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Eurovision riddle game

  1. Wiggles Administrator

    A suggestion for a little riddle game. Not very difficult, and the answer must be connected to Eurovision. The one who guesses the answer (could be a name, song title, or something strongly associated with the contest) should come up with the next question.

    Who am I?

    My first name is Darth Vader's childhood nickname (See Star Wars: Episode I)

    My last name is from the title of a holiday story by Dickens, about a certain Scrooge, spelled in reverse, and with a K instead of C.

    (This shouldn't be hard, and if you can deduce one of the names, you should be able to know the other. This is just to get started.)

    Edit 1: It would be good to explain how you arrived at your answer when you respond to each riddle, so others can see how it works and how the riddle was solved.

    Edit 2: Researching on the internet or elsewhere is allowed, in order to reach the solution to a riddle or to create one. (Just try not to make it too obscure, although creativity and brain-teasing is encouraged)
  2. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    YOU are Ani Lorak (Aniken / lorak samtsirhc a).

    Who am I? I used to supervise things, now I buy items and keep them in a store until you hand over some money for them.
  3. Wiggles Administrator

    A wild guess, but, are you Anri Jokhadze?

    "I'm a rocker, I'm a poker, I'm a broker, I'm a stalker"
    "Let me be your supervisor"


    I am someone who had a haircut that ruined everything.
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    I'm gonna guess this is about about a biblical figure: Samson.

    In chat, Ben mentioned a Christian upbringing. This led me to the Belgian entry in 1981,called Samson, where the singer sings about the story of Samson and Delila. In the biblical story, Delila is asked by Philistine gods to discover why Samson is so strong. He gives her the wrong answer every time, including one time where his hair is supposed to be the answer. When she cuts it, he loses his strength: he never cut his hair as vow to God. After this, he's taken by the Philistines.
  5. Wiggles Administrator

    Correct, Nick. Jw brougt Daz Sampson to my attention, which, while :be: '81 was my thinking, would also have been acceptable. (Although spelling is slightly different, it is in essence the same name.)

    New riddle:

    Who am I?

    I've tried my luck at Eurovision quite a few times, though not everyone might know that, as I kept appearing under different names. My results only went downhill. And now, in the UK, you can find me for Graphic Design.
  7. Wiggles Administrator

    I'm stumped. Care to give an additional clue?

    I only participated in one decade. It was the second decade my country participated in. I only went solo once. :P
  9. Wiggles Administrator

    Now, I had a thought after the first clue, and it's still valid now. Sigga Beinteins was in Stjórnin in 1990, Heart 2 Heart 1992 and went solo in 1994. Each time doing worse than before (downhill). Iceland debuted in 1986, so it's the second decade (we'll forget the small technicality that the year 1990 should belong to the 80's decade; it's tedious stuff). The problem with this is that I have no idea what the deal is with UK and graphic design.
  10. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    You are right, it is Sigga!
    And the Graphic Design was meant for the people who would google it. Sigga.net is a British company, specialised in graphic design! :D
  11. Wiggles Administrator

    Oh, nice. That last clue worked like a red herring of death then. Alright, here's another:

    I could be made of lego bricks, and I wrote about logic and the foundations of mathematics.
  12. James ... and his things xD

    Mrs Einstein?
  13. Wiggles Administrator

    Not quite. The clues specifically point at a person, his first and last names.
  14. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    plastic Bertrand ?
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  15. Wiggles Administrator

    You're right on the money, Sok. Care to elaborate how you found out?
  16. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    plastic lego bricks as for Bertrand not many other people are called Plastic so just guessed :) ill try and think off one
  17. Wiggles Administrator

    I was trying to make you think of Bertrand Russell as the second clue, but this method is also good. Well done.
  18. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    He went skiing in the 80s in a small Slovenian town ( A Song)
  19. Julio STRANGLES

    this is just me saying as an outsider but seriously if you want other people to actually give a guess on the game (besides wiggles and nick) then please make riddles more accessible to others :P
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  20. Wiggles Administrator

    Don't know, Sok. Clue?

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