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Inspireland Ranks ESC 2012

  1. Julio STRANGLES

    Yeah, I decided to rank the songs of this year and make a comment on them a bit like Nick's blog but with my opinion :P

    So far there isn't yet a song that wows me or that i can say its a clear winner, this is how i rank them and my opinion on the songs.

    01. :no: Norway sent a dance song it was a good choice from them I can see this doing well both in the semi and in the final.

    02. :se: Sweden this is the big hype of the year, the big favourite to win this year but the victory in MF wasn't clear when it touches the international jury, so in ESC this might not have a win or at least not a clear one, might do well in televote but not sure about jurie either way it will be top.

    03. :uk: UK, the guy can sing hell yeah, and he will do great in juries, its a lovely ballad <3

    04. :is: Iceland ballad is okay but it gets boring for me after a bit, it will surely qualify and might do well in final, though for me its not like something I would like to see winning.

    05. :es: Spain Power ballad, it will do well in juries not sure for televote but almost certain the 12pts from us but that's nothing new.

    06. :fr: France Anggun is a great singer and has a special particular voice, I don't see it winning, maybe a place between 7th to 13th

    07. :ie: Ireland, yes its Jedward again but this time with a decent song :P let them pull out a great show and you will surely see this on the top5, I just hope for a change of choreography.

    08. :pt: Portugal, say whatever you want to say but I like the song, its a good ballad. Yes we won't reach top and yes we might not even qualify and yes I've seen many rude comments about the song and I expect more even in chat, but I like it.

    09. :az: Azerbaijan, okay song for me it might do well due to be the host country and having the folk sonority and being a ballad.

    10. :de: Germany is a good song though his voice I'm not very keen in, the melody is fine but it might be lost on ESC as there will be only one performance.

    11. :si: Slovenia, powerful ballad with great vocals instrumental of the song is really good, just need to lose the backing singers, this will do great on the semi 2 and probably the juries will go for it.

    12. :ch: Switzerland is what I like as everyone knows, pop rock band though their vocals aren't strong enough at least they weren't on the national final, if they work them out they might get a mid table result and qualify if not I'm afraid they might get the result of 2009 with Lovebugs and not even qualify

    13. :ua: Ukraine reminds me of their winning song Wild Dances on the instrumental but with much better vocals, she has some powerful vocals that remind me some soul singers, good choice I believe this will do pretty well.

    14. :gr: Greece the normal type of pop-dance with ethnic-greek soundings that always do well for them, it will do well with the televote.

    15. :it: Italy what a mistake for me it was to change the song, Per Sempre was far better, but still it will do great with juries sadly cause the song isn't that good.

    16. :rs: Serbia one more ballad from the same singer that already took part for Serbia & Montenegro and made the song for Bosnia & Herzegovina, now trying the luck for Serbia again , it's the kind of song you know it's already a qualifier only by the singer name. It will be most likely the jurie orgy of the year, and will reach top and maybe even steal a victory.

    17. :nl: Holland, fresh song and folk best song of the national final so it was the best choice, also has the best chances to qualify on the semi comparing to the other songs on the national-final.

    18. :dk: Denmark in my opinion got worse compared with their last songs since 2008, this is to mainstream for me and I'm not sure how this will do but for me its nothing special.

    19. :cy: Cyprus I seriously don't get why people like this song, its seriously bad and annoying too, if it qualifies (thanks to Greece hello 12Pts) I can see the first FFF of this year like Sweden 2008 and Estonia and Hungary 2011.

    20. :ba: Bosnia & Herzegovina okay song good singer bit boring song.

    21. :ru: Russia okay the song is not good but they are so damn cute :D and the song its addictive it will surely get points for the cuteness :D

    22. :ro: Romania hm a bit of a mess for me but I can see the euro fans hype about it, it might qualify not sure but it won't be a top song.

    23. :ee: Estonia nothing special a normal ballad bit boring and might be forgotten.

    24. :at: Austria finally they made it! I'm pleased that they did not send Conchita it was the best song and performance of their National Final!

    25. :tr: Turkey this song sounds a mess, and it somehow seems to be a joke entry even though it's not, the dancing and the ethnic sounds make it go worse.

    26. :by: Belarus, finally after a horrible winning song they decided to change both singer and song, and they did the best, but the final version made it go down for me as it became more pop than rock.

    27. :sk: Slovakia, this song stands out from all the others so far, it is the most rock song selected so far and that might help them.

    28. :mk: Macedonia a bit old fashioned for me I surely don't see this doing well in televote and not sure too about juries.

    29. :al: Albania is being Albania, I'm no fan of this at all there are to many screams more screams than words probably, if this qualifies it will be thanks to the juries but i don't see it really happening, but you know ESC is always weird when it comes to results.

    30. :hr: Croatia what a sleeping pill this is. But i guess juries will go for it.

    31. :mt: Malta sent a even more worse version of Glen Vella, cause at least Glen had his 'voice' in tune, something this one doesn't even know probably the meaning of that word. Results I don't see it qualifying but you never know with the juries.

    32. :be: Belgium, I quite like this its a nice ballad jury will go for it but not sure how it will end, though still pleasant to listen to, even though their other song was better.

    33. :hu: Hungary I'm not a fan of it, I find it very average and it might struggle to qualify and if it does it will not score very high in the final.

    34. :fi: Finland a bit dull for me, and probably will be forgotten on the semi, unless the juries save it.

    35. :bg: Bulgaria just a big mess, voice, song, performance , everything.

    36. :il: Israel it's an ok song but not my style at all, it wont be top I think.

    37. :md: Moldova, bad singer and bad song that's all.

    38. :lt: Lithuania song is quite pleasant to listen to but also nothing overwhelming it's an okay song compared to many of their last entries.

    39. :lv: Latvia has awful lyrics the voice isn't a masterpiece either and the melody also nothing special. Don't find anything special in here.

    40. :sm: San Marino, what a let down and what a cheap song.

    41. :ge: Georgia I don't have much to say in here besides the fact the song is bad and I really find this cheap and awful, one of their worse entries since ever.

    42. :me: Montenegro seriously? Really? WHY? Pathetic.
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  2. Julio STRANGLES

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  5. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    For you, Julinho, since it's in your top 3. Their latest live performance with better pronunciation :D
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  6. Julio STRANGLES

    exc they did improve :D
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  10. Julio STRANGLES

  11. Julio STRANGLES

    :ie:&:at: are in, also I want to say I'm making this rank as songs are chosen or revealed or leaked, I constantly change it as I listen the songs, and I will soon listen them all again so I can rearrange them again :D
  12. Julio STRANGLES


    Jules, where have you heard this? I can't find it. The one I thought was it, and a protest (and which I couldn't believe had been allowed!) obviously wasn't (and wouldn't be!) and the video on YouTube doesn't seem to be it. Everywhere says it's going to be in English and I don't think that's even it in translation...:S

    Oh OK, so there was a snippet, which has now been removed. It was that bad, was it? ;)
  14. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    Janet, it was the worst song, no it's not a song it's just shit, you could EVER think of. Even people who always score toilets in our contest will not like this song.
  15. Julio STRANGLES

    just for you to imagine I would have velero song above that :P the song was removed from youtube for copyrights claimed by Rambo Amadeus but believe it was really bad :P

    Hopefully that was only a smokescreen, and they really removed it because they're going to change it :sneaky:
  17. Julio STRANGLES

    true, if they do so I will change it ofc :P
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  20. Julio STRANGLES

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