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My 2014 ranking


    I've bunged in a few more, but I think I really need to listen to them all again. I'm not sure my delicate constitution will take it though.

    I have re-listened (at least partly) and have tinkered about a bit. The main upper is Hungary and the main downer is Denmark. What was I thinking of :o


  5. DenDutch Well-Known Member

  6. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    Updated my ranking My 2014 ranking

    BUT - I am 99 percent sure (myself) that my ranking is all over the place. When all songs are released, I'll redo it all. (CBA right now when there's only about 4 left.)
  7. Code9189 And There's a Noisy Storm Outside me...

    Here's Mine (Have not read Comments Here but this year is extremey Good at one part, And Insanely bad at the other).

    So Getting Ready to take Their place in the Spotlight is...

    1- :hu: Hungary
    2- :uk: United Kingdom
    3- :fr: France

    4- :it: Italy
    5- :gr: Greece

    Joining this exclusive group now is..

    6- :dk: Denmark
    7- :es: Spain
    8- :am: Armenia
    9- :az: Azeriland
    10- :se: Sweden/ :ch:- Switzerand

    11- :nl: Holland
    12- :ro: Romania
    13- :fi: Finland
    14- :de: Germany
    15- :il: Israel

    16- :ie: Ireland
    17- :no: Norway
    18- :ee: Estonia
    19- :ua: Ukraine
    20- :mk: Macedonia

    I Like All Songs from 20-1 So From 15-20 i ordered it randomnly

    21- :pt: Portugal
    22- :mc: Poland
    23- :si: Slovenia
    24- :al: Albania
    25- :be: Belgium

    27- :me:
    28- :sm:

    I don't Like any of the songs below, im freezed at this.

    29- :ge: Georgia
    30- :lv: Latvia
    31- :mt: Malta
    32- :by: Belarus (i call it Shitcake, and i don't like to use bad words)
    33- :md: Moldova (God, who is this song's composer?)
  8. Mina Member with a "past"

    Since we're only waiting for Russia (I listened to Austria and it's :cautious:), this is my current top 10:

    1. Norway
    2. Hungary
    3. Sweden
    4. Finland
    5. Ireland
    6. Belgium
    7. Germany
    8. Switzerland
    9. Holland

  10. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    How was Conchita supposed to be anything but surprising? :D

    I also updated my ranking (ofc it doesn't really matter considering I'll be redoing it when all songs are out - RUSSIA </) My 2014 ranking
  11. Julio STRANGLES

    Added a bunch of songs including the awful cover of a 007 movie song from austria (gosh i really detest it so dull): here
  12. CroMaxim Bryce

    My top 36:

    01. :uk: Molly - Children Of The Universe
    02. :se: Sanna Nielsen - Undo
    03. :ro: Paula Seling & Ovi - Miracle
    04. :am: Aram Mp3 - Not Alone
    05. :it: Emma - La Mia Citta
    06. :es: Ruth Lorenzo - Dancing In The Rain
    07. :ie: Cann-Linn Feat. Kasey Smith - Heartbeat
    08. :no: Carl Espen - Silent Storm
    09. :dk: Basim - Cliché Love Song
    10. :az: Dilara Kazimova - Start A Fire
    11. :ua: Maria Yaremchuk - Tick-Tock
    12. :hu: Kállay Saunders - Running
    13. :fi: Softengine - Something Better
    14. :ee: Tanja - Amazing
    15. :il: Mei Feingold - Same Heart
    16. :de: Elaiza - Is It Right
    17. :pl: Donatan Feat. Cleo - Slavic Girls
    18. :mk: Tijana Dapcevic - To The Sky
    19. :gr: Freaky Fortune Feat. Riskykidd - Rise Up
    20. :sm: Valentina Monetta - Maybe
    21. :be: Axel Hirsoux - Mother
    22. :at: Conchita Wurst - Rise Like A Phoenix
    23. :si: Tinkara Kovac - Spet (Round And Round)
    24. :me: Sergej Cetkovic - Moj Svijet
    25. :ch: Sebalter - Hunter Of Stars
    26. :pt: Suzy - Eu Quero Ser Tua
    27. :md: Cristina Scarlat - Wild Soul
    28. :ru: The Tolmachevy Sisters - Shine
    29. :mt: Firelight - Coming Home
    30. :nl: The Common Linnets - Calm After The Storm
    31. :fr: Twin Twin - Moustache
    32. :ge: The Shin & Mariko - Three Minutes To Earth
    33. :al: Hersi Matmuja - One Night's Anger
    34. :lt: Vilija Mataciunaite - Attention
    35. :by: TEO - Cheesecake
    36. :is: Pollaponk - Enga Fordoma
    37. :lv: Aarzemnieki - Cake To Bake

  14. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    :me: :at: :pt: and that's it for me this year and even there not crackers
  15. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    no Ireland Estonia and Denmark are my bottom 3
  16. Julio STRANGLES

    Updated will all the songs and some changes after listening again: here
  17. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    I also like :pt: this year.
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  19. DenDutch Well-Known Member

  20. almante New Member

    Nice top!
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