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Guess the Final scoreboard for Baku

  1. BTD A Member

    I got all the qualifying countries correct for Semi Final 1 :D
  2. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.

    Well, Semi-Final 1 has just come to an end and here are the first points from the "Guess the Final Scoreboard for Baku" game. Remember there are 50 points available from this SF; 5 for every qualifying country.

    1st. - BTD - 50 points (all 10 countries guessed).
    1st. - Thomas - 50 points (all 10 countries guessed).
    2nd. - FeelThePassion - 45 points (missed :ie: for :lv:).
    2nd. - topditi-mix - 45 points (missed :md: for :fi:).
    2nd. - Ljupco - 45 points (missed :md: for :fi:).
    2nd. - Matt - 45 points (missed :md: for :fi:).
    2nd. - Julio - 45 points (missed :hu: for :il:).
    2nd. - Pepe - 45 points (missed :ie: for :at:).
    3rd. - James - 40 points (missed :ru: :cy: for :be: :ch:).
    3rd. - Nessie - 40 points (missed :hu: :al: for :il: :ch:).
    3rd. - Nick - 40 points (missed :dk: :cy: for :fi: :lv:).
    3rd. - Gianluca - 40 points (missed :al: :hu: for :fi: :lv:).
    4th. - Jonas - 35 points (missed :al: :hu: :dk: for :ch: :at: :il:).
    4th. - KENAN_TR - 35 points (missed :al: :hu: :cy: for :ch: :at: :il:).

    So there you have it! :D Now let's wait for Semi-Final 2 and see how our placings develop until the Final.
  3. JanaJana New Member

    Second Semi-Final

    1. Sweden :se:

    2. Holland :nl:

    3. Serbia :rs:

    4. Turkey :tr:

    5. Slovenia :si:

    6. Norway :no:

    7. Slovakia :sk:

    8. Macedonia :mk:

    9. Belarus :by:

    10. Estonia :ee:

    My prediction :notsure:
  4. aussiegeorge New Member

    1. Serbia :rs:
    2. Sweden :se:
    3. Macedonia :mk:
    4. Norway :no:
    5. Estonia :ee:
    6. Ukraine :ua:
    7.Slovenia :si:
    8. Belarus :by:
    9. Bosnia and Herzegovina :ba:
    10. Georgia :ge:
  5. Mina Member with a "past"

    Ok, I'll give it a shot.

    1. Sweden
    2. Serbia
    3. Norway
    4. Turkey
    5. Estonia
    6. FYR Macedonia
    7. Slovenia
    8. Holland
    9. Ukraine
  6. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.

    So, here are the results from SF2:

    1st. - BTD - 40 points (missed :si: :by: for :lt: :mt:).
    1st. - FeelThePassion - 40 points (missed :si: :hr: for :lt: :mt:).
    1st. - topditi-mix - 40 points (missed :si: :pt: for :lt: :mt:).
    1st.. - Ljupco - 40 points (missed :si: :nl: for :lt: :mt:).
    1st. - Matt - 40 points (missed :si: :nl: for :lt: :mt:).
    1st. - Pepe - 40 points (missed :sk: :by: for :lt: :mt:).
    2nd. - Thomas - 35 points (missed :by: :nl: :si: for :tr: :mk: :mt:).
    2nd. - KENAN_TR - 35 points (missed :nl: :hr: :ge: for :mk: :lt: :mt:).
    2nd. - James - 35 points (missed :si: :nl: :pt: for :ua: :lt: :mt:).
    2nd. - Julio - 35 points (missed :si: :nl: :pt: for :mk: :lt: :mt:).
    2nd. - Nessie - 35 points (missed :si: :ge: :pt: for :mk: :lt: :mt:).
    2nd. - Mina - 35 points (missed :si: :nl: :pt: for :ba: :lt: :mt:).
    2nd. - aussiegeorge - 35 points (missed :si: :by: :ge: for :tr: :lt: :mt:).
    3rd. - JanaJana - 30 points (missed :nl: :sk: :si: :by: for :ba: :ua: :lt: :mt:).
    3rd. - Jonas - 30 points (missed :by: :nl: :sk: :si: for :ee: :ua: :lt: :mt:).
    3rd. - Nick - 30 points (missed :si: :nl: :pt: :ge: for :no: :ee: :lt: :mt:).
    3rd. - Gianluca - 30 points (missed :si: :nl: :pt: :by: for :ee: :ua: :lt: :mt:).

