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Oh Thomas!


How do we solve a problem like Thomas?

Poll closed 1st October 2010.
Negotiate with him. 2 vote(s) 15.4%
Thomas the Wank Engine. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Let's put up with him. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Ban Thomas. 5 vote(s) 38.5%
Do nothing. 6 vote(s) 46.2%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Thomas Member

    you are bullying me by that "short bus" thing and then accuse me of "tormenting others", I have not tormented people, I am taking my defence.

    the polls were more for joking than anything else so it's not about shite.

    I'm not tormenting others, I am tormented and I am taking my defence to close the topic.
  2. Dingo "Who's Online" page Fan#1

    Lots of people here tease each other and play jokes on each other. Sometimes they have serious, honest conversations about each other but we trust each other. If you can't handle this or feel tormented, then I suggest you LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. I highly recommend this as that's what I did when everyone was calling me weird. I only returned when I could cope and now I am getting on with everyone very well and don't get depressive about jokes about me. You, Thomas, are incredibly sensitive and depressive.. in my opinion AND personal experience, you should not be here!!
  3. Thomas Member

    I started not coming but I wanted to leave in a calm period and it was almost done since I was coming less and less and the processus was broken by this thread. Today I came again into the chat because I didn't get why there were injections coming back, and after erasing them I came to the chat to ask not for the injections to occur.
  4. Thomas Member

    Yes, I agree on a part of this post but as to leave immediately I begged jw to erase the thread so that I could recover. My leaving without entering the chat again was really going to happen shortly after I announced it but for some reasons put together, it didn't happen right then, so it was a matter of months but you know that the fact of logging in is like a drug and I kind of wanted to leave on a day when I wasn't shocked by something going on here, after a common conversation, for example, that's why I came to the chat in quiet time wraps, and I was really going to leave after that quiet period. When I sad "I'm leaving" it was meant as it was really going to happen, cos I already thought that it was bad for me to come here since I could not handle the teasing and jokes, and now I need some more days or weeks to recover and every more post can extend the duration, but I can swear that I'm not rude. The "short bus" thing directed at me was bullying (also with the rest of the sentences), not a joke. And as teasing and jokes, I meant other things from the chat that made me also suffer although it was teasing.
  5. Dingo "Who's Online" page Fan#1

    There will never be a non-shocking, non-controverial day in escChat :P! So you will never have chance to "recover". That's why I think a ban is the best way to help you leave. We won't remember you as bad or rude and we can delete your posts to put your mind at peace.
  6. Thomas Member

    But to have my mind at "peace", after removing the thread, can't the account be removed? Cos the word "ban" sounds shocking to me. And I'm also aware that the teasing around the World Cup time was meant as teasing, and so I teased back and it was because the teasing made me suffer that I left. It is better to disable my account when it is calm or do it now so that no new posts extend the shock.
  7. Dingo "Who's Online" page Fan#1

    That sounds equally suitable to me.
  8. Thomas Member

    Yes cos I wasn't bad/rude. The "short bus" thing directed at me was bullying (also with the rest of the sentences), not a joke. And as teasing and jokes, I meant other things from the chat that made me also suffer although it was teasing.
  9. Thomas Member

    no, there are no other chatrooms I would visit. and I am shocked by that sentence you put in capitals as if I was going to disturb in that chat. I'm private to protect me from bullying cos there were users from esctoday here. and the others don't need good luck cos I would not talk.
  10. Thomas Member

    Pls I spent all the time since the creation of this thread feeling extremely scared all over my body, pls would you remove the thread and the messages? it's important for me. I swear I didn't insult and I was waiting for him to cross the line before replying back by telling him that his opinion didn't matter to me. I was pushed to it. It is a well-known thing that you have not to care about what other people think to move on so it was not an insult nor a rude thing. There's also the fact that I was shocked and I got to take my defence and about leaving, it's to protect myself considering the bullying history with few people. Another reason for leaving is when I fear someone teasing me or an injection coming. Another one is when I fear group bullying to start (like an established member starts bullying or harshly going on sb and the other members follow, which creates a terrible situation for the person bullied to take his defence since the attacks come from all directions, too difficult to cope with, and it can be to avoid such a thing to happen that I leave). that group phenomenon in chat rooms is explained in internet web sites about bullying and the person bullied is not a villain.

    then I am thankful to the people who stay quiet and don't take part and talk nicely. I saw people telling eachother they don't care about other people's opinions and it was not rude. It is normal to care about the opinion of people you feel close to and not everyone otherwise you couldn't live normally. And I was taking my defence anyway. I am not throwing away jw's work cos I wasn't here for such a long time and I have no access to the web site editing. it's not as if I was changing his web site html language or things like that. There have been quiet times, I didn't come all the time and when there were new members in the chat I stayed quiet. about not accessing the "Who's Online" page, I only wanted to know if other users also cannot access it, then I can move on. if I'm talking about injector it means that I don't want to accuse anyone and want the problem to be resolved softly cos the injection thing is not such a big problem and not worth the stress, but I am afraid about the sentence's meaning being altered by that.
  11. Mina Member with a "past"

    Well, I never had a problem with Thomas and he's never been rude to me. I voted 'do nothing'. Live and let live is what I say :cool:
  12. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

  13. James ... and his things xD

    @ Thomas:

    I have always been a "big" defender of weaker people (which you obviously are in thie discussion, cause its 1 against all in this case) and I understand that not all people communicate that easy, but I can understand the other people too when they get frustrated. I never had some problems with you but others did. People don't come to a chatbox to have to look for their words all the time and to be accused.

