 300 mark, we come to the last man standing, the hottest of the hot, the pinnacle of masculinity and sexy-ness in the history of the contest and well, I'm afraid you'll all be disappointed, because if you know me, you know already...

    So the winner of the Sheep countdown is...*drum roll*

    12 Paolo Meneguzzi (Switzerland 2008)
    What is there to say that hasn't already been said?! Paolo is goooorgeous, dreamy, sweet, talented and did I say gorgeous already? :D He managed to write my most favourite ESC song for the past 10 years, if not of all time (and I don't care if it was plagiarized because Amy Diamond's song was also awesome!) and he is my future husband! Marry me Paolo :D


    ...collapses into a quivering mess after swooning over Paolo and generally overdosing on man-candy...
  11. And of course, the final recap:

    12 Paolo Meneguzzi
    10 Igor Cukrov
    8 Jónsi

    7 Roger Cicero
    6 Ramón
    5 D'NASH
    4 Sakis Rouvas
    3 Zoli Ádok
    2 Stefan Filipović
    1 Walters & Kazha

    tributes: Martin Stenmarck, Mikko Leppilampi

    and for those who missed this morning (go back and read it :D)

    12 Tina Karol
    10 Ani Lorak
    8 Helena Paparizou

    7 Sirusho
    6 Yohanna
    5 Sandra Nurmsalu (Urban Symphony)
    4 Maria Haukaas Storeng
    3 Csézy
    2 Szilvia Péter Szabó (NOX)
    1 Birgitta Haukdal
  12. Marko FOR LIFE New Member

    SHEEP!!! I think you would like to watch our Operation triumph where Igor Cukrov spent 90 days in the accademy (house) :D, just like I want to watch this season of UK BB live on TV! lol :P :D
  13. LOOOL Marko :P we should have done a student exchange program and then we both could have watched the shows we wanted :D
  14. Kevin New Member

    Here are mine :P
    Firstly, i shall start off with the girls - only 8 made the shortlist, so i will name the top 5:

    In 5th place:
    Regína Ósk


    Like many Icelandic women she has a lovely face and lovely hair. Shes just amazing
  15. Kevin New Member

    In 4th place,

    Olivia Lewis

    again, similar to Regína, she has a simply cute face. And the fact shes Maltese is a big plus
  16. Kevin New Member

    In third place:


    She just oozes wowness
  17. Kevin New Member

    Now, for the second place:

    Shiri Maimon

    she just looks amazing, and considering shes Israeli - this is perfection!
  18. Kevin New Member

    And - the most beautiful woman is:


    This girl is simply devine! She's incredibly beautiful and has an amazing voice
    I love her!
  19. Kevin New Member

    And now - for the men
    My shortlist was 13, so i will make a top 10:

    In tenth place is:

    Luiz Ejlli

    For some reason this picture reminds me of Shayne Ward, but anyway - there is just an aura around him
  20. João New Member

    this is one of my favourite female eurovision contestans of this decade and I think we are forgetting to mention her....

    personally, I think this woman looked gorgeous on the stage and she is an example of what I call a classy woman...

    so ladies and gentleman here is


    coming directly from Poland... Lidia Kopania

    she didn't want to leave, but she had to...it was her destiny, it was meant to be :( what a pity

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