    Apparently, we were ALL caught by surprise with the qualification of :lt: and :mt: (well, except Thomas, who believed in :lt:).

    ... I'll post the overall scores in a few minutes. :D
  7. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.

    So, here's the overall scores after the 2 semifinals:

    1st. - BTD - 90 points.
    2nd. - Thomas - 85 points.
    2nd. - FeelThePassion - 85 points.
    2nd. - topditi-mix - 85 points.
    2nd. - Ljupco - 85 points.
    2nd. - Matt - 85 points.
    2nd. - Pepe - 85 points.
    3rd. - Julio - 80 points.
    4th. - James - 75 points.
    4th. - Nessie - 75 points.
    5th. - KENAN_TR - 70 points.
    5th. - Nick - 70 points.
    5th. - Gianluca - 70 points.
    6th. - Jonas - 65 points.
    7th. - Mina - 35 points.
    7th. - aussiegeorge - 35 points.
    8th. - JanaJana - 30 points.

    As for the Final, let me remind you how points will be awarded:
    • 3 POINTS will be given for every country correctly guessed in exactly the same position as in the Final results.
    • 1 POINT will be given for every country guessed within a Ā±1 placing difference from their final result.
    So there it is! Now let's wait to enjoy the Grand Final and wait for the final scoreboard to see who's the winner of the "Guess the Final Scoreboard for Baku" game! ^_^
  8. Julio STRANGLES

    Out of topic: I'm really disappointed with this results of the last semi still can't believe it, I imagine that the jury instead of helping us and Holland just f****** us more and gave the place to Malta and Lithuania. As for this game I won't make a prediction cause obv I'm not good at it, but I will use what i wish:

    01 :uk: United Kingdom
    02 :is: Iceland
    03 :se: Sweden
    04 :es: Spain
    05 :no: Norway
    06 :az: Azerbaijan
    07 :de: Germany
    08 :fr: France
    09 :it: Italy
    10 :rs: Serbia
    11 :ro: Romania
    12 :ie: Ireland
    13 :ua: Ukraine
    14 :gr: Greece
    15 :al: Albania
    16 :ru: Russia
    17 :cy: Cyprus
    18 :ee: Estonia
    19 :ba: Bosnia & Herzegovina
    20 :dk: Denmark
    21 :mk: Macedonia
    22 :tr: Turkey :turd:
    23 :md: Moldova :turd: :turd:
    24 :hu: Hungary :turd: :turd: :turd:
    25 :lt: Lithuania :turd: :turd: :turd: :turd:
    26 :mt: Malta :turd: :turd: :turd: :turd: :turd:
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  9. pepepaez Masiosare's first Head of Delegation.

