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Moldova 2020

  1. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    The Moldovan National Final (O Melodie pentru Europa) will take place on Saturday, 29 February at 6pm WIM (link to follow).

    36 acts were received during the submission period by the broadcaster, and all performed televised live auditions in front of a jury. From these, 20 finalists were chosen, listed below in running order (links from the live audition performances):

    1. Denis Midone - Like a Champion
    2. Natalia Gordienko - Prison
    3. Geta Burlacu - Răspunde! [Pick Up!]
    4. Viorela Moraru - Remedy
    5. Valentin Uzun & Irina Kovalsky - Moldovița [diminutive for Moldova]
    6. Lavinia Rusu - Touch
    7. Dima Jelezoglo - Do It Slow
    8. Diana Rotaru - Dale Dale [Hit It, Hit It, in Spanish]
    9. Pasha Parfeny - My Wine
    10. Live Beat - Love Me Now
    11. Valeria Pașa - It’s Time
    12. Maria Ciolac - Our Home
    13. Sasha Letty - Summer of Love
    14. Irina Kit - Chain Reaction
    15. Petronela Donciu & Andreea Portărescu - We Will Be Legends
    16. LANJERON - Hi Five
    17. Julia Ilienko feat. Mishel Dar - Tears
    18. Catarina Sandu - Die for You
    19. Alexandru Cibotaru - Cine Te-A Făcut Să Plîngi [Who Made You Cry]
    20. Maxim Zavidia - Take Control

    The winner of the final, and of the ticket to represent Moldova in Rotterdam, will be selected by a combination of expert jury and televote. You will have spotted, among many returnees from previous Moldovan National Finals, no less than three past ESC representatives for the country: Natalia Gordienko (2006), Geta Burlacu (2008), and Pasha Parfeny (2012). Denis Midone represented Moldova in JESC 2012.

    Given that Natalia Gordienko's song has both Dimitris Kontopoulos AND Philipp Kirkorov in its writing team, I have little doubt this will do well. How well, remains to be seen, since Moldovița seems to be a fan favourite. Mystifyingly, some people also like Dale Dale.

    It's not all completely atrocious - but most songs truly are :D Many of them still don't manage to escape the amateurish vibe we are already used to in Moldova, and many are very dated and rather basic, complete with bad singing and a few proper F ROWs. I wouldn't know myself what I am rooting for. I'm too biased against Moldovița as the lyrics are next level cringe. Natalia Gordienko's song is not horrid, but it's just another one of those generic ballads. I thought Denis Midone and Maxim Zavidia had half-palatable songs (in the field).
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  2. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    Well, I haven't got a favourite. I did a quick listen (some were shut off quicker than others.)

    I think Prison is pretty much set to win (and it would set itself apart from the throng of ballads we have so far because the instrumental stands out.) but there's not much else that could be picked from here that I'd prefer. It does sound like she's saying 'covered with your mammaries' which made me laugh and I also was amused with Sasha Letty referencing 'get fresh with me' which I don't think anybody has said in years.
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  3. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    The winner of the Moldovan National Final, and hence the act to represent Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam, is (unsurprisingly) Natalia Gordienko, with her ballad Prison.

    She came first in televote, obtaining 3022 votes (followed by Pasha Parfeny with only 1617), and was also first in the jury vote (followed also by Pasha Parfeny). As a reminder, her song was penned by Dimitris Kontopoulos, Philipp Kirkorov, and Sharon Vaughn.

    Watch her live performance here:
  4. James ... and his things xD

    I think it's crap. I don't like this kind of music. The chorus ruins it completely. The melody is fine.
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