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My National Final Season

  1. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Belarusian Final news that a Belarusian posted in a forum:

    Thank you, Google translate :P

    The President instructed to deal with the vote on the "Eurofest"

    News News of the day
    published: 16/02/2012, 14:26
    updated: 16/02/2012, 15:08
    It is learned from sources in TUT.BY BTRC, in connection with the mixed response to the outcome of February 14 finals of the National television musical project "Eurofest" President of the Republic of Belarus has created a special commission tasked with thoroughly understand how objectively was a winner of this contest .
    Recall evening of 14 February it was announced that up to vote winner was Alyona Lanskaya and that she will represent Belarus at "Eurovision" in Baku in May this year.

    According to reports, the committee includes representatives from various ministries and departments, including specialists in information security. On its findings the commission should report to the head of state in the next few days.

    In RUP "Beltelecom", which provided telephone voting audience, refused to comment on the situation.

    Final national competition "Eurofest" was held February 14 at the Sports Palace and broadcasted live. In addition to Alyona Lanskaya, it involved a group of Litesound, Gunesh, Victoria and Aleshko Yuzari.

    The winner was determined by summing up the results of voting and jury. After the "live" performances of competitors to spectators and the jury was given 15 minutes to vote. Viewers can vote for both urban and mobile phones, and via SMS. Counting of votes lasted just over an hour. Then the air was declared the final results.

    According to them, Alyona Lanskaya with the song All my life, Leonid and Yuri Vashchuk width was in the first place, the second - a group Litesound with the song We are the heroes, the third - Gunesh number to the song Tell me why, in the fourth - Victoria Aleshko with composition of the Dream, the fifth - Yuzari, who performed The winner.

    Interestingly, the stage for the prizes do not come any Gunesh or leader Dmitry Litesound Karjakin.

    Results of the contest aroused the indignation of the audience and the Internet community. Even during a speech in the final of the largest support group of the audience enjoyed Litesound.

    As chairman of the jury admitted ERB Anastasiya Tikhonovich , "the jury with the audience broke up. audience gave Lanskaya 12 points, Litesound - 10, and the jury - Litesound - 12, Lansky - 10. In this case, winning the audience. This rule of the European Broadcasting Union, and in our selection prescribed the same rules. "

    On the eve of the final it was reported that, in order to ensure victory in the final Alyona Lansakya used administrative resources. In particular the Department of Culture Vitebsk regional executive committee issued a letter marked "Urgent" to the parts of the region's culture, principals of secondary schools with a request for assistance.
  2. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    So it was a tie between Alyona and Litesound and Alyona was the public's choice so she went. Now someone claimed that Alyona was not first in the jury voting and that's how this whole scandal started. I know they said they were going to change the song, but does that mean change her too? :P

    Our first dose of Eurovision 2012 DRAMA
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  3. Liam Esterran.

    I do hope that Litesound go to Minsk, they were really nice guys and deserve to finally make it to Eurovision.
  4. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Eurovision is serious business in BY:whistle:
  5. I liked Litesound's "Carry on" :D

    Ranking now the 1-minute clips have been revealed:

    :se: Deltävling 3 - Melodifestivalen :se:
    1. Maria BenHaji - I Mina Drömmar
    2. Molly Sandén - Why Am I Crying
    3. Andreas Johnson - Lovelight
    4. Youngblood - Youngblood
    5. Love Generation - Just A Little Bit
    6. Mattias Andréasson - Förlat Mig
    7. Carolina Wallin Pérez - Sanningen
    8. Björn Ranelid ft. Sara Li - Mirakel

    Eesti Laul will kick off this Saturday, so here is my ranking for:

    :ee: Eesti Laul - I. Poolfinaal - Estonia :ee:
    1. Liis Lemsalu - Made Up My Mind
    2. Ott Lepland - Kuula
    3. August Hunt - Tantsulõvi
    4. Loss Paranoias - Valedetektor
    5. Janne Saar - Fight For Love
    6. POP Maniacs - I Don't Know
    7. Erasmus Rotterdamist - Kuu Pääle
    8. Soundclear - A Little Soldier
    9. Mia feat. I.M.T.B. - Bon Voyage
    10. Milky Whip - My Love
  8. The audience in Leksand voted for Youngblood and Molly Sandén. After listening to the full songs I agree.
  9. Ljupco Active Member

    My ranking for MF Semi 3:

    1. Andreas Johnson - Lovelight
    2. Molly Sandén - Why Am I Crying
    3. Love Generation - Just A Little Bit
    4. Carolina Wallin Pérez - Sanningen
    5. Maria BenHaji - I Mina Drömmar
    6. Youngblood - Youngblood
    7. Mattias Andréasson - Förlat Mig
    8. Björn Ranelid ft. Sara Li - Mirakel
  10. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    Here is my ranking for Sanremo. I've put in both Main and SanremoSocial! The SanremoSocial acts are in green:

