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Eurovision Beauty Contest

  1. There's a circle dance around him?! :D I think you mean "aura"!
  2. Kevin New Member

    In ninth place, is:


    Like Luiz, there is a bizzare attraction, i simply can't explain it
  3. You realise this raises all sorts of suspicions and questions? :D Either you have incredibly high standards or...;)
  4. Kevin New Member

    Rofl, i'll leave that for you to wonder
  5. Kevin New Member

    In eighth place,

    Friðrik Ómar

    In 2008, he just looked great
  6. Kevin New Member

    In seventh place,

    Tommy Pegram
    (centre of the picture)

    I am just in love with his Labret Piercing and his look
  7. Kevin New Member

    In 6th place, the wonder that is:


    For a reason - look at his arms
    He is just amazing and oozes masculinity *yum*
  8. Kevin New Member

    In fifth place, you may be shocked to find it is:

    Sasha Son

    Although i love his hat and his earring (rofl) hes actually a bit minging without them - But i just love him
  9. Kevin New Member

    My fourth place belongs to:

    Matjaž Bogataj

    He is just gorgeous - i'd do him anyday
  10. Kevin New Member

    Now we have reached the top 3

    Stefan di Bernardo
    (left on the picture)

    The second member of Tie-Break in my top 10. The man on the left is simply divine
  11. Removed User #2 New Member

    *Mark is still wondering why he hasn't seen a fake tanned horse wearing the most amazing shiny trousers ever !?!?!?!?!?*
  12. Kevin New Member

    Now, again you may be shocked to read this, but my #2 is:

    Zoli Ádok

    He, like Jónsi, oozes masculinity, has big muscles, and is Hungarian - what more could i ask for? (well you will see with my #1)
  13. João New Member

    From a classy woman to another one, here is a woman who I just find charming... I think she is naturally charming (one of the most charming women that Eurovision has ever seen on stage).

    In my humble opinion, she is a beautiful woman both inside and out and that's why she got my vote last year... (I also voted for her because of the song that she sang quite well)

    here is


    Maria Haukaas Storeng
  14. Kevin New Member

    Now we have reached the climax - my all time #1 male has to be:


    Since i first saw him - i thought "WOW" hes fit as :P
    hes just simply amazing - words cannot describe it
  15. LMAO!!! :D You said it in your post - he's horse-faced and noone likes that ! Apart from Mr Kiss Kiss Bang of course :P
  16. João New Member

    another picture of the Israeli Goddess Shiri Maimon... this picture was taken at last year's MTV EMA'S which took place in Liverpool, England


    and we all already knew that Jerusalem was such a holy place but Shiri Maimon's beauty just overtakes its holiness :)
  17. Removed User #2 New Member


    but his shiny trousers should just make him number one anyway !! hmph.
  18. She was in my country and I was not informed?! OMFG!!!! :o
  19. Kevin New Member

    they did say for weeks on esctoday

    although i watched the EMA awards (which i now regret as onyl americans won the prizes) waiting for Shiri to sing like i was told, and then she sang - but only israeli viewers watched, whilst i saw a wierd version of Bleeding Love
  20. Removed User #2 New Member

    I started to watch it ... but Katy Perry was rather annoying and distasteful ... and I couldn't watch anymore, so I watched Shiri on youtube after !

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