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Nick's 100 Best Eurovision Songs

  1. Allen Member

    But will be Official Soon, Is Almost official i think.
  2. Julio STRANGLES

    No it's not, and flo rida won't go with them to esc its a bit obvious that a famous singer charting in almost every country will go to Eurovision specially with an artist that has been in before and that failed to qualify, and i believe that Slovakia hasn't even confirmed the participation in esc yet even
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  3. ingu2 New Member

    I like 30 of these songs
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  4. sissel kvamme Active Member

    Here are my top 50
    01.:ch: Switzerland 2008- Era Stupendo
    02.:ee: Estonia 2000- Once in a lifetime
    03.:uk: United Kingdom 1997- Love shine a light
    04.:se: Sweden 2008- Hero
    05.:no: Norway 2009- Fairytale
    06.:at: Austria 1985- Kinder dieser welt
    07.:pl: Poland 2011- Jestem
    08.:gr: Greece 2012- Aphrodisiac
    09.:lv: Latvia 2011- Angel in disguise
    10.:il: Israel 1995- Amen
    11.:il: Israel 1991- Kan
    12.:be: Belgium 1999- Like the wind
    13.:lv:Latvia 2003- Hello From Mars
    14.:de: Germany 2006- No No Never
    15.:tr: Turkey 2008- Deli
    16.:tr: Turkey 2009- Düm tek tek
    17.:hr: Croatia 1998- Neka mi ne svane
    18.:gr: Greece 2005- My number one
    19.:yu: Yougoslavia 1986- Zelo Moja
    20.:lu: Luxembourg 1965- Popee de cire, Popee de son
    21.:ru: Russia 2000- Solo
    22.:it: Italy 1985- Magic, oh magic
    23.:ee: Estonia 2012- Kuula
    24.:es: Spain 2012- Quedate conmigo
    25.:mk: Macedonia 2012- Crno I belo
    26.:md: Moldova 2010- Run away
    27.:se: Sweden 2011-Popular
    28.:it: Italy 1983- Per Lucia
    29.:il: Israel 1983- Hi
    30.:cs: Serbia & Montenegro 2005- Zauvijek moja
    31.:de: Germany 1981- Jonny Blue
    32.:al: Albania 2009- Carry me in your dreams
    33.:il: Israel 2008- The fire in your eyes
    34.:ie: Ireland 1994- Rock'n roll kids
    35.:it: Italy 1990- Insieme
    36.:no: Norway 1995- Nocturne
    37.:se:Sweden 1983- Främling
    38.:il:Israel 2010- Millim
    39.:az:Azerbaijan 2009- Always
    40.:yu:Yougoslavia 1983- Dzulie
    41.:ch:Switzerland 2009- The Highest Heighst
    42.:dk:Denmark 2009- Believe Again
    43.:am:Armenia 2010- Apricot Stone
    44.:no:Norway 1985- La Det Swinge
    45.:no:Norway 2008- Hold On Be Strong
    46.:rs:Serbia 2007- Molitva
    47.:it:Italy 2012- L'amore è Femmina
    48.:se:Sweden 1974- Waterloo
    49.:nl:Holland 1981- Het is Een Wonder
    50.:it:Italy 1987- Gente di Mare
    51.:ch:Swiss 1982- Amour on t'aime
    I know i don't have many of the oldest songs in my top here, but anyway this is my taste. ;) :whistle:
  5. i agree about :at: 1985 fantastic song :)
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