    :it: Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo :it:
    1. Dolcenera - Ci Vediamo A Casa
    2. Gigi D'Alessio ft. Loredana Bertè - Respirare
    3. Noemi - Sono Solo Parole
    4. Nina Zilli - Per Sempre
    5. Arisa - La Notte
    6. Erica Mou - Nella Vasca Da Bagno Del Tempo
    7. Iohosemprevoglia - Incredibile
    8. Francesco Renga - La Tua Bellezza
    9. Emma Marrone - Non È L'Inferno
    10. Eugenio Finardi - E Tu Lo Chiami Dio
    11. Alessandro Casillo - È Vero
    12. Samuele Bersani - Un Pallone
    13. Pierdavide Carone & Lucia Dalla - Nanì
    14. Marco Guazzano - Guasto
  11. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    And I found the full versions of the MF Semi 3 entries, so here is my ranking for:

    :se: Deltävling 3 - Melodifestivalen :se:
    1. Maria BenHajji - I Mina Drömmar
    2. Molly Sandén - Why Am I Crying
    3. Andreas Johnson - Lovelight
    4. Youngblood - Youngblood
    5. Carolina Wallin Pérez - Sanningen
    6. Mattias Andréasson - Förlåt Mig
    7. Björn Ranelid ft. Sara Li - Mirakel
    8. Love Generation - Just A Little Bit
  12. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    Georgia is doing their NF, called ევროვიზიის ეროვნული ფინალი (what an awesome name :P) right now, so here is my ranking for:

    :ge: ევროვიზიის ეროვნული ფინალი - Georgia :ge:
    1. REMA - Feel Me
    2. Boris Bedia - It's Life
    3. Leo Jee - It's My Life
    4. Anri Jokhadze - I'm A Joker
    5. Mirror Illusion - Whisper
    6. Eddie (Edward Tatiani) - Hey You
    7. Vanilla Cage - Breaking The Cage
    8. Industrial City - Broken
    9. November - Letter To A Friend
  13. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    James was so nice to publish all Moldovan entries in the forum. That's good, cause I cba to look for them on YouTube.
    So here is my ranking for:

    :md: Moldova :md:
    1. Geta Burlacu - Never Ever Stop
    2. M Studio - Open Your Eyes
    3. Irina Tarasiuc & Mc Gootsa - Save A Little Sunshine
    4. Ksenya Nikora - You Better Rush
    5. Nicoleta Gavrilita - Crazy Little Thing
    6. Paralela 47 - Arde
    7. Transbalkanica - Balkan Riders
    8. Univox - Moody Numbers
    9. Pasha Parfeni - Lautar
    10. Doinita Gherman - Welcome To Moldova
    11. Anna Gulko - Ballad Of Love
    12. Alexandru Manciu - If You Leave
    13. Mariana Mihaila - Live On Forever
    14. Leria - A Ray Of Sun
    15. Inaya - Lights
    16. Dara - Open Your Eyes
    17. MC Mike & Human Place - Mole
    18. Cristina Croitoru - Fight For Love
    19. Adrian Ursu - Be Yourself
    20. Ruslan Taranu - Blanche
    But tbh, none of these songs were pleasant to listen to....
  14. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

  15. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    Of course I don't mind! I always use this one: http://escxtra.com/calendar/
    Anyway, Armenia should be announced 17th March (that is indeed the last day they can actually do that). San Marino's artist will be announced very soon (within a week) and the entry will then be announced in the beginning of March.
    UK is the only one who haven't said anything at all!
  16. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    They had better have the artist announcement of the year or else! :P
  17. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    Judging on 10second snippets is hard, but it's my own country, so here is my ranking for:

    :nl: Nationaal Songfestival - Holland :nl:
    1. Joan Franka - You And Me
    2. Raffaëla Paton - Chocolatte
    3. Pearl Jozefzoon - We Can Overcome
    4. Tim Douwsma - Undercover Lover
    5. Ivan Peroti - Take Me As I Am
    6. Kim de Boer - Children Of The World
    Well this is shit. Looking at the battles, my #1 is up against my #2, my #3 is up against #4 and my bottom 2 are up against eachother as well....
  18. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    It's not a NF, just an artist considering several songs: Nina Zilli.
    I assume Nessie is right when he says there are three songs being considered by Nina, so I will rank those here.

    :it: Nina Zilli's Selection :it:
    1. L'Amore E Femmina
    2. Per Sempre
    3. Per Le Strade
  19. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    The 1 minute clips have been revealed, so here is my ranking for:

    :se: Deltävling 4 - Melodifestivalen :se:
    1. Charlotte Perrelli - The Girl
    2. Lotta Engberg & Christer Sjögren - Don't Let Me Down
    3. Lisa Miskovsky - Why Start A Fire
    4. Hanna Lindblad - Goosebumps
    5. Dynazty - Land Of Broken Dreams
    6. OPA! - Allting Blir Bra Igen
    7. Danny Saucedo - Amazing
    8. Axel Algmark - Kyss Mig
  20. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    Full studio versions are out, so here is my updated ranking for:

    :se: Deltävling 4 - Melodifestivalen :se:
    1. Charlotte Perrelli - The Girl
    2. Lotta Engberg & Christer Sjögren - Don't Let Me Down
    3. Lisa Miskovsky - Why Start A Fire
    4. OPA! - Allting Blir Bra Igen
    5. Hanna Lindblad - Goosebumps
    6. Axel Algmark - Kyss Mig
    7. Dynazty - Land Of Broken Dreams
    8. Danny Saucedo - Amazing

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