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"Gatas Parliament" sets off for MGP 2011

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    Norway's largest interactive news portal revealed today the very first contestant of next year's Melodi Grand Prix. The group is called "Gatas Parliament", roughly translated as "Parliament of the Streets". They are considered as part of the Norwegian music scene's "rap trinity", which notably also includes Madcon and Karpe Diem. In spite of being so, they have been musically inactive for years and lately met tough competition from recent popular rap groups like Erik & Kriss and Jaa9 & OnkelP. The former is by Gatas Parlament considered as their music enemies, as they are a rap group representing the capitalist elite of society through music, whilst Gatas Parliament the work force.

    The group is thus practically known for having a very political-orientated image, which is highly reflected on the music they produce. Their best hit songs are named "Bomber Aircraft" and "The Anti-American Dance". They have also before been involved in several scandals, as they once performed a song in front of the Norwegian Royal Family, which contained insulting lyrics towards them. This incident made the Royal Prince leave from the specific event while the group was performing.

    Aslak Borgersrud, the vocalist of the communist rap-group has been contacted by several news stations today, but has given the same answers to the medias: "There is still no confirmation about this, therefore we have yet to release an official clarification about this matter."

    This news was released by VG Nett, whose in general scores well in terms of predictions on the anual Melodi Grand Prix editions. Last year, they managed to expose the rumours about Maria Haukaas Storeng, Mira Craig and Lene Alexandra making a comeback into the MGP spotlight. The trio kept disclaiming these "fabricated" rumours of VG Nett until later when NRK released the official list of participants for MGP 2010 where all of them were included.

    Source: VG Nett
    Translated by: Eurovizz

    More news..?

    Hmm, it was known on October 26 that Tone Damli Aaberge's song "Butterflies" (from the "I Know" album 2009) was chosen as the song of the week by BBC Radio 2. Last week, she released another album called "Cocool", containing 11 brand new songs.

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  2. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Imagine they sing Anti-Eurovisionnorge or Anti-Juniorsång. :P
  3. Eurovizz Member

    They are pretty anti-globalisation, so who knows ;D
  4. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Anti-allt. :P

    Oh, I know! AntiEnglaLailadans. :D
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