    I quoted some sentences of your last post to make it more clear to you.

    How can this chatbox be dangerous? No one knows you and no one is interested to stalk you or to do you harm. Maybe you could just reveal a bit more of yourself and just be a regular member and talk about normal things, even some personal things, like we all do. That would make you more human and less robot in chat.

    At least give us a chance then to get to know you.

    Injections are part of this site. Everyone gets them (ask poor crusty, mina, anette). It's even more fun if you just laugh with them.

    @ Nick: As a 15yo, its quite young to be frustrated already, so get over it:P

    @ Dingo: Right rude to make a toppic like this.

    I hope you don't take this as an offence, Thomas. Just think about it.
  14. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    James, tbh, I don't think age has anything to do with being frustrated....
  15. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    Ok Thomas, one more thing: you don't decide when you insulted someone. You cannot, and will never be able to, decide how I feel.
  16. James ... and his things xD

    Hahaha, I knew you would say that, Nick :D

    Of course it hasn't anything to do with age, i was only teasing you. But i meant what i said about being frustrated: Life is too short to get frustrated because of someone in a chatbox.
  17. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    Haha James, and that is exactly why I chose the option Ban Thomas. I think it's better for the peace in chat, and I am really not happy to say this about someone, but I just feel this way.
  18. Dingo "Who's Online" page Fan#1

    It's not one against all, seeing as I have made it perfectly possibly for people to support Thomas. I could've just created a thread outlining my reasons for banning Thomas and left it at that. If it truly is one against all then that would suggest that everyone would be in agreement about Thomas.

    Of course, it makes total sense that the teachers would jump on their high-horses preaching inclusion and equality, which I normally do but this case is extremely different. If anything I think you are ignoring Thomas' problems.. you are turning a blind eye. I am not being rude, I am being honest.

    Please also not that Thomas edits his posts so when people read back it looks like Nick and I were attacking him, when originally it was a fair-sided, honest discussion.
  19. Dingo "Who's Online" page Fan#1

    OK I am going to shut up now and let the voting and discussion reach the conclusion that they are destined for.

    But I would like to say my final thought about the Thomas Frown Affair. I welcome your responses and you may have the chance to have the 'last word' as I will not be writing any more comments.

    I did not mean for this thread to feel like an attack or bullying of Thomas. If that's how you feel it is, then either you have interpreted it all wrong, or I have expressed myself badly. I raised this issue with compassionate intentions as Thomas is quite clearly unhappy. I hope those of you who know me properly know that I am not a nasty person at all.

    Thomas was using escChat before me but I have "known of" him for almost a year. I don't "know" him because he doesn't say anything that we can judge him on and it would be wrong to make assumptions about a person we don't know. But there is one thing that we can respond to: his rants and depressive nature. You would have to be blind not to notice that Thomas has clear psychological problems associated with escChat. Every time he comes back, these problems are not alleviated and he does not feel any better.

    In my early days Thomas wasn't like this.. he would bring up ESC topics or just say "I don't know" in his private ways and I didn't think anything out of the ordinary. Now, he only comes to give his rants or discuss his paranoias. To me, this demonstrates that his psychological problems have come to a head. FFS, the poor lad even said in this thread (if he hasn't edited his post) that he wants to leave but can't! And then people are voting to do nothing.. >to me< that seems insane [!], but this must be democratic and I created that poll option for a reason. That is good proof that I am not simply bullying Thomas or trying to be mean.

    Thomas has said he wants to leave, he has also said to a mod that he wants to delete his account but doesn't know how. I thought that we could help end his misery. Sure he might feel that leaving the site is a bit of a setback, but we all get over setbacks like this and the fact that Thomas is still "surviving" after all the troubles he says he has here makes me confident that he would soon forget this site if he couldn't come back. He can go to esctoday if he needs ESCnews.. escChat isn't his life, but it is a psychological burden on it.

    Unfortunately, anything Thomas says only seems to be an admittance that he cannot overcome his problems with escChat. Of course I would not at all be suggesting we intervene if he told us that he was overcoming his problems. Furthermore, he could start being able to use this site and chatroom as it was intended to be. Many people in chat, including Honey, were arguing that women wearing burkas should be able to adapt their behaviour and beliefs in accordance with the community they live in. Surely this aspect of Thomas raises is a similar philosophy: SHARE THE MOMENT. But Thomas doesn't share anything other than his misery. And if you haven't noticed this then you must be one freakin angel.
  20. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    I have to agree with Dingo on this one. It seems like Thomas took this as a personal attack on him. I think both Dingo and I did not mean to attack Thomas. At first, I did not want a ban for Thomas, as I said in an earlier post. However, by editing his post after I replied, which made me look like a rude and insulting bastard, and by saying he did not insult me, even though that was clearly how I felt, I lost all sympathy for Thomas and that is why I chose Ban.
    As a mod, I could of course just decide to do what I think is best, and that would be to ban Thomas. But, I will not. This is not my job, the majority at the end of the poll wins and I think it should be up to JW to either go with the majority, or do whatever he wants.

    I hope that the people who know me here (and that is most of you who read this) realise and know that I am not insulting and rude, but just honest. If I insulted anyone here, please talk to me in private, and I will try to solve it. And this is also meant for you, Thomas. Come to chat, speak to me in private, and we'll talk. On the other side, if someone does not want to solve a problem he or she has with me, I also will not try to solve it.
    Also, if someone has a question about what I have said in this thread, ask me in chat.

    I think I have said enough about this case now, so this will be my last reply to this post.
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