    (they're not THAT fun, actually, but they're facts). :}

    From SF1:
    • We all agreed on :ro:, :is: and :gr: qualifying (14 votes); followed by :ru: (13), :ie: (12), :dk: (12), :md: (11), :al: (10), :cy: (10) and :hu: (9).
    • :hu: Was the country with the least prediction votes to qualify (9 votes)... and did.
    • The country most voted to qualify and didn't was :fi: (5 votes); followed by :il: (4), :ch: (4), :lv: (3), :at: (3) and :be: (James :cautious:).
    • With 14 votes, we ALL agreed that :me: and :sm: were going to :turd:! Furthermore, 8 people have :me: as the VERY LAST place, while 3 have :sm: as their last place in the Semi. :xD:
    FROM SF2:
    • We all agreed on :rs: and :se: qualifying (17 votes); followed by :no: (all but Nick :P), :tr: (15), :ba: (15), :ee: (14), :ua: (13) and :mk: (13).
    • We were ALL caught by surprise with :lt: and :mt: qualifying: there's only one prediction vote for :lt: (Thomas) and not a single vote for :mt:.
    • The country most voted to qualify and didn't was :si: (15 votes); followed by :nl: (11), :by: (7), :pt: (7), :ge: (4? :S), :sk: (3) and :hr: (2).
    As for the GRAND FINAL (considering only 14 participating predictions):
    • With 6 votes, :se: is the most voted country to win the contest; followed by :it: (4), :es: (2), :rs: (1) and :ru: (... Jonas? o_O).
    • With 4 votes, :it: is the most voted country to end as the runner-up; followed by :rs: (3), :se: (3), :ro: (3) and :es: (1).
    • As for the third place, :rs: is the most voted one with 4 votes; followed by :it: (3), :se: (2), :is: (2), :ro: (Nick), :cy: (Gianluca :rolleyes:) and :ru: (KENAN_TR).
    • In the Top5, the countries with the most mentions are as follow: :se: (12), :it: (12), :rs: (9), :ro: (9), :es: (8), :is: (6), :ru: (3), :gr: (2), :cy: (2), :az: (Ljupco), :ee: (Thomas), :mk: (Gianluca), :no: (topditi-mix), :tr: (James) and :uk: (KENAN_TR).
    • Finally, in the Top10 (counting only 13 predictions, as KENAN_TR only posted his Top5), the mentions are as follow: :it: (13), :rs: (13), :se: (12), :es: (12), :ro: (11), :is: (10), :tr: (9), :ru: (8), :az: (7), :gr: (7), :cy: (4), :dk: (3), :de: (3), :no: (3), :uk: (3), :ba: (2), :ee: (2), :ua: (Pepe), :mk: (Gianluca), :ie: (Nessie) and :fr: (Nick).
    • Nobody believes that :al:, :hu:, :lt:, :mt: or :md: will make it to the Top10.
    Well everybody, that's all I can give you from this game's statistics by now. Now what's left to do is enjoy the Grand Final and see what the final scoreboard brings us! ^_^
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  10. iWannaGO New Member

    I'm ready for a big surprise!!!

    1. :se: Sweden
    2. :ie: Ireland
    3. :hu: Hungary
    4. :ro: Romania
    5. :cy: Cyprus
    6. :nl: Russia
    7. :ua: Ukraine
    8. :uk: The United Kingdom
    9. :it: Italy
    10. :rs: Serbia
    11. :gr: Greece
    12. :tr: Turkey
    13. :no: Norway
    14. :mt: Malta
    15. :al: Albania
    16. :az: Azerbaijan
    17. :fr: France
    18. :is: Iceland
    19. :dk: Denmark
    20. :de: Germany
    21. :es: Spain
    22. :ee: Estonia
    23. :md: Moldova
    24. :lt: Lithuania
    25. :ba: Bosnia & Herzegovina
    26. :mk: F.Y.R. Macedonia
  11. George Angelopoulos New Member

    1. :it: ITALY
    2. :rs: SERBIA
    3. :se: SWEDEN
    4. :is: ICELAND
    5. :no: NORWAY
    6. :ru: RUSSIA
    7. :gr: GREECE
    8. :ro: ROMANIA
    9. :cy: CYPRUS
    10.:de: GERMANY
    11.:fr: FRANCE
    12.:ua: UKRAINE
    13.:tr: TURKEY
    14.:az: AZERBAIJAN
    15.:es: SPAIN
    16.:ie: IRELAND
    17.:md: MOLDOVA
    18.:dk: DENMARK
    19.:mt: MALTA
    20.:ee: ESTONIA
    21.:mk: FYR MACEDONIA
    23.:hu: HUNGARY
    24.:uk: UNITED KINGDOM
    25.:al: ALBANIA
    26.:lt: LITHUANIA

    I'm hoping for Italy, France, or Spain or anybody else that has not won in a long time.
    Actually I'm rooting for Greece or Cyprus for the win but that's highly unlikely. As long as it isn't Sweden or Russia, I'll be happy. Let's all hope for a big surprise!
  12. BTD A Member

    Bump. I fear I may have fallen from the top of the table :oops:
  13. James ... and his things xD

    Where is pepe to finish this?

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  14. Lilly.. Y U NO ALIEN?

    I didn't take part in this , it was too complicated for me :P

    He's probably still trying to work it out; it was so bloody complicated :o

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